Classic Albums: The Doors Review

by Dan MacIntosh

The Doors are omnipresent on classic rock radio, so chances are you've heard all twelve songs off of their debut album more times than you can count. But if you're unconvinced The Doors is a true classic, you may be a believer after watching this fact-filled DVD.

The project's explanation of how The Doors came up with "Light My Fire" is worth the price of admission alone. Keyboardist Ray Manzarek is particularly animated while he tells how everything from classical music to John Coltrane's jazz style helped influence the track. Who knew Manzarek partially took his organ lines from Coltrane's version of "My Favorite Things"? But guitarist Robby Krieger and drummer John Densmore are also equally enlightening throughout. It's a shame vocalist Jim Morrison is not still around to recount the making of this fine album.

Of almost equal interest is the section when Morrison must convince the rest of the band to record "Alabama Song (Whisky Bar)", written by Brecht, Weil -- two writers the other members had never heard of. But before long they realized the song was a perfect hit for The Doors doomsday vibe.

This program, which was originally a TV show, includes 38 minutes of bonus material not shown on television the first time around. For instance, we also learn that when Krieger first played slide guitar for Morrison, Jim asked him to use that blues style on every song. Thankfully, Krieger didn't give in. In fact, Krieger shows off the wide range of his guitar skills by playing a little Flamenco guitar in one of the other bonus segments. Elsewhere, poet Michael McClure reads "Break on Through (To the Other Side)" like a poem, while all the while commenting on it.

If The Doors' music has become too overly familiar, due to unending FM radio play, this great DVD will help you break on through to another side of the groundbreaking act.

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