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Page Too Report for 09/17/2016

Michael Jackson Companies Accused Of Organizing 'Child Sex Abuse'

(Radio.com) Michael Jackson is being accused again of child sex abuse. An alleged victim has filed new charges, accusing Jackson of abusing him for eight years and for taking part in a major child sexual abuse operation, reports the New York Daily News.

Wade Robson, a choreographer who knew the singer as a child, reportedly alleges that Jackson and his inner circle had a formulaic way of seeking out children through two companies, MJJ Productions and MJJ Ventures. The companies served "dual purposes," Robson's lawyer Vince Finaldi told the Daily News.

"MJJ Productions operated the most sophisticated child sexual abuse procurement and facilitation operation the world has known," Finaldi said. "Although MJJ Productions on its face was a multimedia company dedicated to creating and distributing Michael Jackson's music and entertainment, it actually served a dual purpose, and that was locating, producing and enabling his sexual abuse of kids," he said.

"This wasn't just on his own. This was through his company, through (assistant) Norma (Staikos) primarily," Finaldi continued. "She would call parents and say, 'Hey he wants to meet you, come down to the ranch.'" Read more here.

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Meek Mill's Cousin Killed In Shooting Spree

(Radio.com) Meek Mill's cousin was among the victims who died after an extremely violent day in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on Tuesday (September 13). Altogether the violence lasted 15 hours and included several shootings and stabbings. Conflicting reports state between three and five people died and between seven and ten were wounded.

Angelo Colon, 21, was shot in the head shortly before 10pm after leaving a restaurant with takeout. The motive for the shooting is not yet known. Colon was pronounced dead on the scene.

Meek mourned the loss on Instagram. He shared a picture of his smiling younger cousin, and wrote, "Damn Lo! Watching my family die to these philly streets! " See the full post here.

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Birdman Doesn't Have 'Tha Carter V' Master Tapes?

(Radio.com) The dispute over Tha Carter V may be less about Birdman holding up its release and more about money. Sources shared with TMZ that Birdman doesn't actually have the album's master tapes.

Lil Wayne does. But he's not releasing them until he gets a paycheck first. The rapper is currently suing Cash Money Records for $51 million, arguing that he's owned back royalties and never received the advance he was promised for Tha Carter V.

In May, Lil Wayne also filed a lawsuit against Cash Money's parent company Universal Music Group, claiming that it took profits that should have gone to him, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Until he gets his money, Lil Wayne isn't going to be offering up Tha Carter V anytime soon, according to the report. Read more here.

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Kanye West Slams Kid Cudi During Concert

(Radio.com) Kanye West has shot back at Kid Cudi, who took aim at West, Drake and others earlier this week (Sept. 14) with a series of tweets that accused them of being "fake" and untalented. During West's Saint Pablo Tour concert in Tampa, Florida, West stopped the show in the middle of "I Don't Like" and attacked Cudi.

"Kid Cudi, don't ever mention 'Ye name. I birthed you," said West, who signed Cudi to his GOOD Music label in 2008. "We all dealing with that emo s— all the time — me, Pat, Don C. Don't ever mention 'Ye name. Don't try to say who I can do songs with. You mad 'cause I'm doing songs with Drake? Ain't nobody telling 'Ye who to do songs with! Respect the God!"

Although Cudi left GOOD in 2013, there's no question that West gave the rapper a platform after hearing the A Kid Named Cudi Mixtape. "You know how many people wish they could be signed to GOOD. Music, get they life changed? Have that opportunity? Never forget that," continued Kanye, adding that he felt personally insulted by Cudi's comments. Read more here.

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DNCE Announce Self-Title Debut Studio Album

(Radio.com) It's been over a year since DNCE first shared a slice of "Cake By the Ocean" with listeners, and now the group is ready to release their debut studio album. That self-titled project will arrive on November 18th.

Spearheaded by Joe Jonas, DNCE includes bassist and keyboardist Cole Whittle, guitarist JinJoo and drummer Jack Lawless. JinJoo and Lawless have both previously toured with The Jonas Brothers.

DNCE last released a four-track EP in September 2015, which featured their hit single "Cake By the Ocean." It seemed like it could have been a brief musical project for all involved, but they followed up that release with the smash hit "Toothbruth" this summer. That video featured Joe canoodling with supermodel Ashley Graham. As a result, the group won MTV's Best New Artist award at the 2016 VMAs. Check out the band's announcement video here.

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Vince Staples Stars In GTA's 'Little Bit of This' Video

(Radio.com) Rapper Vince Staples lent his quick-thinking rhymes to GTA's "Little Bit of This." The electronic music duo from Miami shared the video for that track.

The duo don't appear in "Little Bit of This," and instead leave Staples to carry the visual solo, which he does it with style. Staples keeps things low key. He wears ripped jeans and a gray sweatshirt while standing on a racetrack.

Early 1990s car models race in the background, kicking up dust and smoke as Staples comes hard and fast with his words. It's a simultaneously bleak and energetic video that conveys how well Staples' skill pairs with GTA's.

"Little Bit of This" appears on GTA's new album Good Times Ahead, which drops on October 7th. Watch the video here.

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Miley Cyrus Stars in 'Crisis in Six Scenes' Trailer

(Radio.com) Miley Cyrus is making her return to the small screen not once but twice this fall. In addition to serving as one of the special judges on this season of The Voice, Cyrus will also be acting in the new television series Crisis in Six Scenes.

Film director Woody Allen is switching gears and partnering with Amazon Studios for his first ever television series, and Miley Cyrus will be playing a long haired hippie in the project. Viewers can can see the first official trailer.

Crisis in Six Scenes follows a suburban family dealing with life and the major societal upheavals of the 1960s. Cyrus and Allen butt heads onscreen. He accuses her of doing nothing but criticizing him and eating all of his naval oranges, while she confesses to selling marijuana.

Besides Cyrus and Allen, Crisis in Six Scenes also stars Elaine May, Rachel Brosnahan and John Magaro. The show debuts on Amazon September 30th. Watch the trailer here.

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The Chainsmokers Success Opened Once Closed Doors For Collaborations

(Radio.com) The Chainsmokers are arguably one of the hottest DJ duos in EDM right now, but not everyone caught on to Drew Taggart and Alex Pall's style and vision at first. And the pair hasn't forgotten that initial doubt.

In a new interview with Billboard, Pall opened up about all the musicians and artists who are interested in working with them now, including Linkin Park and Big Sean.

Then there's Weezer. The band initially turned down the chance to cameo during The Chainsmokers' 2016 Coachella set, but later changed their tune when they caught on to what Taggart and Pall were doing and the response they were getting.

Pall was surprised when Weezer came back around. "They were like, 'Yo! We should do a track together,' and I'm like, 'Oh, really?'" he explained. "I can't blame somebody for saying no early on, but it depends on how you said no and how you came back to us. If you own it, like, 'I didn't see the vision, but it's clear now and it's super sick,' I get that. It feels good when those people are like" Read more here.

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Miguel Covers Beyonce's In 'Fifty Shades Darker' Trailer

(Radio.com) Fifty Shades Darker is set to be released on February of 2017. But we now have the first trailer for the sadomasochistic sequel to 2015's Fifty Shades Of Grey.

The new clip is scored by Beyonce's "Crazy In Love," as covered by Miguel. The slow burning take is ominous to say the least. Beyonce contributed a stripped down version of the track to the original film's trailer.

The soundtrack to the original film yielded big hits for The Weeknd, who won a GRAMMY for "Earned It," and Ellie Goulding who was also nominated for "Love Me Like You Do." Check out the new trailer for Fifty Shades Darker here.

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Ariana Grande Release 'Knew Better Part 2' Remix

(Radio.com) Ariana Grande revealed a fresh remix earlier this week (September 15). "Knew Better Part 2" is an updated version of "Knew Better/Forever Boys," which appears on her newest album Dangerous Woman.

"Knew Better Part 2" extends the first part of the medley track and ups the tempo to give it a bigger club feel. With bigger bass as well it moves out of bedroom R&B territory and into EDM. But don't worry, the track hasn't lost that chill feeling Grande captured the first time around.

She also seems to take a page out of new boo Mac Miller's book and include a rap verse. "And I ain't even worry about it this time/ I know he gonna be the one to treat me just right/ Never had a motherf—– this tight/ So, baby, this is what your soulmate look like/ I look good, right?" she raps after the 1:40 mark, picking up on the cadence Miller typically exhibits. Any guesses who she might have on her mind when she's talking about soulmates?

On Twitter, she shared that she'd been working on the song all night. Listen to "Knew Better Part 2" here.

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RZA Writes New 'The 36th Chamber of Shaolin' Score

(Radio.com) The 36th Chamber of Shaolin may seem like a (relatively) obscure 1978 martial arts movie, but it holds a special place in the heart of Wu-Tang Clan fans, their iconic Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) named after the film.

Wu-Tang leader RZA has announced that he will re-score the movie from start to finish and perform the score live at screenings in Austin and Los Angeles.

"Beyond the kung-fu, it was the reality of the situation that hit me," RZA said of the film. "Growing up as a black kid in America, I didn't know that that kind of story had existed anywhere else." Read more here.

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Britney Spears Was Hands On For First Time With 'Glory' Album

(Radio.com) Historically, Britney Spears has followed the advice of producers and managers and it's worked out pretty well for her. But when she was working on her new album Glory she decided she had to be the one calling the shots.

"Honestly, this is the first project where I've really been hands-on," she tells NME. "I was really specific about who I worked with, and I've been learning to say no. I'm a people pleaser, so that's hard for me. Even if I don't like something, I'll do it just to make a person happy. I made sure this album was everything I wanted it to be. I was really selfish with it."¯

The singer admits that it was a struggle to get there and said that Glory wasn't exactly a triumph from the start. 'The beginning of the project was actually not that great," she says. "The songs that were coming in were not very good. So we got a new A&R girl, and we totally turned it around, gave it a profound new direction. I wanted to use my voice more. I did different stuff with my voice-more bluesy and urban stuff, and played around with different things." Read more here.

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Bruno Mars To Headline We Can Survive Concert

(Radio.com) CBS RADIO announced that in his first concert since Super Bowl 50, Bruno Mars will headline the fourth annual We Can Survive concert, in honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The concert will also feature by Ariana Grande, Charlie Puth, G-Eazy, Meghan Trainor and OneRepublic. The show will take place on Saturday, Oct. 22 at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. 97.1 AMP Radio's morning show host Carson Daly shared the news with the station's listeners earlier this week.

Since the concert's inaugural debut in 2013, WE CAN SURVIVE has featured a number of superstar artists, including Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, The Weekend and Pharrell, as well as surprise artist appearances including Rihanna in 2015 and Jennifer Lopez in 2014. Read more here.

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Major Lazer Take Europe By Storm In 'Cold Water' Video

(Radio.com) What's life like for Major Lazer when they're on the road? The new video for their single "Cold Water" aims to show exactly that. The live video follows the group around Europe, as they perform for sold-out crowds and get close with one another in between stops on their tour.

The video is shot in black and white and largely takes place in slow motion to give it an added emotional effect. Major Lazer seem to take their lyrics for "Cold Water" very seriously. The video hammers home the friendship existent between the group and their backup dancers, who are seen palling around with Diplo, Jillionaire and Walshy Fire backstage, on planes and more.

But beyond those brief glimpses behind the scenes, the video concentrates on the big production Major Lazer puts on every time they perform. Sadly, though, Justin Bieber doesn't make an appearance even though he's featured on the song.

Live videos are a standard tool of the trade, but in creating an intimate portrait about their time on tour, Major Lazer have succeeded in standing out from the fray with this latest visual. Watch the video here.

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Shaquille O'Neal Performs Teyana Taylor Dance In New Video

(Radio.com) Shaquille O'Neal proved that Teyana Taylor isn't the only one who knows how to dance. The former basketball player posted a video on his Instagram account last Sunday (September 11) showing him performing Taylor's famous dance from Kanye West's music video "Fade."

O'Neal begins by playing the song on his phone, looking over his shoulder coyly at the camera. He pops and twerks in his seat, doing his best imitation of Taylor. The 44-year-old looks fit and trim in his underwear and a tank top as he stands up, his head exceeding the camera's frame, and continues winding and grinding.

He ends by crawling toward the camera and bursting into laughter. Not even O'Neal can take himself--or this--seriously. "Feeling faded #remixchallenge can anyone beat this," he wrote on Instagram, apparently looking to create a new kind of dance battle. Well, the gauntlet has surely been laid down. Watch it here.

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Lady Gaga Credits Tame Impala 'Genius' Kevin Parker

(Radio.com) Lady Gaga's new single "Perfect Illusion" was released last Friday, and she has revealed more about the creative process for the song. She credits Tame Impala's Kevin Parker as the "musical genius" of the track, which he originally presented as a song called "Illusion."

"We stripped everything away," she said in an interview. "I sat at the piano, Kevin was on the guitar and Mark was at the bass and we just played through it and I worked on a typewriter and we would bounce new lyrics back and forth.

"What was important to me was it wasn't just a song about any illusion but one we can all relate to. That's how we came up with the title 'Perfect.' But I have to hand it to Kevin--he is a real musical genius." Read more here.

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