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AC/DC Star Said God Bless Axl Rose For Stepping In 2016 In Review

(Classic Rock) Cliff Williams made news in July when he praised his AC/DC bandmates and says he still enjoys playing with the group he's been part of since 1977. The lineup has undergone several changes over the last few years - Malcolm Young was forced to retire as a result of dementia, while drummer Phil Rudd was under house arrest for eight months after being found guilty of drugs possession and making death threats. They were replaced by Stevie Young and Chris Slade respectively.

Then, in March this year, frontman Brian Johnson was had to step back from touring as he risked total hearing loss if he continued, with the band bringing in Guns N' Roses singer Axl Rose as his replacement.

But despite the shake up, Williams says playing with a different lineup live is as intense as ever. He says: "Angus is a dynamo - he's fantastic to play with. I've been trying to stay out of his way for 40 years. He's like a whirlwind up there.

"Stevie's a great rhythm player - like his uncle Malcolm. It's the same style - he inherited that. He's a Young as well, so it's kind of in the genes. Chris Slade and I played together before with AC/DC. He did The Razor's Edge with us and did that album and tour - so it's an exciting rhythm section. It's great."

As for Rose, the bassist reports: "Axl's doing extremely well - and god bless him for stepping up to do this. Once we start, it's pretty intense. That's it, that's what you're there for, two plus hours on stage - that's what it's all about. It's just what I've always done, I thoroughly enjoy it." Watch the full interview clip here.

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Demi Lovato Shared Topless Photo For New Song 2016 In Review

(Radio.com) Demi Lovato made headlines in early July when she posted a topless photo of herself on Twitter to tease "Body Say," the new song she started performing in Atlanta on the opening of her joint headline tour with Nick Jonas.

The shot depicts Lovato from behind kneeling on a bed and holding the back of her head while looking into a mirror. Behind her, a black bra sits on the bed. "Well, the cats out of the bag… #BodySay @ddlovato," she posted along with the pic. "Tonight's show will be EXTRA special! #FutureNowTour."

The show at Atlanta's Philips Arena was streamed on Tidal for members and non-members alike. Lovato has said she will continue to perform new songs for the duration of the tour. Read more see the photo here.

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Zayn Malik Says Alien Told Him To Quit One Direction 2016 In Review

(Radio.com) Zayn Malik made headlines in July when he said during an interview that an Alien told him to leave One Direction: It seemed like he was taking a major risk when Zayn changed direction and announced that he was leaving the world-famous boy band.

Sure, it paid off big time, but what inspired him to make such a rash decision in the first place? "An alien spoke to me in a dream," he said in an interview with Glamour. He may or may not have been joking.

In the interview, Malik also reveals that Shaggy's "It Wasn't Me" is the first song he puts on to get in a great mood, his mom is the first person he calls in the morning. Find out what the first movie to make him cry was

Read the original report here.

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Man Arrested After Slapping Justin Timberlake 2016 In Review

(Radio.com) A man was escorted from the site of the American Century Celebrity Pro-Am in Lake Tahoe, after he slapped Justin Timberlake on the cheek at the tournament in late July. When he refused to leave the premises he was arrested, reported Billboard.

Timberlake, who was participating in the tournament, was walking through a noisy crowd when he was smacked. "Bro, why would you do that?" Timberlake said before continuing on his way.

Timberlake reportedly didn't want to press charges, but after the man got belligerent with police they arrested him for disorderly conduct. Watch a video of the incident here.

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Dr. Dre Searched, Handcuffed And Briefly Detained By Police 2016 In Review

(Radio.com) Hip-hop legend Dr. Dre was searched, handcuffed and briefly detained in a patrol car on July 25th following a confrontation in front of his home in Malibu, Billboard reported.

The incident transpired after a man stopped his car in front of Dre's house, blocking the driveway. The man said Dre shouted at him then pulled out a gun, so he called the cops.

Dre cooperated with police who arrived at the scene and allowed them to search him. He told them he didn't pull a gun on the man, but that he reached for his cell phone to record the altercation, and officers found no weapon.

A couple of days later we learned that Dr. Dre would not face any criminal charges after he has been cleared of any wrongdoing stemming from an altercation.

Dre told police he didn't have a gun and no weapon was found, but he was cited a misdemeanor, Billboard reported. Prosecutors have refused to bring gun charges against Dre because there were no witnesses and there were errors in the man's account of the altercation. Read more here.

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Craig Morgan's Son Found Dead 2016 In Review

(Radio.com) Jerry Greer, the 19-year-old son of country musician Craig Morgan and wife Karen Greer, was found dead on July 11 after he went missing on the previous day following a boating accident.

The singer's publicity firm, Monarch Publicity, released a statement confirming Greer's death. "The Humphreys County (TN) Sheriff's Department recovered his body this evening after a search that began Sunday following a boating accident on Kentucky Lake in Tennessee," the statement reads.

"The family is grateful for the outpouring of support and requests prayers at this time as they privately mourn this terrible loss. Jerry is survived by parents Craig and Karen Greer, sister Aly Beaird and brother-in-law Ryan Beaird, brother Kyle Greer and fiance Chelsea Rogers and brother Wyatt Greer."

According to The Tennessean, Greer was out tubing with friends on Kentucky Lake in Humphreys County, TN when he and another friend fell into the water. Read more here.

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Lil Wayne Refuted Seizure Reports 2016 In Review

(Radio.com) Stories circulated on July 11 that Lil Wayne was rushed to the hospital following a seizure in Las Vegas that forced him to cancel his performance at a pre-UFC party in Sin City.

Lil Wayne refuted the reports. The rapper called the story a "false alarm" and thanked fans for their prayers. He tweeted "False Alarm! I appreciate da prayers and konsern but I'm good!!! Luv."

In June, Wayne was forced to make two emergency landings after he suffered seizures mid-flight. In a 2013 interview Wayne said that that he suffers from epilepsy and is "prone to seizures," reported Billboard. Read more here.

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Marvin Gaye Family Approved Documentary 'Marvin, What's Going On?' 2016 In Review

(Radio.com) There was big news in mid-July for Marvin Gaye fans after it was revealed that for the first time, his family has approved a documentary about the late musician.

The forthcoming documentary Marvin, What's Going On? is now in development, and will focus on the creation and recording of his 1971 album What's Going On? (via Variety).

Gaye's children, Nona, Marvin III and Frankie, as well as his former wife Janis will all contribute to the film. The documentary will begin production this fall with a release date set for late next year.

Not only will it include interviews with some of Motown's biggest legends, but it also promises never-before-seen footage of Gaye. The film's producers promise it will be "the defining portrait of this visionary artist and his impeccable album." Read more here.

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Selena Gomez Topped Justin Bieber For Most-Liked Instagram 2016 In Review

(Radio.com) In July, Selena Gomez recently became the most popular poster for a single photo on the social media site Instagram, blowing away former champion, ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber.

More than 89 million users checked out Gomez's recent post for the Share a Coke and a Song campaign, which included music from her song 'Me & the Rhythm" from her 2015 album Revival. The Classic Coke bottle in the shot features the artist's lyrics ('You're the spark" ). Four million users liked the pic, giving the one-time Disney darling the current record for most-liked photo on Instagram ever, reported Billboard.

By comparison, the second place shot from Bieber received 3.7 million likes. Ironically, that photo is a throwback shot which depicts Bieber and Gomez kissing. See the posts here.

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Rory Feek Fulfills One Of Joey's Final Wishes 2016 In Review

(Radio.com) Rory Feek revealed in a blog posting in mid-July that he fulfilled one of the final wishes of his late wife and Joey + Rory music partner Joey Feek, who died of cervical cancer earlier this year.

In new post on his This Life I Live blog, Rory writes, "On Monday, we got home from spending some time out west in Wyoming and Montana. It was a trip that has been planned since last winter. But I didn't plan it… my wife did.

"This past February, with snow on the ground outside her window at the little house by the Gaither pond in Indiana, Joey looked at the beautiful view from her bedside, and remembered another view that she loved. And then with her three sisters gathered around her, Joey told stories about our trips out west to the Big Sky Country. She showed them pictures we had taken during some of the adventures our family has had out there over the years. And then she asked me to find a way to take her three sisters and their families out west for the first time this summer.

"Most of them had never been farther west than Illinois and Joey wanted them to experience some of the breathtaking beauty that she and I have been blessed to experience many times over the years. For their eyes to see the beautiful things that her eyes had seen.

"Joey and I spent our honeymoon in Montana in 2002 and fell in love with the mountains and the old-west history that runs deep through the land and streams out there. We've made many family trips there since and our middle daughter Hopie even spent three summers working on a ranch in Dubois.

"Fortunately, we have some wonderful friends who own a big cabin in Red Lodge, Montana and when I told them about Joey's wish, they generously offered to let us all come stay at their place…

"So two weeks ago, my three sister-in-laws - Jody, Julie and Jessie - loaded up their minivans and trucks and headed west, and the girls and I hopped on an airplane and met up with them in Jackson Hole, Wyoming to spend a few days together before we all drove on to Red Lodge." Read more and see all of the photos here.

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Drake Mocked Joe Budden During Dallas Concert 2016 In Review

(Radio.com) On the second night of the Summer Sixteen Tour, while performing in Dallas on Thursday (July 21), Drake told the crowd he should've invited Joe Budden to play "Pump It Up" for them.

"We got the good energy going on. I should've brought Joe Budden up here to let him do 'Pump It Up' one time," he said before going into the chorus of Budden's single. "Pump, pump, pump it up," Drake mocked. "F- with me." Budden responded on Twitter in a tweet that has since been deleted. He said "He want attention lol" (via XXL).

While Drake has remained quiet about the line in French Montana's song "No Shopping" that many have viewed as a response to Budden's multiple disses, Montana has stated the pair weren't thinking of the rapper when they wrote that verse. They were just goofing around in the studio having fun. Read more here.

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Elvis Presley's Stepbrother Believes His Death Not Accidental 2016 In Review

(Radio.com) Elvis Presley died of what coroners officially ruled a heart attack. But in July it was revealed that his stepbrother had written a new book claiming there's a different story.

David E. Stanley's My Brother Elvis details his time living at Graceland and working for the King. Stanley's mother married Elvis' widowed father in 1960, and at only age four he moved into the famed estate.

In his book, Stanley writes about his last meeting with Elvis. It occurred on August 14, just two days before he died. At the time, Elvis said he would be going away for a few days and told Stanley when they next saw each other he would be "on a higher plane."

When he learned Elvis died, Stanley believed he had killed himself using pills and other drugs. Although emergency responders found no such evidence when they came to Graceland, Stanley claims he removed several pill bottles and syringes surrounding Elvis' dead body before anyone else discovered it. He stuffed everything in his pockets. Read more here.

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Tom DeLonge Upset About Aliens Press Coverage 2016 In Review

(Radio.com) Tom DeLonge was back in the news in July with his reaction to silly stories about leaving Blink-182 to find aliens. In a post, DeLonge attempted to convey the seriousness of his new projects, his new novel Sekret Machines in particular. But much to his dismay, DeLonge is not being taken as seriously as he'd like, especially by some in the media.

DeLonge posted a message imploring fans to take his new line of work seriously. "I landed on the Tarmac, walked off the plane, and met a smart, fit man in his 60's. Never seen a Multi-Star General before.. Let alone talked to one.

"He led me to a table in the back of a large room. He leaned across the table and said 'It was the Cold War, and we lived under the very real threat of Nuclear War every day… And somewhere in those years…We found a life-form.' I said, 'Sir, I need help telling young adults this story…' He said, 'What do you need?'…."Advisors', I responded. 'I need high-ranking Advisors in the Military, Intelligence and DOD to help guide me.'

"So- I was given 10 Advisors, each with knowledge in different areas that pertain to UFOs and the very real National Security issues associated with them. I do wish the press would ask me about this, rather than write stupid headlines about Aliens… I have been given a gift, the ability to tell you all our biggest secret. It will come in books, feature films and documentaries." Read more here.

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Justin Bieber and Nick Jonas Parody Kanye's 'Famous' Video 2016 In Review

(Radio.com) Justin Bieber and Nick Jonas Parody Kanye's 'Famous' Video was a top 16 story of July 2016: Kanye West turned heads and made a bold statement with his video for "Famous," which features nude waxworks of Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Bill Cosby, Anna Wintour, Kim Kardashian and more in bed together.

Predictably, the video was parodied by U.S. talk shows, and now BBC Radio 1 crafted a brilliant spoof of the instantly iconic video by assembling a team of A-listers to shoot scenes in bed together.

The list is long, but features Justin Bieber, Nick Jonas, Meghan Trainor, Carly Rae Jepsen, 5 Seconds of Summer, Troye Sivan and more. All of the stars play themselves, fully-clothed and prepared to have a laugh at the absurdity of Kanye's set-up.

"I really really really really really like you," Jepsen purrs to Nick Jonas. "This is fun," he says intimately. Watch the stars parody Kanye's here.

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Calvin Harris Released Taylor Swift Diss Track? 2016 In Review

(Radio.com) John Newman and Calvin Harris teamed in July for the new track "Ole." The lyrics had listeners speculating if the song is a reaction to Harris' recent breakup with Taylor Swift.

"My heart speaks, I ain't seen you or bin' with you for weeks, but I see online that you've begun to be a good girl and take trips with your boyfriend, being attentive continue to pretend," Newman sings.

"But no, cos' there's no telling how far you can go," he continues. "You've hidden my name on your phone so you can call me to tell me you've been going through hell, left him alone and you've booked in a hotel."

There's also a clue in the song's opening line that potentially points to Swift's new beau Tom Hiddleston, who is famous for his role as Loki in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. "Low key, you wont tell none of your friends about me." Read more here.

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Chris Cornell's Alleged Stalker Arrested Trying To Enter Concert 2016 In Review

(TeamRock) Chris Cornell's alleged stalker was arrested prior to his show at the Louisville Palace Theater in Louisville, KY on July 6. TMZ reports Jessica Robbins was picked up by law enforcement officials as she tried to make her way inside for one of the shows on Cornell's current solo acoustic tour of North America in support of his latest album, "Higher Truth."

Sources tell the news outlet that every venue on the tour has had a picture of Robbins and has been on high alert to stop her. Sources also say that the Soundgarden singer was informed of the arrest before the show.

According to Rolling Stone, Robbins was arrested by the FBI in 2014 for allegedly harassing Cornell online and charged her with stalking. The Tampa Bay Times reported, at the time, that Cornell and his wife believed Robbins had entered their Miami home in 2013. The Cornells also pulled their kids out of New York public schools out of fear that Robbins would hurt them. Read more here.

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