Britney Spears - Blackout Review

by Sherrill Fulghum

The new album by pop tart princess Britney Spears "Blackout" should have stayed blacked out. The album shows absolutely no imagination or creativity. The music world would have been better served if Ms. Spears would have stayed retired or whatever she called it after recording her last album.

Spears fifth studio album sounds as if it came out of a fifth. The melodies are flat and her lyrics are frequently incomprehensible. The music is little more than monotonous repeats of a basic rhythm track. The tracks on "Blackout" do not even serve well for a dance club or party unless of course you want only background noise and are interested in the horizontal dance movements concerned mainly with adult activities.

After hearing "Blackout" it is no wonder Britney Spears needed to lip sync her song at a live performance, it is also understandable why she could not follow the track. If Spears cannot even follow one of her own tracks, then anyone who hears the album will certainly be confused.

Spears album "Blackout" is appropriately named in one aspect that if there was a blackout she could not perform because the entire album is nothing more than electronic manipulations. The recording engineer was the hardest working person in the studio. And the album is nowhere near anything an electronic or techno artist would come close to touching.

Everyone is painfully aware of Spears disgusting behaviour over the past couple of years. The consequences of that behaviour are her own doing and in no way can be used as an excuse for the less than acceptable output on the latest album. A true musician would have taken that adversity self-inflicted or not - and crafted it into some wonderful tunes with poignant lyrics that fans would not only appreciate but could identify with.

"Blackout" is not only a waste of good money, but it is also a waste of good time in listening to it.

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