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Page Too Report for 10/29/2016

A Tribe Called Quest Announce Final Album

(Radio.com) A Tribe Called Quest have announced the release of their final album early next month. Although the title is not yet known, the band's 6th and final studio album will hit stores November 11, 2016.

As Q Tip described in a hand-written note posted to the group's Facebook page today, momentum to create the new album began after their appearance on the Tonight Show last November.

Featuring Busta Rhymes and Consequence, Q Tip explains the new album is not a retread of "old Phife bars." It's "Pure." He goes on to explain that they were inspired to return to the studio following their appearance on the Tonight show and the Paris terrorist attacks that took place that same night. Read his full message here.

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Kid Cudi Fires Back At Drake Over Diss Track

(Radio.com) Kid Cudi has called out Drake in a new social media post following the released of the new track 'Two Birds One Stone' where Drake appears to diss Cudi.

"@Drake Say it to face, p****," Cudi tweeted in reaction to the alleged diss. "You think it's a game. I wanna see you say it to my face. I'll be out soon. Promise."

Drake appeared to diss Cudi on his new track "Two Birds One Stone," where he raps, "You were 'The Man on the Moon'/ Now you just through your phases/ Life of the angry and famous."

Some fans felt the timing was poor considering Cudi had recently checked himself into rehab to deal with issues relating to depression and suicidal urges. But Drizzy doubled down on the diss writing 'Mans need to stop mentioning my name when they get geeked." See Cudi's fighting words here.

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Amy Schumer Denies Parodying Beyonce With Recent Video

(Radio.com) Amy Schumer has written a lengthy post for Medium claiming that her recent take on Beyonce's 'Formation', via her "My Formation" video "was NEVER a parody".

Instead, Schumer says it was "just us women celebrating each other," adding that the video Beyonce made was "so moving and I wouldn't ever make fun of that."

Schumer came under fire last week after some claim her video version was insulting to Beyonce's original while others comments were more harsh. One Instagram comment read, "It's celebrities like you that are helping tear this country apart." Read Schumer's complete explanation here.

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Eric Church Announces Live from Red Rocks Releases

Country music star Eric Church has announced that the will be releasing a new live EP entitled "Mr. Misunderstood On the Rocks Live & (Mostly) Unplugged" next month.

A CD version of the EP featuring seven tracks is set to be released on November 4th via Walmart and he will be following up with a special 10" 4-track vinyl release on November 25th for this year's Record Store Day Black Friday.

The retail version will feature seven songs, including six that come from his "Mr. Misunderstood" album highlighted by medley of "Mistress Named Music".

The set will also feature a cover of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah", which were all recorded during a concert at the famed Red Rocks Amphitheater is Morrison, Co. See the tracklistings here.

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Ciara And Russell Wilson Reveal They Are Expecting A Baby

(Radio.com) Music star Ciara celebrated her 31st birthday earlier this week by revealing to fan via social media that she and her NFL star husband Russell Wilson are expecting a baby.

"On this special birthday I received an abundance of love from friends and family," she wrote on Instagram alongside a black and white photo of her and Wilson snuggling. "I'm excited to finally share one of the greatest gifts of all that God could give."

Wilson, the quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, proposed to Ciara in March and shared the news through social media. The couple got married in July at a private ceremony at a castle in England. See her post here.

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Charlie Puth Plans To 'Put Out One Album Per Year'

(Radio.com) Charlie Puth told Radio.com that he is looking forward to his next album when they caught up with him at CBS Radio's We Can Survive concert last weekend.

"Yeah, I'm writing on the road, I produce everything on my little laptop. It's really just jotting ideas down. I don't love traveling, but I write better when I'm traveling; when I'm uncomfortable, I write better music."

"I'm going to put out an album a year, I don't want to go missing for four years and be all mysterious. I want to be the people's artist. I want to keep giving them music, so they can make memories and I can' pay off my house." Read more here.

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Michael Buble Explains Reason For New Album Delay

(Radio.com) It's been three long years since To Be Loved and being treated to new music from our favorite crooner -- but Michael Buble is officially back in action with his latest release, Nobody But Me.

Joining one half of Fresh 102.7's morning show, Carson and Cane, Michael explained to Karen Carson just what it was that kept him away all this time. "The reason why it's been a three year break," Michael says with a sly smile, "is because my wife and I, we did it.

"We made love. And when you do it, sometimes, when a man and woman love each other, and they feel special things for each other, they will kiss and hug and sometimes they will make a baby' and we made two babies. Which is proof to everyone we did it." Read more here.

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Pentatonix Release 'Hallelujah' Video From Christmas Album

(Radio.com) Grammy-award winning a capella group Pentatonix has just released a new Christmas record, A Pentatonix Christmas. The group delivers an emotional cover of Leonard Cohen's, "Hallelujah," on the record, and has released a video to go along with it.

Kevin Olusola, Kirstin Maldonado, Avi Kaplan, Mitch Grassi and Scott Hoying first burst on the scene as a force to be reckoned with on The Sing Off.

The group has gone on to sell more than 2.8 million albums in the U.S. alone, won multiple Grammy Awards, sold out venues worldwide, amassed over 1.4 billion views on their YouTube channel with over 10.1 million subscribers and appeared in the feature film Pitch Perfect 2. Watch the new video here.

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When Dierks Bentley Met Elle King

(Radio.com) Dierks Bentley and Elle King recently spent the week together in Nashville as part of CBS' Something in Common series, which brings together two voices that cross genres.

In the segment, Bentley takes King to the famed Grand Ole Opry and the two learn a little bit more about each other. Bentley told King the first time he heard his most recent No. 1 single "Different For Girls," he knew he wanted her as a guest vocalist on the song.

"I had this great song sent to me and [was] trying to find a way to take this great song somewhere unexpected so I looked for someone weird and beautiful and talented and different," he says. "For me, this was a once in a career thing where you go for something and it actually works out better than you could ever plan it."

While Bentley notes that "Different For Girls" is the complete opposite of King's song "Ex's & Oh's," he says he actually related to the girl part most on his single.

"I'm definitely the girl in 'Different For Girls,'" he says, adding that during breakups when he was younger his hair often fell out and he lost weight. "I connected to the female part of that song." Read more here.

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Kenny Chesney On Trusting The Songwriting Process

(Radio.com) More than two decades ago, Kenny Chesney got his first publishing deal with Acuff-Rose, the home of Hank Williams Sr. He's had twenty-eight number one hits; as a guy who writes songs and also takes submissions from outside writers, he knows a lot about songwriting. "You have to trust the process," he says.

"Sure, you can cut 10 great songs and have hits with 'em, but I learned as a kid, writing songs with people like Whitey Shafer and Dean Dillon, creativity is more powerful than that. You can't just dial it up, but when it happens, you better make sure you protect it."

And he has certainly been protective of his process on his new album. Chesney decided to prioritize honoring the creative process over hitting a release date.

He reportedly went in to record a couple of late-arrival songs and an old favorite, delaying the release of the album. When it all started coming together, he says that he realized that Cosmic Hallelujah captured the essence of everything life is supposed to be. Read more here.

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Meghan Trainor Talks New Single and Video 'Better'

(Radio.com) Meghan Trainor was one of the highlights from CBS Radio's "We Can Survive" concert this past weekend. Radio.com caught up with her right before she hit the stage, and she discussed her recently wrapped tour.

"I finished a tour; that was huge for me, because I haven't done that in years," she said. "Last tour, I had to stop to get vocal surgery, but this tour' honestly, every day, I was like, 'Am I gonna make it?' But when we did, I cried, I was exhausted, but so happy that I could say, 'I could do a tour, I did it!' Even though it was a small one."

She also discussed her new single and video for "Better": "It was awesome, I did it with my good friend Tommy Parks, we wrote to this beat that our friend Tommy Brown did.

"We were just talking bout exes. We didn't want to do just another dance video, we wanted it to be special and so we decided to do acting and make it dramatic, and we were lucky enough to have Beau Bridges, a legend, to do it with us. I'm proud of that video." Read more here.

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A Look Back At Taylor Swift's 'Fearless' 8 Years Later

(Radio.com) This month marks the tenth anniversary of Taylor Swift's self -titled debut album, which was released October 24, 2006. Throughout the month, we've been looking at all five of her studio albums. Her sophomore album, 'Fearless,' was released eight years ago next month, on November 11, 2008.

Taylor Swift's sophomore album, Fearless, more than lived up to its name. While most artists worry about the sophomore slump, Swift laughed in fear's face as she delivered hit after hit on the 13-track album, which featured songs all written or co-written by the artist. She also co-produced the record with Nathan Chapman, who was at the helm of her self-titled debut in 2006.

Fearless was the best-selling album of 2009 with over 3.2 million copies sold, making a then 18-year-old Swift the youngest artist in history to have the year's best selling release. To date, Fearless remains Swift's biggest selling album. According to an article in Billboard last December, Fearless has surpassed 7 million in total U.S. sales and those numbers only continue to climb.

So what exactly is it about Fearless that had millions of people driving to the record stores in 2008 and 2009? It all comes down to her relatability. Her songs tug on emotions we've all felt. Whether you're a 12-year-old girl crushing on a boy in class, a 21-year-old in college pining for that guy at the bar or even a 40-something looking back on early relationships, Swift's songs transport you to that initial moment of first love, first heartbreak and has us recalling those feelings we've all had at least one point in our lives.

"I really try to write more about what I feel and guys and love because that's what fascinates me more than anything else love and what it does to us and how we treat people and how they treat us," she said in a 2010 interview. "So pretty much every song on the album has a face that I associate with it." Read more here.

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