Nervo: The Emergence of the DJ Artist Happened 'By Coincidence'

It was only a few years ago that names like Timbaland and One Republic ballads were at the top of every major contemporary hit rhythmic radio station's playlists.

However, they have now been replaced by the likes of Bob Sinclar, Calvin Harris and David Guetta whom trade microphones for headphones in their live performances.

In case you have been living in a box for several years, DJ Artists whom produce instrumentals and add vocals to their songs as an extension to the other elements present in the mix that is then produced and performed live by the DJ.

For all you baby boomers out there, give DJ Hero a whirl and then tell me these aren't talented folks.

But, the question remains: how and when the hell did this happen?

In 2009, Guetta was working on a new album together with his studio partner Fred Rister and the record ended up as a David Guetta featuring Kelly Rowland record, by coincidence, as told to me exclusively by NERVO, "We were in London working with Kelly on her album her label didn't like what we did but as we wrote the top line over a David Guetta track he then decided to release it under his own name and we knew that if David put his name behind it then it could have a chance of being heard!"

After NERVO had returned the Kelly Rowland vocal to David Guetta, David entrusted his long-time studio partner Fred Rister to engineer the final mixdown and mastering process, however, Rister instead sent the project to his friend Veronica Ferraro to mix, "Bruno Gruel from Elektra Mastering introduced me to Fred Riesterer who worked on 'When Love Takes Over' with David Guetta. Fred asked me to mix the track , which I did of course. I mixed that song the day after my birthday , when I first played the song I heard a hit! I didn't imagine it could be so huge and I didn't know it would change my life so much! I wanted the song to be the perfect mix between an amazing vocal performance and a strong dance floor beat I wanted Kelly Rowland to be like an angel floating over the song to touch people's heart. 'When Love Takes Over' was the beginning of pop-dance era!"

Prior to the Guetta/Rowland Collabo, Bob Sinclar saved dance music in Europe with anthems, including 'World Hold On' featuring Steve Edwards.

Nonetheless, not everyone was sure about the song prior to the release Steve Edwards tells me, exclusively, whom both wrote and performed the anthem, "Bob Sinclar got my number from Axwell & called me. He was finishing his album Western Dream & wanted a song from me on it. He sent me a backing track idea & told me the kind of vibe he wanted for it. I wrote the song on my acoustic guitar in my bedroom, one afternoon. Because the song is quite unusual for a house tune, some people at the record company thought it wouldn't work, that it wasn't 'happy clappy' enough. However, Bob Sinclar and his team were very supportive and the rest is history!"

The record went on to break through to the mainstream earning a Grammy nod in 2007, while being later sampled by Craig David in 'Hot Stuff'. Simply legendary!

Indeed, The Sinclar/Edwards tandem opened new doors for dance music artists including Sinclar's afromentioned countryman, David Guetta.

Its also noteworthy that NERVO and Veronica Ferraro Women in an industry that in pre-dominantly male side of the business as DJs and mixing engineer respectively, "Being a woman in this business has been a tough experience but I guess it gave me strength to fight even more and I'd love to be a role model for young girls but the truth is I had to work hard all my life to be there today; Now, I feel lucky to have the amazing team with me and I'm having a lot of fun doing my job every day!"

NERVO chimes in noting "if we can be role models to young girls then we're super chuffed about that. We looked up to female Dj's like Sonique, Annie Mac, DJ Lottie, Miss Kitten, even Sarah Main who is now a great friend of ours."

Yes, it's a beautiful thing indeed my friends!

What about a return to the Grammy Awards, is this a goal?

"We'd like to earn a Grammy under our own name next time -- That would be super cool!" notes Liv Nervo while Ferraro takes a slightly more humble attitude to the prospect, "A Grammy award for a new young band I engineered would be an accomplishment. I give a lot of love in my work . The point for me is the human experience and if I can bring that to them that would be the greatest experience!"

Now to the giving back part -- ah yes, charitable work!

NERVO does an annual fundraiser for the Red Cross at the low-key confines of Café Mambo in Ibiza, while Steve Edwards works with "A UK charity called Reverse Riots about keeping the street kids out of trouble, educating & teaching them new media based skills to help them lead productive lives."

A man on the fringe between homelessness and suicide once told me that 'music is a powerful force that saved my life'.

Has Edwards had similar experiences?

"It really touched my heart to learn that 'World Hold On' was used by the Global Environment Facility for their video in which all of the footage is either of biodiversity or ecosystems at risk—the Amazon, the Cape of South Africa, the two poles, the oceans. Intercut are images of people in developing countries—Peru, Indonesia, Niger, Rwanda, Ghana, Romania, Kyrgyzstan, India and Bangladesh. My tastes are usually quite underground & left field, but this was a song from my heart".

Yep, house music is here to stay. No shootouts at these concerts – sorry Rick Ross -- just love and free hugs!

Somewhere, Jimi Hendrix is smiling thinking back to the free hug fest known as Woodstock 69…

This was a submitted syndicated article, republished here with permission. Copyright 2013 Matthew Beckely. All Rights Reserved by copyright holder.

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