Last Great Hope - Like a Revolution

If you name your band Last Great Hope you had better be prepared to deliver the goods. And that goes double if you are a punk band because punk fans won't tolerate posers. In the case of the Florida-based punk band with the aforementioned name though, everyone can relax because the foursome puts their money where their pie-holes are. Side A of this energetic party platter holds five roaring power-punk tunes, all with thumping rhythms and slashing guitar work from front man DougyB7 and second guitarist Donny (don't worry about it; when they blow up you'll know their real/last names…) Songs like "Amber Glow" and "One Second Too Long" are impossible not to move to and DougyB7 sings with passion without overdoing it but what's really impressive here is the quality of the songwriting; yes these guys can rock the Warped crowd but "I Don't Think That Way" belongs on the radio where it can slug it out with the big boys and take Last Great Hope to the masses. Side B finds the band trying a few different things; among the power punk numbers are the New Wave-leaning "My Friends," the obligatory ballad ("Always Be With You") and a respectable cover of Guns N' Roses' "It's So Easy." Like a Revolution comes very close to delivering a knock-out punch and there's no doubt that Last Great Hope will leave you on the mat blurry-eyed eventually.

Stiff Pole Records
12" 33RPM

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Digital Version:

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