by Morley Seaver

You know that feeling when you fall into bed after purchasing a new welcoming mattress or comfy duvet? The sensation of falling into something luxurious and completely relaxing. That's the exact feeling I get after listening to the new EP from Dioni, an Australian-born/Greek-based singer with ties to Canada.

Dioni has a voice that is like dripping caramel. It's not a loud boisterous instrument but rather something that just mashes each note into gooey goodness. There's a subtle flirtatious quality that you can imagine being delivered with a wink and a smile. After you hear it, you just want to hear more and more!

It only took me two seconds to turn up the volume knob when I heard the first track "Don't Let Me Down", my introduction to this goddess. I literally cannot stop playing this song. It grabbed my attention right out of the gate and will not loosen its hold. Her voice is front and centre from the very first note and this AOR track has slight jazz flavours in its delicious recipe. The verses are great but the chorus has totally made me its prisoner. Dioni slides all over the notes making each one her own and the drum roll that precedes the chorus pulls you in like a tractor beam.

At this point I should mention that Dioni writes all the lyrics while George Priniotakis writes the music as well as producing, recording, arranging, mixing and oh yeah, he plays guitar and keyboards and more for all the tracks. That's worth mentioning because the songs are a perfect yin to Dioni's yang; a perfect partnership. While her vocals are the focal point, the songs are the vehicle to help hold your interest and the intuitive, almost-Bacharach-like production greatly augments them.

Following this song is no easy task but "That Summer" is up to the task. Like that Covergirl slogan (don't ask me how I know this), this song is easy, breezy beautiful. Her vocals are almost buoyant, soaring like a care-free summer seagull but she can also summon some grit and fire to punctuate a point as well. Another magnetic chorus anchors this one, although the verses are just as compelling.

Changing gears, "It's a Blue World" dips its toes into the blues pool with an oh-so-cool offering that sounds like a soundtrack to a Bogart and Bacall movie. Changing gears again, "Flirting With Reality" will make your toes come alive with its jaunty air and a great guitar riff that provides a nice skeleton to hang the song on.

"Time For a Change" take a bluesy stance and allows Dioni's considerable voice to shine while a terrific brass section provides some glorious colour. A song called "Shades of Melancholy (George Priniotakis Chillout Remix)" closes out the record and the slight electronic trappings help put yet another tasty dish into this wonderful buffet.

Six songs and the record ends way too soon. The only answer seems to be to play it again. While there are many elements to this EP, it's safe to say that anybody who is a fan of Adele will love this record. Dioni doesn't use her voice the same way as Adele but her material is much more catchy and she is as equally expressive. In conclusion, it's a sure bet that this record "didn't let me down".

Purchase the EP here and learn more on the official website here.


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