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Page Too Report for 09/18/2016

Katy Perry Willing To Collaborate With Taylor Swift On One Condition

(Radio.com) According to Katy Perry, a simple 'sorry" is all it would take for her bad blood with Taylor Swift to turn back into mad love and do a collaboration with the megastar.

Last Saturday afternoon, while waiting for a Cheesecake Factory delivery, in her polka dot robe, Katy Perry got candid about her feud with ex-BFF Tay Tay on Twitter.

After a few more random mention replies, Katy decided to drop the ex-bestie bomb. When asked 'will you collab with Taylor Swift," Perry responded with 'If she says sorry, sure!" Read more here.

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Demi Lovato Releases 'Body Say' Video

(Radio.com) Demi Lovato has released a music video for her new single "Body Say." Lovato first performed the track on the opening night (June 29) of her current tour with Nick Jonas.

"One of the most exciting things about going on tour this is summer is that I knew that I was gonna get to play to new music," she said by way of introduction.

"I could explain it to you, but I'd rather let my body do the all the talking." The clip features Lovato performing the track live. Watch the new music video here.

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Prince's First Wife to Write Book About Life With Him

(Radio.com) Prince's first wife Mayte Garcia, who was married to the late pop star from 1996 to 2000, has announced that she is writing a book about her life with the singer.

The memoir, The Most Beautiful, will hit stores in April 2017, about a year after Prince's death. "For many years, people have encouraged me to share my story," Garcia said in a press release from the book's publisher Hachette. 'Prince was loved the world over but few knew him intimately."

Garcia was married to Prince for just four years, 1996 to 2000, but insists their relationship was transcendent and the two will always be connected.Ours was a rare, almost otherworldly connection," she said. 'I want to share our love story, and with it the highs and lows -- always coming from a loving place, as this man is still part of my family and always will be." Read more here.

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Schoolboy Q Releases 'Overtime' Feat Miguel and Justine Skye

(Radio.com) ScHoolboy Q recruited Miguel and newcomer Justine Skye to guest on his latest single entitled "Overtime". He has released a new music video for the track.

The video finds the TDE rapper doing his thing in the driveway of a mansion while a model twerks for the camera. Later, he's spotted getting his hair cut by scantily clad models who twerk once the haircut is finished.

Miguel and Justine Skye make cameos in the slightly psychedelic music video clip. Watch an online stream of ScHoolboy Q's new "Overtime" video here.

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Kanye West Warns Fan Attempting to Climb 'Pablo' Stage

(Radio.com) A Kanye West fan in Atlanta tried to climb the stage during "Power," prompting the rapper to wave him off during his concert on Sept 12th. The athletic audience member got the hint and jumped back into the crowd.

Fans climbing stages is nothing new, but scaling West's Saint Pablo tour set is both difficult and dangerous since the rapper is performing on a giant floating stage that dangles above the audience.

A dude really tried climbing on stage with Kanye @TeamKanyeDaily https://t.co/JepTYs3gPm— Chase Brown (@Chase_Brown713) September 13, 2016 Read more here.

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Charlie Puth's Covers The 1975's 'Somebody Else' Goes Online

(Radio.com) Charlie Puth stopped by BBC Radio 1's The Live Lounge on Thursday (September 15), where he performed his hit single "We Don't Talk Anymore" and then showed off his fandom for English alternative rockers The 1975.

The show typically has artists perform an original as well as a cover, and for the latter Puth pulled out a soft almost somber version of the band's song "Somebody Else."

The breathy, acoustic version allows Puth's wistful vocals to shine forth. He accompanies himself on keys while an acoustic guitar picks up the rhythm and fills out the melody to a degree.

Without the original version's heady synths, Matt Healy's reverbed vocals and pop production elements, "Somebody Else" takes on a softer quality. It drops some of the original's simmering melancholy and bitterness and takes on a sweeter feel. Of course, it helps that Puth naturally conveys that characteristic himself. Watch his take on "Somebody Else" here.

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Tyler Farr Premieres New Single 'Our Town'

(Radio.com) Tyler Farr premiered "Our Town," the first single off his upcoming third album, on Friday (September 16). The country anthem is all about the values that make small town living so great.

On the chorus, Farr sings, "We were raised in the shadows of crosses and flags/ When we pledge allegiance we take off our hats/ Here in our town/ We say 'Yes ma'am' and 'No ma'am'/ We love, we don't hate/ That world that's gone crazy, it don't have a place/ Here in our town, here in our town." There's a nostalgic pining for the way people used to act, and how much has changed in recent years.

It all started in early 2016 when Farr had to go on vocal rest after having micro-laryngeal surgery to remove a polyp from his vocal chord. The surgery impacted his new music in big ways because it gave him time to pause. "It's been an interesting year for me with having to take time off after my micro-laryngeal surgery, but taking that time not only was a huge benefit for my voice, it was a benefit to my spirit," he said. "I had time to think, actually sit down and watch the news and see what is happening out there." Read more and check out the song here.

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Calvin Harris Releases New Single 'My Way'

(Radio.com) Calvin Harris has released a new single titled "My Way." After week of playing coy as to who would perform vocals on the track, Harris surprised everyone by singing himself.

Back in April, the Scottish artist released "This What You Came For" featuring Rihanna. Hopefully this second single in an indication that a new album is coming soon.

His most recent release Motion was released back in October of 2014. Check out a stream of Harris' new single and see how he measures up as a vocalist here.

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Nick Cannon Admits That He Sucks at Marriage

(Radio.com) Nick Cannon spent six years married to Mariah Carey, so he knows the ins and outs of making love last--and how it can all go south. A TMZ reporter caught up with him at LAX to learn more about his views on matrimony, and they weren't supportive.

When the paparazzi asked Cannon why he'll never get married again, he answered directly: "I don't like doing stuff I'm not good at." Asked whether he and Mariah would still be together if they never got married, he demurred, "You'll never know."

Nevertheless, he supported Mariah's decision to wed Australian billionaire James Packer, clarifying that his views on the institution don't apply to everyone. "I think it's just not for me. I think I just suck at it." Read more here.

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Desiigner Goes On Gucci Shopping Spree Following Jail Release

(Radio.com) Desiigner was arrested earlier this month and held in jail on gun charges following a road rage incident in New York City. Last weekend, his charges were reduced and the rapper was released from jail in advance of future court dates.

To celebrate, Desiigner and pal Tyga went straight to the shops where he loaded up on Gucci apparel. It's a fitting outing given that Tyga and Desiigner collaborated on "Gucci Snakes" together under Kanye West's GOOD Music label, and proved that an altercation with a motorist was just a bump in the road.

Though no evidence of a firearm was discovered at the scene (eliminating the gun charges) Desiigner still faces charges for possession of a controlled substance and "menacing" another motorist. Tyga shared a clip of the duo in the store on Instagram, check it out here.

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50 Cent Counting Days Until End Of Child Support Payments

(Radio.com) 50 Cent posted a rather tacky countdown clock metering the days until his child support payments to Shaniqua Tompkins come to an end. The days at the time of the post was number 366 in total, but who's counting? 50 is.

He went extra petty with the Instagram caption, "Man, real life is gonna start Sooners then you think. Sad part is I wish you well, good," and implored Tompkins to get a job.

His son by Tompkins, Marquise Jackson, offered the following clapback: "Don't worry, I'll make u proud! Just don't forget to tell me happy birthday that day cause u missed a few." This kid's already making us proud. Read more here.

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Drake Buys Neighbor's Home For $2.85 Million

(Radio.com) Life imitates art far more than art imitates life, Oscar Wilde once said, which may explain why Drake recently bought his neighbor's home for $2.85 million.

On Future's 2015 track "Where Ya At" Drake raps, "I'll buy the neighbor's house if they complain about the noise." Perhaps his neighbors did complain, prompting the rapper's recent purchase.

The four-bedroom, five-bathroom home in Hidden Hills, California is described by real estate website Trulia as "a charming ranch-style house tucked away on a peaceful cul-de-sac… [with] an open floor plan, hardwood floors, high ceilings… multiple fireplaces and a top-of-the-line gourmet kitchen." Read more here.

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Joe Budden Skydives To Promote New Album

(Radio.com) Joe Budden has a new album to promote, and what better way to garner attention than literally jumping out of a plane? The rapper went skydiving with Complex magazine and discussed his upcoming project, Rage & The Machine.

The dive went off without a hitch and afterwards, Budden talked about the people and ideas currently shaping the direction of his music. "My kid is inspiring me. My 15-year-old kid who's about to be a sophomore in high school is inspiring me," he confessed."I wanna hear hip hop for adults."

Producer AraabMuzik praised Budden's style and investment in making those goals happen. "Working with Joe on Rage & The Machine was like being in a documentary movie," said the producer. Read more here.

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Chris Stapleton Statue Made Of Bacon

(Radio.com) When country singer Chris Stapleton arrived in St. Louis to perform at LouFest earlier this month, he was greeted with a statue of himself made entirely of bacon. The statue was commissioned by Farmland, a beef, pork and catfish producer.

Fans were given the opportunity to take photos with the bacon statue and guess how many strips it took to create it. According to The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, it took somewhere between 200 and 2,000. Whichever fan guessed correctly would win a year's worth of free Farmland bacon.

"We've had people come up and say, 'Well, can I eat it?'," a Farmland rep named Kristin Archambeau said. "And we say, she's (food artist Nancy Baker) been working on it for two straight weeks, so I'd advise against it."

Stapleton appreciated the effort, posting a photo of himself next to the bust with the caption "I look delicious." see the photo here.

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James Corden and Meg Ryan Go Beyonce For Soap Skit

(Radio.com) James Corden's latest installment of The Bold and the Lyrical told a melodramatic soap opera storyline through the lyrics of Beyonce Gisele Knowles.

Featuring Meg Ryan and Parks and Recreation's Adam Scott, the scene featured a boyfriend (Corden) discovering his love (Ryan) in bed with another man (Scott). The subsequent confrontation was composed entirely of Beyonce lyrics from Destiny's Child to Lemonade.

At one point in the sketch, Scott launches into the lyrics of "Bad Romance," prompting Meg Ryan to interrupt: "That's a Lady Gaga song." Watch the funny Late Late Show segment here.

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