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Page Too Report for 01/27/2017

Keke Palmer Plans To Take Legal Action Against Trey Songz

(Radio.com) Actress Keke Plamer says in anew interview she will pursue legal action against Trey Songz after she was featured in his music video for "Pick Up The Phone" without her permission.

The story surfaced earlier in the week when Palmer took to Instagram to share her story. She goes more in depth on the topic in a new interview with Larry King.

Palmer was attending a New Year's Eve party when a video shoot began. Palmer was asked to participate and declined. "I wasn't in the right mind. I had been drinking and eating and it wasn't a professional environment," she said. "It was not a place where I was, like, I'm in the right mind to decide if this works with my brand, if I like the artist."

The singer and actress, who does not appear on the song in question, felt she was a victim of "sexual intimidation." "I feel, as a female, often I'm put in situations where sometimes males will use their masculinity, their sexuality, to taunt you," she told King. Watch a clip from the interview here.

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Drake Hopes To Return to Acting After Tour

(Radio.com) Drake got his start as an actor, notably playing James "Jimmy" Brooks on Degrassi: The Next Generation. In a new interview the rapper expresses his desire to return to the world of acting.

Drake spoke with University of Kentucky college basketball head coach John Calipari on his podcast and discussed his future plans. "Acting is another thing that I just can't wait to really dive into," he said.

"I think after I release 'More Life', which is this playlist I'm working on and finish this tour. I think I'm going to really start to position myself in the acting world and, hopefully, take some great roles." Read more here.

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Adam Ant Guitarist Tom Edwards Dies On Tour

There is sad news to report from the Adam Ant camp. Guitarist and musical direction Tom Edwards died from suspected heart failure at Kennedy Hospital in Cherry Hill, NJ. on Wednesday. We were sent the following details:

Tom was on tour with the band as part of the North American Kings of the Wild Frontier tour that began two nights ago in Washington DC. He was found unresponsive then rushed to the hospital where he passed away [Jan 25] in the late afternoon. An autopsy is pending. No further details are known at this time.

Tom was an esteemed guitarist throughout his career and had played with Rodney Frame, Fields of the Nephilim, Rebelles, Edwyn Collins, Andrea Corrs, Arno Castens and Spiderbites. Read more here.

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Charli XCX Makes Creepy Appearance In 'Crazy Crazy' Video

(Radio.com) Charli XCX appears in the new video for J-pop producer Yasutaka Nakata's track "Crazy Crazy," but not in the way you might think. Her face is superimposed upon a model's body, creating an unsettling effect and winking towards the song's title.

At first, the visual, which also features kawaii artist Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, seems relatively straightforward. A keyboardist, a drummer and a singer perform "Crazy Crazy" in a room together, but the way the camera shoots each character from above or behind keeps their faces hidden. Once viewers begin to catch glimpses of everyone's face, things turn strange. Charli's face appears on the singer's body while Kyary's face appears on the drummer's.

Charli wrote the track, according to The Fader, but when it came to recording it, she stayed in Los Angeles with Kyary worked with Nakata in Japan. Then he stitched everything together, much like he's done with his past hits. Watch Charli be both Charli and not Charli here.

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Nicki Minaj Teases Next Album Via Major Lazer's New Track

(Radio.com) Major Lazer shared their new collaboration, "Run Up," with Nicki Minaj and PARTYNEXT DOOR on Thursday (January 26th). And Minaj details her next album in her verse.

"Most of these dudes is really quite sore/ 45 special, this is my cough/ Bout to drop an album, this is my fourth/ I don't put sugar in my spaghetti sauce," she raps on the track. It's been three years since Minaj last released her third studio album The Pinkprint, but it seems as though 2017 will be a good year for new music.

While announcing her split from ex-boyfriend Meek Mill earlier in January, Minaj also shared that she was hard at work. "Focusing on my work & looking forward to sharing it with you guys really soon," she tweeted. Read more here.

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Elton John To Write Music For 'The Devil Wears Prada' On Broadway

(Radio.com) Elton John will write music for a new The Devil Wears Prada musical. The Rock and Roll Hall of Famer will lend his talents to a new musical production of Lauren Weisberger's 2003 novel.

The book has also been adapted into a movie which starred Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway. "Re-imagining The Devil Wears Prada for the musical theater is super exciting," Elton tells Deadline.

"I'm a huge fan of both the book and the feature film, and a huge aficionado of the fashion world. I can't wait to sink my musical teeth into this hunk of popular culture." Read more here.

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Dan + Shay Announce Special Guests For American Tour

Country music duo Dan + Shay have added a new 2017 leg to their very success Obsessed Tour and have revealed the special guests that they are taking out on the road with them.

The tour is scheduled to get underway on February 9th at Joe's Live in Rosemont, Ill and will run until April 22nd where it will conclude at Maryville University in Chesterfield, Mo.

The first half of the tour (2/9-2/25) will feature special guest Bailey Bryan (GRAMMY's Artist of Tomorrow, Rolling Stone's "Artists You Need to Know" and The Bobby Bones Show's "Class of 2017" artist).

They will be joined for the second half (3/23-4/22) by Jackie Lee (named one of Bobby Bones' "Class of 2017" and a CMT "17 for 2017 Listen Up" artist). See the dates here.

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15 Year-Old George Strait Fan's Wish To Be Granted

(Radio.com) Chase Pair is a 15-year-old George Strait fan who will eventually go deaf due to a birth defect. Before that happens the teen had hoped to see Strait live in concert.

Pair's mother Julie wrote to Strait and his team, requesting Chase be giving the opportunity to meet his idol and to hear his voice in person. That wish is coming true and then some.

KATV in Little Rock, Arkansas reports that the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas has arranged for two tickets to Strait's concert this summer. Read more here.

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Ludacris Launches 'Slang N' Friendz' Mobile Game

(Radio.com) Apples to Apples, Cards Against Humanity, Codenames -- the word game is having a major moment and Ludacris wants a slice of the pie. The rapper unveiled Slang N' Friendz, a mobile word game for the hip-hop set that explores the mysteries of slang terms.

As part of game play, users create their own slang terms. What could go wrong? "Yo! Welcome to Slang N' Friendz, the fun, free and social cross word game where Ludacris awards you bonus points for playing slang words against the world," says the app's website.

"Engage and learn unique terms from players all over the globe with our user-generated slang definitions!" Luda says the game is answering a higher calling. Read his comments here.

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Fifth Harmony's Ally Brooke Covers 'Mad World'

(Radio.com) Fifth Harmony's Ally Brooke Hernandez has released a cover of Tears for Fears' "Mad World" for her fans to enjoy. It's heavily inspired by the acclaimed 2001 Michael Andrews and Gary Jules version from the Donnie Darko soundtrack.

The footage isn't high budget or anything; it's an impromptu Twitter video, but the two-minute clip of Hernandez (accompanied on acoustic guitar) gives her a chance to flex some vocal muscle.

She delivers her performance in front of a fireplace and there's a mysterious wiffle ball in the corner of the room. Watch Ally Brooke's take on "Mad World" here.

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Gucci Mane Releases 3 New Tracks

(Radio.com) Just days after he unveiled the name of his next studio album (Drop Top Wizop) Gucci Mane released a SoundCloud compilation called Three For Free, which is just what it sounds like.

The three new tracks ("Ever," "Wasn't Me," and "Sir Brix A Lot") should tide Gucci fans over between The Return of East Atlanta Santa (which came out December 16) and his next music drop.

Gucci Mane's three new tracks, "Ever," "Wasn't Me," and "Sir Brix A Lot", (which are NSFW due to explicit lyrics can all be streamed online here.

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Selena Gomez Reveals Trailer For New Series Thirteen Reasons Why

(Radio.com) The popular young adult novel Thirteen Reasons Why got the Netflix adaptation it deserves, thanks to executive producer Selena Gomez. It premieres on the streaming service on March 31st)

The singer-actress-producer-Instagram queen took to her favorite social media platform (where she's the most followed user) to share a trailer for her new "passion project." Judging from the teaser, Thirteen Reasons Why looks like a high school murder mystery, and all the clues are on mysteriously discovered cassette tapes.

In the trailer, a group of high school students are filmed in close-up sharing what they know (or don't know) about their fellow student's death. In less than a day, the teaser has been viewed nearly 6 million times. Watch the trailer here.

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Alicia Keys Releases New Song 'That's What's Up'

(Radio.com) Alicia Keys turned 36 on Wednesday and celebrated like a singer-songwriter: She released a new track called "That's What's Up" via her SoundCloud account.

It's a song built on self-narration and proclamations of gratitude -- perhaps a kind of State of the Union address for the big 3-6? "That's What's Up" would have been right at home on her 2016 album Here.

"You want me to give you a testimony about my life/ And how good he's been to me/ I don't know what to tell you about him/ I love him so much with all my heart and my soul/ With every bone in my body I love him so much/ Because he's done so much for me," she wails. Listen to Keys' birthday track here.

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Bela Fleck Announces 'Juno Concerto' Album

(Kid Logic) Bela Fleck will release the new album "Juno Concerto" on March 3, 2017. It features a concerto for banjo and orchestra, recorded in March, 2016 with the Colorado Symphony, conducted by Jose Luiz Gomez.

The album also features two pieces for banjo and string quartet, performed with Brooklyn Rider. The vinyl release is set for March 31, available exclusively from Barnes & Noble.

Named for his son Juno, "every note of the concerto is colored by the experience of being a new father, and how that has changed what is important to me as a person, as well as what I wish to express through music," says Fleck, who became a father for the first time at 55, with his wife, musician Abigail Washburn. Co-commissioned by the Canton, Colorado, South Carolina, and Louisville Symphony Orchestras, Juno Concerto was composed in 2015.

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Story Behind Kelly Clarkson's 'Piece By Piece'

(Radio.com) Kelly Clarkson got personal on her seventh studio album, Piece By Piece. The fraught relationship she had with her father, who abandoned her family when she was young, made its way onto the single, "Piece by Piece."

The song's seeds were first planted when Clarkson sat down with her sister and began discussing their childhood. She would go on to co-write the song with producer Greg Kurstin. But instead of a pure lament about the love she never got from her father, Clarkson shifted the song to focus on all the good her husband has brought to her life. In every way her father failed her, her husband has put her back together. "Piece by piece, he restored my faith/ That a man can be kind and a father could stay," she sings on the heart wrenching chorus.

"I wrote that song after an intense conversation with my sister," she told Radio.com. "We didn't have a very high bar - or any bar - set for what a father figure should be like. Or what a man should be like. I think a lot of girls date someone like their father. I didn't want to do that! I don't know him very well, but I know that he's awesome at abandonment. I wrote the song about how that sucked." Read more here.

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