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Page Too Report for 04/25/2017

Ed Sheeran Addresses Music Career Hiatus Rumors

(Radio.com) Ed Sheeran reassured fans that he is not quitting music. MTV UK posted a story on Monday (April 24) that suggested the "Shape of You" singer plans to hold off on his music career for five or 10 years before releasing a new record.

The article cited a Daily Star article that was published on Sunday (April 23), which features interviews with unnamed sources supposedly close to the superstar musician.

"Ed has pretty much achieved everything there is to achieve in music," one source told the Daily Star. 'He absolutely loves what he does and is riding the wave of his success at the moment, but at the same time he wants a more normal life."

Sheeran quickly dismissed the rumors on social media by tweeting a link to the story with the straightforward caption, "Das Bollocks." Check out the post here.

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Lil Wayne Cuts Concert Short After Fan Tosses Drink At Him

(Radio.com) Lil Wayne performed in Garden City, Idaho, on Sunday night (April 23), but might never go back after a fan threw a drink at the artist while he was in the middle of rapping, "A Milli."

Fan video shows the drink barely missed hitting the rapper, but he might have gotten a splash or two in the process. Wayne stopped the music and ended the show right there. The "Lollipop" star then called his "goon squad" to come to the stage to handle the situation.

The incident occurred about 70 minutes into the set, according to the Idaho Statesman. According to Revolution Center owner Creston Thornton the set only ended about three songs earlier than it normally would have. Watch video of the incident here.

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Kendrick Lamar Recorded 'Whole Bunch' Of Unused Music With Kid Capri

(Radio.com) Kid Capri spoke to the Rap Radar Podcast about his involvement in with Kendrick Lamar's new album DAMN, and about being grateful to be able to work with Kendrick; he also hinted at some of the unreleased work still out there.

"To see that the younger generation still knows what I've done… is a beautiful thing. Kendrick is definitely somebody that's in hip-hop. He really understands what it's about and he wanted to go and make his album authentic, so that's why came to me. He had called me and, as a matter of fact, I came down to Manhattan and we had recorded a whole bunch of stuff that we didn't even use yet," although he didn't mention whether any of the other "stuff" would come out at any point.

"We used what we used but we sat down, he told me what he wanted to do and we just put ourselves in the mind frame of what it was. After I got what it was, we just wound up recording it."

"I think he wanted his album to sound like an authentic mixtape," he said. 'If you look at the album cover, the album cover looks like a mixtape cover. If you listen to the album, he has them big records but I don't hear a pop record. I hear records that will go pop but I don't hear the direction of him going for pop, I hear him going for real, authentic hip-hop. Even with U2, he didn't use U2 the way people would use U2. He used them in a real hip-hop way." Capri notes that he had worked with Bono in the past, on a project for Ray Charles. Read more and listen to the full interview here.

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Machine Gun Kelly Explains His Chest Pains At Recent Concert

(Radio.com) Machine Gun Kelly was forced to temporarily leave the stave during his concert at the Seminole Casino in South Florida on Saturday night (Apr. 22). The rapper was right in the middle of his hit song with Camila Cabello, "Bad Things," when he experienced what was later described as severe chest pains.

In a video posted on TMZ, MGK is seen holding his chest before leaving the stage and walking off. The rapper made it back to the stage for more and was offered some sort of remedy from the crowd, which he took, saying, 'I'm down to hit anything at this point. I'm f–kin' dyin'."

There does appear to be a good explanation, though. The rapper/actor was filming the movie Captive State the day before and, as he explained in a previous tweet, "got punched in the chest 65 times. Pretty sure i can't breathe. Ready for this one to wrap." Read more here.

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John Fogerty Leads Special Guests At Brad Paisley Album Release Show

(Radio.com) Country music star Brad Paisley held his record release show for Love and War at Tootsie's in Nashville Sunday (April 23). As a special surprise, Paisley invited three of the collaborators from the album up onstage with him.

John Fogerty, Timbaland and Bill Anderson joined Paisley for his 90-minute set, which included songs such as "Water," "Alcohol" and "Mud on the Tires," according to The Tennessean. Fogerty also joined Paisley for some of his classics, including, "Bad Moon Rising," "Proud Mary" and "Fortunate Son."

'There are 500 bands covering John Fogerty songs tonight, but we're the only one doing it with John Fogerty," Paisley told the audience. Check some posts from the evening here.

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The Chainsmokers Make Awkward Mistake At Pittsburgh Concert

(Radio.com) Pittsburgh is a small but proud American city--home of the Steelers, Mr. Rogers and the Primanti Brothers' cole slaw and French fry sandwich. To local consternation, Pittsburgh is also home to a pesky "h" at the end of its name that far too many writers omit. During a show at the PPG Paints Arena, the Chainsmokers walked into that trap in the biggest, most cringe-worthy way possible: They closed their show with a giant projection that read "THANK YOU PITTSBURG."

The band tweeted (and later deleted) a message that read "lol totally putting our visual guy on blast for misspelling Pittsburgh at the end." They later took a different mea culpa approach: "Well at least we got another chance this week in Clevlande."

There are actual "Pittsburgs" in Florida, Kansas, California, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Alabama, Colorado, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, Oregon and more. Maybe the Chainsmokers should save this Powerpoint presentation and play one of those towns. Until then, there's Autocorrect. See the spelling misadventure here.

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Will Smith & DJ Jazzy Jeff Set For Rare Performance At Livewire Festival

Some lucky fans in the UK will be able to witness Will Smith (a.k.a. The Fresh Prince) and DJ Jazzy Jeff make a rare live appearance when they headline the third night of the Livewire Festival this summer.

The music event will be taking place at the Blackpool Headland Arena on August 25th, 26th and 27th with the famed actor and rapper and his longtime music partner closing out the event with their headline set on the final night.

The first night's lineup will be lead by The Jacksons and the second night will feature "some of the biggest pop hits of the 1980s as part of Pete Waterman's Hit Factory," according to organizers. here.

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Josh Turner Scores No. 1 Hit With 'Hometown Girl'

Josh Turner has a massive hit on his hands with his current single "Hometown Girl" which has rocked to the top spot on the MediaBase country radio airplay chart.

The country star shared his excitement via Twitter. "'Hometown Girl' is officially No. 1!" he tweeted. "Thank you God, country radio and MCA Nashville! It's Party Time!!"

The song was written by Marc Beeson and Daniel Tashian and is one of the tracks of Turner's chart topping album "Deep South". Watch him perform the track on The Today show here.

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Second Coachella Weekend Filled With Surprise Guest Appearances

(Radio.com) The second weekend of Coachella included stellar performances from the headliners, in addition to other highlights. On Friday night Radiohead performed another set (following their technical glitch-ridden show on Weekend One) and Thom Yorke quipped, "Maybe this time you can hear me."

On Saturday night, Lady Gaga performed her headlining slot while Gucci Mane brought 50 Cent, A$AP Rocky and Chief Keef onstage for guest appearances. Bon Iver played a surprise set with Jenny Lewis and Bruce Hornsby, covering Don Henley's "The End of Innocence."

Another surprise around 11:45 pm Saturday came in the Do Lab outdoor dance tent when Skrillex took the stage. The already packed dance floor became almost unbearably crowded when his name was announced. Throngs of curious fans rushed the tent from all directions and the enthusiasm never once waned throughout his set. Read more here.

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Singled Out: Matt Gary's Back

Country singer Matt Gary just released a new track called "Back" which is the first taste he is giving fans of his forthcoming EP that he plans to release in early summer. Here is the story:

I'm super pumped that this song is the lead single for the EP coming this summer. I had just finished a writing session when a writer buddy of mine Aaron Scherz said, "Hey man - I got a song I want you to take a listen to". It was a "first listen" for me, so I put the song on hold right away.

"Back" is a song about letting that girl who is "the one" get away and the memories of the past that haunt you. I think a lot of people can relate to being in a relationship where they think "Dang… I screwed that up". In the studio with my producer Jeremy Stover (Justin Moore, Jack Ingram) this song just came to life from the first down beat. We set it in a cool groove that makes the listener move and take notice. I can't wait for people to hear this song - turn it up loud!

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself here and learn more about the Matt right here!

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