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Page Too Report for 04/13/2017

Morrissey Walks Off Stage Mid-Song During Concert

Former Smiths frontman Morrissey walked off the stage mid-way through a song during his concert in Tucson, AZ at the Fox Theatre on Monday night (April 10) due to vocal issues.

He was performing 'Everyday is Like Sunday," the six song of the performance, when he left the stage. He told fans ahead of the walk-off, "It seems I have left half my mouth in Guadalajara. But I will stand here and I will sing, and, if necessary, I will drop dead."

Keyboard player Gustavo Manzur offered the following explanation to fans at the venue after the singer stopped the show, 'His voice is shot. You heard it, you heard it. He's been trying, trying really hard. He came out, he tried. His voice is really shot. We're sorry. He's sorry. You know he tried."

The voice issues caused Morrissey to cancel his concert in San Antonio for the third time this year. His team put out the following message ahead of Wednesday night's planned show, "Following health concerns stemming from Morrissey's appearance in Tucson, it is with great sadness that tonight's sold out engagement in San Antonio at the Tobin Center is cancelled to allow him to fully recuperate. Refunds are available at point of purchase." Watch video of the walk off here.

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Metallica's Lollapalooza Chile Performance Streaming Online

(hennemusic) Metallica headlined the Lollapalooza festival in Santiago, Chile on April 1 and professional video footage of the band's full set is available to stream online.

The band are streaming the "Hardwired…To Self-Destruct" track "Moth Into Flame" from the city's Parque O'Higgins, while broadcast video of the full headline set is also online.

The Chile show marked the third and final appearance at Lollapaloozas in South America recently, following gigs in Brazil and Argentina. Metallica are currently enjoying a six-week break from their WorldWired tour, which will resume with a summer stadium tour of North America that begins in Baltimore, MD on May 10. Watch the footage here.

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The Chainsmokers Reveal Tragic Inspiration Behind 'Paris'

The Chainsmokers revealed the tragic inspiration behind their hit song "Paris" as part of a special track by track the shared on social media to celebrate the release of their new album "Memories... Do Not Open".

The duo's long awaited debut album was released last Friday and they took to their Facebook page to share the stories behind the songs and one was the deeply personal inspiration for Paris.

They reveal, "Paris was written in Stockholm (although we had just visited Paris days before) late one night after a show. It started with the lyrics, 'we were staying and Paris' and unfolded from there. The lyrics may seem vague at first, but their inspiration comes from a real place. Drew had a friend from the East coast who had been struggling with a drug addiction for the past few years.

"He was a childhood friend and their families were close, so his parents kept him informed on how he was doing. He and Drew would keep in touch on Facebook chat but would never speak about what he was going through, but meanwhile Drew knew of all the craziness that surrounded his friend's life.

"We used Paris as a metaphor to convey that he felt like he was in a place where everything was fine, while being acutely aware of other people's concern for him. Paris always being this romantic idealized place, the song is about escaping your reality, a reality often void of excitement and in your mind being somewhere else with someone else." Check out the stories behind the other songs here.

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Major Lazer Have Fun With Smartphone Obsession In 'Run Up' Video

Major Lazer poke fun at today's smartphone obsessed culture with their brands new music video for the track 'Run Up', which features PARTYNEXTDOOR and Nicki Minaj.

The new visual's director, Paul, Luc and Martin shared these comments about the concept of the clip, "The idea was to laugh at ourselves and at the unconditional love we bear to our smartphones.

"Humor and absurdity came naturally in our speech because our will was not to accuse someone or something but just exaggerate it to foster reflection." Watch it here.

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Wiz Khalifa Announces New Mobile Game

Wiz Khalifa has announced that he will be releasing a new mobile game entitled "Wiz Khalifa's Weed Farm" on April 20th via the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Khalifa promises "It's a fun game and I play it all the time. Better than Pokémon!" Fans will have the chance to sign up for a sneak-peek of the mobile game.

Those who sign up will have the opportunity to win a flight for two to Colorado, where winners will visit Wiz Khalifa's official Khalifa Kush dispensary, River Rock and hang out backstage at his Wiz Khalifa the Wellness Retreat tour stop in Colorado on 4/23. Other prizes include a Taylor Gang Merch Pack, a Wiz Khalifa Merch pack, and Taylor Gang stickers. Sign up here.

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Barry Adamson Launching New EP With European Tour

Barry Adamson has announced a series of European dates later this month to celebrate this week's release of his brand new six track EP, "LOVE SICK DICK".

The new EP is being released on various formats including vinyl, CD and download this Friday, April 14th and tour is set to start on April 19th in Paris at the Boule Noire. He plans announce a North American dates soon.

Adamson had this to say about the trek, "I'm launching myself from the studio into a unique solo show. I'll be playing songs from my new record which range from futuristic blues, soul and electronica and also of course, careering through my back catalogue to bring you the full 'Barry Adamson experience." See the dates here.

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Broen Celebrate Album Deal With Release Of New Video

Broen are currently working on their debut album which will be released under their new deal with Bella Union and they have released a new music video for their track "<3".

We were sent these details about the new clip: While in the studio recording new material, they decided to film themselves performing a live version of the song and chose the blue filter to match the colors of the singles cover-art made by Heida (who plays tuba in the band) and Lasse Marhaug.

According to the band "<3" " is "An inner dialogue. It is a conversation happening between two different parts of the self, the anxious, afraid and troubled part, and the part that needs to live life to the fullest and feel free, without anxiety, fear or baggage."

The lyrics are "similar to how someone would write to an ex- or present partner because, aren't we our closest partner? We need to love ourselves to enjoy life, and we need to embrace all parts of the self and not dwell on the past." Watch the video here.

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Caitlyn Smith Announce All The Way To Tacoma Documentary Premiere

Caitlyn Smith has announced that her new documentary "All the Way to Tacoma" is set to premiere during the upcoming Nashville Film Festival later this month.

The film documents follows her 3,000-mile train trip from Memphis to Tacoma, and will be screened at the film festival on April 21 (8:30 PM/CT) and Tuesday, April 25 (8:30 PM/CT).

We were sent these details: Shot last spring by director/cinematographer Justin Key the documentary follows Smith on a cross-country trip on an Amtrak train joined by fellow Nashville-based writers Ruston Kelly, Bob DiPiero, Paul Moak whose work has appeared on numerous Platinum and Gold albums and been featured on hit T.V. shows such as, "Nashville," "One Tree Hill" and "Pretty Little Liars" and Rollie Gaalswyk. Read more

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Bubbles Erotica Release 'Cicada Arcade' Video

Bubbles Erotica have released a new music video for their track "Cicada Arcade." The song comes from their forthcoming self-titled debut album, which is set to be released on May 9th.

They had this to say about the track, "Cicada Arcade" speaks to the culture of social media we live in today. A lot of people talking and making noise, but not listening or paying attention to the world around them.

"It's a very me-first frame of mind, with everyone believing that their ideas and opinions are more important than everyone else's. Our animator, Ali [Manesh] at 3E Visuals took that idea further with his visual interpretation of our lyrics. -

Ali added, 3E Visuals it's about wanting to get away from the constant noise and distractions that everyone is making in order to create and project their own false realities. And none of the false realities that are being thrown out there are original or unique, but are just based on recycled thoughts and beliefs that are being fed to them. Then the main character goes through a thought process that eventually ends up with him recognizing that he's not any different and his own existence and reality is based on those very same noises an distractions. But as he's coming to this realization, it's too late as he's actually fully immersed and drowning in the waste from his own false reality." Watch the video here.

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Singled Out: Rob Drabkin's Someday

Rob Drabkin just released his latest music video, which is for his song "Someday" and to celebrate we asked Rob to share the story behind the song with us. Here is the story:

The message of "Someday" is to remind us that love is ever-present. We can find it in everything, and we can also create it in the smallest most unassuming moments of our lives. All we can do is keep being kind, and keep being the best version of ourselves that we can be. Here is the story of writing "Someday."

Sometimes when I'm working on a song, a new song idea sneaks in and sets me on a whole new course. I sat down to work on an up-tempo groove that I had been struggling to complete. I slowed down the pace to re-work chords, and next thing I knew, I had the intro riff of "Someday." I walked to the kitchen the following evening and I sang out "Someday love is gonna find us." It was spur of the moment lyric and thank goodness I was recording it. I still go back and listen to that moment. It was a time of loss and heart break me for me. This lyric summed up what I was feeling, but it also gave me a whole lot of hope. It told me that sometimes it's best to let love, life and relationships out of our control and have faith that the right thing will come.

My goal was to make the song about a universal love, not just a romantic type. Even though the song had romantic leanings at first, I liked the idea that love exists in all moments of life and we just have to shift our perspective to see it in our own lives. We find it by creating, adding to the world, pursuing our passions and purpose. We share it with each other through laughter smiles and sympathy. That idea brought on lines like "holding hands on a bridge" and "playing ball in the rain." I must have written 20 verses of "someday love is gonna find us, _____ fill in the blank…" I narrowed the song down to my favorite lyrics that I felt covered the song the best. And that's the version of "Someday" you hear today.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and watch for yourself right here!

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