Denny Strickland

Denny Strickland has spent a good deal of his life horsin' around. He's spent so much time horsin' around, in fact, that he's really good at it. Strickland, whose attention these days is focused on his budding career as a country music artist, has an impressive entry on his resume: American Quarter Horse champion.

Fittingly enough, it was a horse show that gave Strickland an entry point into a life as a professional musician. After a horse show in Tunica, Mississippi Strickland ran into the late Marshall Grant, formerly of Johnny Cash's band and manager of the Statler Brothers, and handed over a demo. It wasn't long before Grant became Strickland's manager and things started progressing nicely. Strickland went into a bit of a funk when Grant passed away in 2011, but now he's back in a big way.

Strickland's latest single is called "Swerve On" and it is perfectly crafted to achieve major airplay at modern country radio and get plenty of exposure at country night clubs. In the song Strickland portrays a guy who's out on the town to party hard, knocking back the drinks and keeping his eyes on the available honeys, a sentiment that a good deal of the male populace can relate to. Interestingly, Strickland's good time guy doesn't do any bragging; he's just chronicling the fun he's having. He's even responsible enough through it all to state that he won't be driving home.

"Swerve On" is fun and catchy enough that fans will no doubt quickly demand more from Strickland. For now the singer is mum on when a full-length might drop but fans can rest assured it won't be long; clearly he's not just horsin' around.

Preview and purchase "Serve On" here

Watch the "Swerve On" video here.

And learn more about Denny here.

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