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Page Too Report for 10/13/2016

Taylor Swift New Album Rumors Heat Up

(Radio.com) There are numerous indications that Taylor Swift might actually release a new album before the end of the month, reports Time. This is despite Big Machine Label Group President and CEO Scott Borchetta denying that anything new is coming from this month.

Judging from current clues and past patterns, many Swift fans predict an album release date on October 23 and they present some convincing evidence.Swift has a couple of big gigs lined up.

She is scheduled for a pre-Super Bowl show in February and a performance at the Grand Prix in Austin, Texas on October 22 (one day before the predicted album drop date). These will be her first live performances since the end of her 1989 tour.

Also, October has been the choice month for four out of five Swift album releases. Typically, an album that comes out in the fall has a better chance of major holiday sales than a release that hits earlier or later in the year.

And, Swift is pretty much due to release a new record. She has put out an album every two years since her eponymous debut: Taylor Swift came out in October 2006. Fearless dropped in November 2008, Speak Now was released in October 2010, Red hit in October 2012 and 1989 came out in October 2014. The speculation continues here.

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Drake Reacts To Rihanna's Ex-Boyfriends Post?

(Radio.com) Rumors have been circulating that Drake and Rihanna, who were supposedly been dating or at the very least spending time together, have parted ways and each have fueled the speculation with social media posts.

Recently, Rihanna posted a photo to her Instagram account which read, "none of my exes are married or in happy relationships so it's safe to say that I wasn't da problem lol."

And may speculated that a social media post from Drake was his response. "Too mix up in drama to free my mind but I'm praying for you even in your darkest times," he wrote in a post late Tuesday night. Check out both post here.

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Lady Gaga's Full Dive Bar Performance of 'Million Reasons' Goes Online

(Radio.com) If you missed the Facebook live stream of Lady Gaga's first dive bar show in Nashville or the Bud Light preview wasn't enough to satisfy your curiosity, the beer giant released a full video of the singer performing her newest single "Million Reasons" on that intimate night.

Gaga originally premiered the song at The 5 Spot venue in East Nashville, according to Radio.com's own Robyn Collins, who was on hand to watch the show.

In the video, Gaga says by way of introduction, "My name is Lady Gaga. Tonight, if you could just call me Joanne." Wearing a large pink Stetson hat and a black bejeweled cropped jacket over a black leotard, Gaga mainly keeps her face in her hat's shadow throughout the song. She turns at times to emote to her band members, but to the audience she keeps things mysterious.

The moving ballad fits the intimate space, which was packed with fans eager to see Mother Monster strip down her typically energetic, aesthetically large performances and constrain herself and her music to fit a different kind of venue. The songwriter who co-wrote "Million Reasons" with Gaga, Hillary Lindsey, was also on hand to sing harmony. Watch the video here.

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Janet Jackson Confirms That She Is Pregnant

(Radio.com) After months of speculation, Jackson has now confirmed that she is pregnant at age 50, People reports. In April, Janet Jackson announced that she and husband, Qatari billionaire Wissam Al Mana, were "planning [their] family."

Since that announcement, Jackson's reps have declined to confirm any reports that she is imminently expecting a child, though paparazzi and tabloid gossip editors have made an effort to piece together the full story.

Janet's initial statement was ambiguous. In 2016, "planning a family" can mean any number of things--adoption, surrogacy, pregnancy--leading to confusion and curiosity about what the "plan" entailed. The magazine published a photo of a serene Janet wearing bold spectacles and a turtleneck dress on a beach.

The superstar issued a simple statement to accompany the photo: 'We thank God for our blessing." See the photo of the expecting Jackson here.

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Nick Jonas Releases Spooky 'Voodoo' Video

(Radio.com) Nick Jonas has released a new music video for the track "Voodoo" which draws inspiration from the spooky, supernatural underbelly of New Orleans, Louisiana.

The clip features Jonas partying after dark in the Big Easy, hopping around bars and rooftops as he rapidly loses his bearings. The city around him blurs, animated elements are laid over Jonas and his surroundings, and the whole story descends into a kind of alternate reality.

The clip comes just one day after Nick's brother Joe moved in on his territory with a steamy, shirtless bid for fans' attention. Though Nick's video errs on the modest side (for him) it comes just in time for Halloween. Preview the "Voodoo" video here.

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Depeche Mode Announce New Album and Tour

(Radio.com) Depeche Mode have announced that they will be releasing a new album and launching a supporting tour in 2017: Spirit will debut in spring of next year and their European concert run begins May 5th.

"We're working on the album with a new team: it's produced by James Ford [of Simian Mobile Disco], and he's helped us to make what we feel is a very incredible sounding record," singer Dave Gahan told Rolling Stone. "He was able to really guide us."

Proceeds from the tour will benefit charity:water, which brings clean water to communities around the world. "If you don't know charity:water, you should," guitarist Martin Gore told the magazine. "They're an amazing organization whose goal is to bring clean, safe drinking water to everybody on the planet. On the last tour, with our fans' help, we were able to raise over $1.4 million for charity:water. Those funds specifically brought clean water to people in Kenya, Ethiopia, and Rwanda." See the initial dates for the tour here.

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Rae Sremmurd Announce Second Annual Sremm Fest

(Radio.com) Rae Sremmurd have announced the second annual Sremm Fest. Held just two days before Christmas, it's a one-day affair meant to celebrate the brothers' success in their home town of Tupelo, Mississippi.

Hosted by Rae Sremmurd, this year's performers include Diplo, Young Dolph and Big K.R.I.T., along with others yet to be announced. Swae Lee said about the second Sremm Fest, "We're going 10 times harder than last year. We're doing more giveaways and we've got surprise guests coming through. You don't wanna miss it. #SremmLife."

Slim Jxmmi offered an even bigger boast. "This is the best thing ever. We're gonna show you why we have the key to the 'Sip," he said, referencing his home state. Read more here.

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Rick Ross Releases 'No U-Turns' Video

(Radio.com) Rick Ross has released a music video for his track "No U-Turns," where he shows what happens when you jump sides. "Switch sides you better stay there," he raps on the chorus.

Ross is living the big life now, hanging with confidante–and the music video's possible gang boss–Fred Williamson in his plush study, but when he leaves those safe surroundings and ventures out onto the street he finds not everyone has his back.

As Ross walks towards his car counting a serious stack of cash, he notices two men watching him from another vehicle. They follow him as he gets in a gorgeous blood red Cadillac convertible and pulls away. Shots of Ross driving the car while the men continue to tail him are intercut with landscape shots of the freeway shown upside down. When someone double crosses Ross, the world gets flipped upside down. Read more and watch the video here.

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Prince's 1995 Gold Experience Demo Breaks Record

(Radio.com) Discogs, the online marketplace where users trade everything from commercial audio to bootleg concert tapes, has set a new price record with the sale of Prince's The Versace Experience - Prelude 2 Gold.

A buyer purchased the collection for $4,087, torching the previous record that was set by Throbbing Gristle's 26-volume box set ($2,200) back in 2014.

Prelude 2 Gold served as a literal prelude to The Gold Experience and contains audio recorded through the making of the album. The cassette contains edits and remixes of material that appeared on The Gold Experience and has never been formally released. Read more here.

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Nicki Minaj Releases Photo Shoot Spoof

(Radio.com) In a spoof video of Nicki Minaj's Marie Claire November cover shoot, Creative Director Nina Garcia reiterates that the rapper isn't just the boss of her own empire -- she's the boss of everything.

The video kicks off with Nicki Minaj taking photos of Nicki Minaj, and telling her(self) 'you are the most brilliant supermodel I've ever met in my life."

'Everybody knows Nicki is the boss," Garcia tells the camera. 'Everybody knows Nicki runs every little aspect of her empire." 'On our shoot today, she has literally been doing everything," Garcia adds, as the video cuts to Nicki doing Nicki's makeup.

Nicki may be a little biased toward Nicki, but that doesn't mean she's easy on herself. Watch the full video here.

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Katy Perry Introduces The Very First 'CoverBoy'

(Radio.com) Katy Perry has been representing CoverGirl ever since 2013, when the makeup company brought her on board to serve as their newest brand ambassador.

And now she's got a new CoverGirl to help spread word about all the latest products. Except, in a fashion twist, her new partner is less of a CoverGirl and more of a CoverBoy.

Perry shared a photo on Instagram with 17-year-old makeup artist James Charles. "Just wrapped another great@COVERGIRL shoot," she wrote. "Honored to have the pleasure to announce the very first COVERBOY, James Charles! Follow him@JCharlesBeauty! #COVERGIRLJames#glam !" Read more here.

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T.I. Joins The Cast Of Hip Hop Drama 'The Breaks'

(Radio.com) T.I. has joined the cast of the hip-hop drama 'The Breaks," reports VH1. The Grammy-award winning rapper will play a recurring role as defense attorney Paul Anders.

The Breaks, a series adapted from a television movie which originally aired on the same network, follows three friends trying to become hip hop stars in New York City in 1990.

According to the show's executive producers, The Breaks is 'inspired by The Big Payback, a narrative history of the hip-hop business written by journalist Dan Charnas." Read more here.

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Country Star Tyler Farr Gets Married

(Radio.com) Country music star Tyler Farr and Hannah Freeman got married Monday evening under a pavilion covered in sunflowers. The 30-minute ceremony took place near Nashville, TN, reports People.

Among 220 of the country singer's closest friends, which included Maddie and Tae, were groomsmen Jason Aldean, Lee Brice, and Colt Ford. Farr's tour boss Brad Paisley honored the happy couple, playing his new single, 'Today," as they danced at their reception.

The 'Redneck Crazy" singer proposed to his registered nurse girlfriend on May 10, 2015 at Nashville's Ryman Auditorium, after arranging special access into the venue. Read more here.

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Blake Shelton Gets Payback From Jimmy Fallon

(Radio.com) The last time Blake Shelton was in New York, Jimmy Fallon made him try sushi on the air for the first time. So the TV show host decided it was the country singer's turn to introduce him to something new.

"Being the nice guy that I am, I thought I'd give you a chance for some payback," Fallon says in a late night sketch. "Now you're going to make me do something I've never done before — milk a cow."

Dressed in overalls, flannel, a cowboy hat and a red bandanna, Fallon asks Shelton if he overdressed. "You dressed very disrespectful. Do you think this is a game? This is serious," Shelton deadpans. "First of all, this is Oreo. You're about to be touching her in a very private area which is totally normal if you act normal about it and you don't dress like Woody from Toy Story when you do it."

While Shelton demonstrates the best way to delicately milk a cow, Fallon reaches for his bowl of cereal before performing the task at hand. "Are you kidding me right now? What are you doing?" Shelton asks in disbelief.

Fallon is unsuccessful in his first attempt to milk Oreo, so Shelton helps out until the comedian gets the hang of it. Watch the fun as Shelton then convinces Fallon to take a shot of the milk here.

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Mac Miller And Ariana Grande Duet 'My Favorite Part' In New Video

(Radio.com) Ariana Grande has kept her relationship with Mac Miller semi-private, but now the couple performed their song "My Favorite Part" during a recent taping for a concert program.

Miller started the song solo but then Grande appeared from stage left and hopped right in for her verse. Miller and Grande's body chemistry was hard to miss.

They kept it coy with some sweet, wink-wink parting words: "It was a pleasure working with you," said Miller with a firm, professional handshake. "We'll be in touch," added Grande. Watch their flirty performance here.

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