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Page Too Report for 06/11/2017

Taylor Swift Exceeds 100 Million Song Certification

(Radio.com) Taylor Swift can now add another major accomplishment to her illustrious career as she has been officially certified for moving 100 million song units, according to Billboard.

The Record Industry Association of America sent out a congratulatory tweet to Swift for the highly sought after industry milestone. At the moment, the RIAA lists Swift at 101 million certified units, which falls just under Rihanna at 118.8 million.

Her tally beats out high-profile competitors including Katy Perry at 88 million, Justin Bieber at 63 million, Kanye West at 50.5 and Drake at 45 million. Check out the post here.

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Kendrick Lamar And SZA Release 'Doves in the Wind'

(Radio.com) After months of waiting, SZA's debut studio album, Ctrl, is finally here. The record features a new track with Kendrick Lamar called "Doves in the Wind." Both rappers are signed under Top Dawg Entertainment.

SZA already released her hit single and music video "Love Galore" with Travis Scott and "Broken Clocks" tracks earlier this year. Other songs on the album feature collaborations with Isaiah Rashad and James Fauntleroy.

The record was supposed to drop in February, but its released date was pushed back to this past Friday (June 9). Stream the new track "Doves In The Wind" here.

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Police Shut Down 2 Chainz Album Release Party

(Radio.com) On Wednesday night, 2 Chainz was geared up for a listening party for his new Pretty Girls Like Trap Music album--featuring record executives, music writers and friends in the hip-hop community.

According to The New York Post's Page Six, police shut the event down before it began. The story attributes the activity to the NYPD's 'Hip-Hop Cop" task force, charged with monitoring activity in the rap world.

Doors opened at 7:30 and the event was over within 15 minutes. The Post reports that 2 Chainz spent 45 minutes "desperately pleading" with cops to allow the event to continue. Law enforcement sources said the event didn't obtain a proper permit. Read more here.

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Harry Styles Makes Surprise Appearance On 'Late Late Show'

(Radio.com) For one week, James Corden has taken The Late Late Show across the pond and courted a collection of very British guests. Earlier this week, Harry Styles appeared on the American program's London satellite set and performed a skit with the host.

Corden was announcing the end of his London residency when a prop phone started ringing. Who came to answer but the mega-famous Styles. "Who was that?" Corden asks.

"Wrong number," Styles replied. His surprise appearance made the audience go wild. Styles also performed "Two Ghosts" on the roof of the venue, surrounded by the gorgeous London evening cityscape. The track comes from his self-titled debut solo album. Watch Styles' comedy sketch with Corden here.

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Sia Releases 'Free Me' Video Starring Zoe Saldana

(Radio.com) Pop star Sia has debuted an emotional new music video for her new ballad "Free Me" to raise funds for the Abzyme Research Foundation's #endHIV Campaign.

The video stars Zoe Saldana and is narrated by actress Julianne Moore. It tells the harrowing story of an expectant mother who goes in for a regular checkup, only to discover she is HIV positive and could pass the disease onto her child.

"I've proudly joined forces with the Abzyme Research Foundation and the #endHIV Campaign for the release of my song, 'Free Me,' to help raise funds and awareness for a potential breakthrough cure of the epidemic," Sia said. Watch the video here.

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Britney Spears' Instagram Exploited By Hackers

(Radio.com) Pop star Britney Spears is reportedly a victim of hackers, according to a report from the Slovakian security firm ESET that surfaced earlier week.

The report revealed that the hackers used Spears' Instagram comment section to communicate covert malware instructions. In February, a hacker wrote the seemingly harmless comment, "#2hot make loved to her, uupss #Hot #X" on one of the singer's posts.

Hidden within the comment was a trackable hashtag that would connect to the malware's command-and-control server. Read the social media site's response here.

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Garth Brooks Does Surprises Performance At CMA Festival

(Radio.com) CMA Music Festival-goers got a big surprise Thursday night, June 8. Country superstar Garth Brooks showed up unannounced to the Nissan Stadium and thrilled the crowd.

The singer kicked things off with "Thunder Rolls," the set also included "Callin' Baton Rouge," "The River," That Summer," "The Dance," "Friends in Low Places," and his new single "Ask Me How I Know."

As the crowd sang along, CMA's reigning Entertainer of the Year said, "That's Nashville, home of country music! YEAH!!!." Check out some fan footage here.

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DJ Khaled Releases Collaboration Details For 'Grateful'

(Radio.com) DJ Khaled just took to social media to reveal his 23-song tracklisting for his highly anticipated 10th studio album, Grateful. The record is scheduled to be released on June 23.

The tracklist includes previously released singles "Shining" with Jay Z and Beyonce, and the star-studded hit "I'm the One." The stacked new record features collaborations with big-name artists:

Chance the Rapper, Nas, Pusha T, Migos, Drake, Travis Scott, Future, Rihanna, Bryson Tiller, Big Sean, Alicia Keys, Nicki Minaj, Jeremih, PARTYNEXTDOOR, 2 Chainz, Rick Ross and more. See the list here.

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Andy Grammer Releases 'Give Love' with LunchMoney Lewis

(Radio.com) Andy Grammer just released a new summer anthem single "Give Love" featuring a collaboration with LunchMoney Lewis. The track comes off the singer's upcoming album, which will arrive this fall.

"If it does its job of being a summer jam, it should make you smile and shake your ass at the same time, like any truly good summer jam does," Grammer said.

He continued, "It was inspired by my sweet mother who gave more love to the world than anyone I've ever met." Listen to an online stream of the new collaborative single here.

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Jerry Seinfeld Laughs Off Kesha Hug Controversy

(Extra) AJ Calloway spoke with Jerry Seinfeld and the comedian reacted to the gone-viral video of him refusing to hug singer Kesha on the red carpet at an event earlier this week.

Jerry explained, "I'm 63, I don't know every pop star… I don't know everyone." He is also not completely into hugs, saying, "I'm not, well as a total stranger." But, Jerry gave AJ a hug, why? He said, "But I know you how many years? I've known you twenty years."

Looking back on how it all went down, Seinfeld pointed out, "I was right in the middle of an interview, it was a little off." He smiled, "When you get to be my age and you've done a couple things, you have your own reality, in my reality… I don't hug a total stranger. I have to meet someone, say hello. I gotta start somewhere… hug isn't first moment of a human, two humans. I never did that."

"I got a borderline harassment case here!" Jerry laughed. He didn't hug her, but added, "I'm sure I would've liked her, but I need to know who are you."

When AJ commented that Kesha has seen him on TV, Jerry replied, "I'm so flattered by that, but the TV only works one way... I can't see who's watching."

He noted that he and Kesha were able to laugh about the moment off-camera, revealing, "She was very nice about it, we laughed about it." But did she get a hug after their exchange? Jerry responded, "No!" Read more here.

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Coldplay Amazed By Teen Pianist's Guest Performance

(Radio.com) Coldplay performed earlier this week (June 7) at the Olympic Stadium in Munich, Germany, and frontman Chris Martin invited 19-year-old fan Ferdinand Schwartz up on stage to play the piano.

Schwartz had been holding up a poster that read "Can I play 'Everglow' for you?" After asking the teen if he was serious, Martin then invited him on stage to play the 2015 Coldplay hit.

"You know where it starts, right?" Martin asked Schwartz, though be barely finished his question before the fan began effortlessly playing the song's introduction. "Oh s—, I might as well go home now," Martin laughed and jokingly tried to walk off stage.

Schwartz posted about the encounter afterward, writing, "Chris Martin, thank you so much for your trusting me and bringing me up on stage to play Everglow with you tonight, one of the most beautiful Moments of my life! You really didn't have to do this but you did, thanks for this Adventure of a Lifetime! Much love." Watch the performance here.

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Donald Glover Explains Why He's Retiring Childish Gambino

(Radio.com) Donald Glover announced at the Governor's Ball Music Festival last Saturday (June 3) that his next album will be his last. The multi-talented artist will be retiring his musical alter-ego, Childish Gambino, because he doesn't think it's "necessary" anymore, according to The Huffington Post.

Comparing his continued musical career to that of a third movie sequel, the Atlanta creator said, "You know, I like it when something's good and when it comes back there's a reason to come back, there's a reason to do that."

"Like I feel like there's gotta be a reason to do things and I always had a reason to be punk," he explained. "Being punk just always felt really good to me and we always looked at Atlanta as a punk show and I feel like the direction I would go with Childish Gambino wouldn't be punk anymore. As much as 'Redbone' is a punk song because it's a gospel song that's on the radio, I'm like there's only so far you can go before you just are the radio." Read more here.

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Selena Gomez Says New Album Is 'Intentional, Refreshing, Moody'

(Radio.com) Selena Gomez may not know when she's releasing her third studio album, but she can already describe it in three simple words. "Intentional, refreshing, and moody," she told Carson Daly on 97.1 AMP Radio. "But in a good way. I'm all about a good mood, vibey."

The 24-year-old entertainer dropped her current single, "Bad Liar," last month, but don't expect the rest of the record to sound just like the funky mid-tempo tune. "I've been in the studio for a year. So I can technically say I have an album, but I don't know where I want to go with it because of how different everything sounds," she revealed.

"I'm not just saying that because I feel like, 'Oh, that's exciting!' Every song I'm setting up to be a single is just completely separate from each other and I love that. So, I don't know where it's going to go, but I can say I have an album because it's a lot of music."

Gomez was inspired to spend time in the studio after taking a brief hiatus last year to focus on herself. "Last year was a lot. I canceled my tour and I took some time off because I kind of felt there was a lot that I wasn't satisfied with and there was stuff in my personal life, but more than anything, it was just me trying to take care of my mental health and my actual health'I just think that if you're not happy, it's going to translate, at least for me, in everything that I do." Read more and listen to the full interview here.

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Rae Sremmurd Perform 'Swang' on The Tonight Show

(Radio.com) Rae Sremmurd to the Tonight Show stage last Wednesday night ( June 7) to perform their song 'Swang" from their 2016 album, Sremmlife 2.

The rapping Mississippi duo was backed up by house band, The Roots. Jimmy Fallon mentioned that it was also Swae Lee's 24th birthday. Performing late night TV is not a bad way to spend a birthday.

The brothers have recently become the new faces of Reebok. They have also appeared with Little Yachty in a remix of Kahlid's 'Young, Dumb & Broke," as well as with Kendrick Lamar in Mike Will Made-It's 'Perfect Pint" video. Watch the performance here.

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Camila Cabello Covers Justin Bieber's 'Despacito'

(Radio.com) "Despacito" is Justin Bieber's splashy debut on the Latin music scene, but he's been caught publicly forgetting the Spanish words to the song--hardly unforgivable for a non-native speaker.

During a radio appearance, Camila Cabello tried her hand at performing the song in Spanish . Cabello is having a busy month of her own with the release of brand new solo material.

After leaving Fifth Harmony, one of her first projects was the Spanish-language version of "Hey Ma" from The Fate of the Furious soundtrack. Watch Cabello performing "Despacito" here.

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Diplo Reveals the Strangest Food He's Eaten on Tour

(Radio.com) Think of the strangest thing you've ever eaten. Now times like by a million and you might come close to what delicacy Diplo has eaten in the capital city of the Philippines.

In a recent interview with GQ, Diplo sat down to discuss his rigorous traveling routine and revealed the strangest thing he's ever eaten on tour. The famed DJ said he has eaten baby eggs, referred to as balut, in Manila.

According to Eat Your World, balut are "16-to-21-day-old fertilized … boiled egg that contains not only a yolk but also a semi-developed duck embryo." Read more here.

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Cher's Life Story To Become New Broadway Musical

(Radio.com) A musical based on Cher's life and career is headed to Broadway in 2018. The show will explore her deep catalog of hits and the unusual, surprising, incomparable path Cher has traveled in the public eye--from folk singer to variety show star, Oscar-winning actress, and dance-pop diva. Cher made the announcement on Twitter:

"Just got off phone w/Writer & Director of musical," Cher wrote. "There will [be] performance in theatre with actors, dancers, singers!! It'll be on Broadway 2018."

The New York Post reports that Jason Moore of Pitch Perfect will direct the show, written by Rick Elice of Jersey Boys acclaim. The lead role will be played by three actresses to reflect three different eras of her life. Read more here.

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Swizz Beatz Sparks Speculation That Jay Z Is Working on New Album

(Radio.com) Swizz Beatz got the rumor mill churning when he posted an Instagram implying that Jay Z is working on a new album. Since then, Jay fans have begun noticing ads around New York City bearing the numerals 4:44. Nothing is confirmed, but some claim Jay's streaming service Tidal is behind the ads.

One Twitter user wrote: 'The 4:44 has popped up on music sites and the add is sourced and paid for by tidal. Then it's popped up all over NYC the past hour or two."

Four is an important number for Jay Z and wife Beyonce, whose birthdays fall on December 4 and September 4, respectively. The pair had the Roman numeral "IV" tattooed before their wedding.

Another Twitter user said she heard of a casting call for a Jay Z video in Los Angeles, according to XXL. At this point, it's all suggestion and innuendo, but it begs the question--when will Jay Z release new music?

With upcoming appearances at the 2017 Made in America Festival and the Austin City Limits tour, Jay could be ramping up to a big return. For now, fans will keep reading the tea leaves. See the mysterious ads here.

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Third Eye Blind Surprised 'Semi-Charmed Life' Was A Hit

(Radio.com) Third Eye Blind frontman Stephan Jenkins never thought "Semi-Charmed Life" would be hit. 'I thought it was too dirty to play on the radio," Stephan told WCBS FM.

Stephan also admitted that the band had plans for a new release this year but that's kind of tough when you haven't recorded it yet. "This summer we were supposed to put out a new album, called Summer Gods, so that's the name of the tour -- we haven't gotten around to recording the actual record yet!" he said.

The band is celebrating the 20th anniversary of their self-titled debut and will be performing that album from front to back plus adding in some extras for fans along the way. Hear the full interview here.

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Faith Hill and Tim McGraw Share Private Island Home Details

(Radio.com) "We've been all over the world, and we really wanted to create a special place we couldn't find anywhere else," Faith Hill told Architectural Digest in a recent interview about her and her husband Tim McGraw's Bahamas home.

The couple bought a private 20-acre island back in 2003. It took years of work and planning, but the couple and their family finally moved into the home in 2012.

The architecture and interior design firm McAlpine helped turn their dreams into a reality with their home made of eight distinct "pavilions," which are attached by connected by thatch-roofed loggias.

"When we finally got down there, it was early evening, and the landscaping was done and the house was furnished and open and there were candles lit, and it just took our breath away. It still does,"McGraw revealed, "every time we go there. Every time we land the plane and walk onto the beach and head up to the house, we turn to each other and say, 'This is the best place in the world.'" Check out Hill's slideshow from the feature here.

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The Weeknd Donates $100,000 To Medical Center

(Radio.com) The Weeknd has donated $100,000 to a medical center in East Africa to help fund a maternity and children's clinic. The performer made the donation to the facility in Budondo, Uganda after finding out about French Montana's work to with the health center, reports E! News.

French Montana discovered the center in March after flying to Uganda to shoot his video for "Unforgettable." There, he met with the organizers of the Suubi Center and was so moved he donated $100,000 to fund ambulances, incubators for babies born premature, cribs and a blood bank for the Suubi people.

He established the hashtag #Unforgettable Dance for the video, which he refers to as "a call to action to raise awareness for the needs of Suubi and the people of Uganda." Read more here.

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My Chemical Romance's Gerard Way Doesn't Rule Out Reunion

(Radio.com) My Chemical Romance's Gerard Way sat down with Billboard recently to discuss the Doom Patrol comic, solo music and a potential band reunion.

"I wouldn't count (a reunion) out, but at the same time everybody's doing stuff in their lives now that they're really enjoying," Way revealed. "In some ways I don't really miss it; It had gotten so big it was very unwieldy.

"It took a toll on my mental life and personal life. The thing I'm happiest about right now is everybody's relationships with each other are really strong. That's more important than anything else to me." Read more here.

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