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Page Too Report for 05/12/2017

Simon Cowell Addresses American Idol Return Speculation

(Extra) Extra's Terri Seymour caught up with Simon Cowell and asked him about the "American Idol" reboot coming to ABC in 2018 and if he was going to be involved.

Simon revealed, "I was asked to do it, and the answer is no." The star, who exited the show in 2010, explained, "I have no interest. My memories are when we first started. It was a different time with Randy [Jackson], Ryan [Seacrest] and Paula [Abdul]. You can't recreate that."

Cowell, who is now on "America's Got Talent," admitted, "Last time I watched, it was not the same show, just the same name. I left for a reason and I never regretted that."

A source recently confirmed to "Extra" that Ryan Seacrest is in early discussions to return to "Idol," which he hosted for 15 years before it wrapped in 2016.

Seacrest told "Extra" as he was heading to work on "Live with Kelly and Ryan" on Thursday, "I would love to do it, but I got this job right now." Read more here.

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Miley Cyrus Releases Her New Track 'Malibu'

(Radio.com) Miley Cyrus has released a new song called "Malibu." The new track comes courtesy of a music video, which features Miley in various locales around the scenic southern California city.

The track is the first single off of Cyrus' forthcoming album, which will be released later this year. It was inspired by the singer's longtime leading man actor Liam Hemsworth.

She told Entertainment Tonight "I never would've believed you if three years ago you told me I'd be here writing this song. They're going to talk about me if I come out of a restaurant with Liam. So why not put the power back in my relationship and say, 'This is how I feel'?" Check out the new track here.

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Liam Payne Releasing Debut Solo Single Featuring Migos' Quavo

Former One Direction star Liam Payne will be following his ex-bandmates' example by releasing his very first official solo single, he announced on Thursday.

Payne will be the final member of the UK boyband to release solo material. He announced that he will be releasing his debut song "Strip That Down" which features Migos' Quavo, on May 19th.

He broke the news to fans via social media. He tweeted, "Mad excited to announce my new single Strip That Down ft. @quavostuntin out May 19th #STRIPTHATDOWN" See the full tweet and a preview of the track Read more here.

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Prince's Siblings Move To Be Named Rightful Heirs

(Radio.com) Prince's death last year at age 57 came as a shock to millions of fans -- but his untimely passing also created a challenging situation for relatives with natural claims to his estate.

The music icon did not leave a will and as a result, the courts have needed to hear and vet other claimants, all of whom have been rejected. Prince's six siblings have requested an end to the process, which they claim is costing his estate unnecessary legal fees.

They petitioned the judge to formally name them his rightful heirs and he says he'll consider it. Attorneys for the rejected claimants say it's important to leave the door open for other possible heirs--in case there are long-lost relatives or descendants whose claim to the estate is hampered by closing the inheritance circle now. Read more here.

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Sia Recorded New Track For 'Wonder Woman' Soundtrack

(Radio.com) Sia has recorded a new track for the "Wonder Woman" soundtrack, which will be released on June 2nd, the same day that the movie will be hitting theaters. The song, 'To Be Human," features Labrinth, and is the final cut on the album.

The rest of the record features the movie's score, which was written by Rupert Gregson-Williams (Hacksaw Ridge, The Legend Of Tarzan, The Crown, Over the Hedge).

Here is the announcement tweet, "@Sia has a new song 'To Be Human' on the�Wonder Woman�soundtrack! The song is a collab with @Labrinth!" See the tracklisting here.

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Chris Brown And Nas Release Chinx Tribute Track 'Die Young'

(Radio.com) On May 17, 2015, an unknown assailant gunned down rapper Chinx in Queens, New York. To honor their fallen friend, Chris Brown and Nas teamed up on "Die Young," which is a remix of a track from Chinx's posthumously released Welcome to JFK.

The heartfelt single hits on tough topics ranging from gang violence to police brutality to racism, especially in Brown's verse where he sings, "Hear the gunshot sounds, another black man down. Another innocent killed by the police/which side are you on?"
Later, Nas drops in, rapping, "In the projects it's made so we don't progress/Experimental tests watch us kill each other, film another homicide/They taping--nobody make it/See he going to kill the same lab rat he was raised with." Listen to "Die Young"

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Frank Ocean Cancels Another Music Festival Appearance

(Radio.com) Frank Ocean has pulled out of a second headlining festival gig, this time at Alabama's Hangout Festival. Last week, Ocean dropped out of the Sasquatch Festival due to "production issues beyond his control."

This time, representatives cited "production delays beyond his control." It's not clear what those specific issues or delays are -- but fans will be disappointed nevertheless.

"Due to production delays beyond his control Frank Ocean will be unable to perform," festival representatives tweeted. 'He passes on his apologies & hopes to return to [Alabama] soon."

It's not a total wash for ticketholders: Phoenix will step in as a replacement headliner at the festival. Read more here.

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The National Release 'The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness' Video

(Radio.com) The National's long-gestating follow-up to Trouble Will Find Me seems to be making some headway. The band released the track 'The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness" and revealed the album's title, "Sleep Well Beast."

They also dropped an accompanying video for the lead single and announced that the record will come out in September. Yesterday they teased clips from the release.

"The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness" is a moody, electronic-tinged track with a highly digitized video. The clip moves through a sequence of manipulated images in varying degrees of clarity. Watch the video here.

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KRS-One Tribute Wrong Beastie Boy In New Track

(Radio.com) KRS-One might want to double check the facts behind his future rhymes after putting out the track "Hip Hop Speaks From Heaven," from his latest album, "The World is Mind."

He mistakenly honors the wrong Beastie Boy in this latest single, which pays tribute to fallen rappers like Tupac, Biggie and A Tribe Called Quest's Phife Dawg.

"Like a late fog in the mist/ I see King Ad-Rock and rest in peace Nate Dogg/ Their names and their natures will last ' When it comes to Hip Hop/ Here's the lesson/ Start praising your own people/ Hip Hop speaks from heaven," he raps.

Beastie Boy Ad-Rock, contrary to KRS-One's verse, is still alive. It was member Adam "MCA" Yauch who passed away after a battle with cancer in 2012. Listen to the error here.

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Shakira Announces New Album 'El Dorado'

(Radio.com) Shakira's hips and words don't lie. Back in February, the Columbian star confirmed that she would be releasing new music "very soon" on social media.

Making good on this promise on Thursday (May 11), the singer unveiled the cover of her 11th studio album, El Dorado. The record is slated for release May 26.

The cover's artwork features the international pop music diva taking a seductive milk bath, staring straight ahead at the camera. Check out the post here.

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Singled Out: Madelyn Victoria's Hold On

Country music star Madelyn Victoria recently released a brand new single entitled "Hold On" and to celebrate we asked her to share the story behind the track with us. Here is the story:

If I could describe my new single "Hold On" in one word, it would be "romantic". Scratch that, "passion". When you find the one you've been waiting for your whole life it's hard not to give in to each other.

I wrote this song while I was living south of Dallas, TX with my best friend. I was recording my EP at the time in Fort Worth, TX and this song came to me a week before I was going in to the studio. At the time I had only been in one, sort of serious, relationship and it ended pretty rough. It's always been my dream to find true love. It may seem like a pipedream nowadays, but with enough faith and will, I believe anyone's dreams can come true.

As many songwriters know, it can take up to a whole year to finish a song, or take as little as an hour. I wrote this song in less than 30 minutes, the words just started flowing. I don't try to think too hard when this happens because I believe that's the beauty of raw talent, and I give all credit to God for. My verse starts off right away with the first word of my title, and goes on to describe what a woman desires from a man. The chorus has the same lyric flow going on. The second verse I change it up a bit with stating "no more second guessing, no more doubt or fear we both know it's a grander plan my dear, I've waited for you for so long now my heart can finally heal- heart mind body and soul let it seal.." those lyrics mean so much to me and really does speak for itself. As a relationship goes on, sometimes one forgets the passion that was at the beginning so in a sense the woman is telling the man to "hold on" to everything they have now and never let their love fade.

I needed the music to really pull the heart strings yet also have a beat that people can still dance too. I wanted the fiddle to play a main roll with steel swells in the background to give that feeling of being pulled in to a love trance.

I am very proud to release this one and hope everyone can relate to it on some level. I know that there is more and more pressure for young people in a world where sex is idolized� but my message at the end of the day with this song is there is nothing wrong with waiting for that right person to give your all to, to wait for the maturity of your heart.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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