The Police's Synchronicity

This was The Police's most successful album by far, but there is no doubt it led to this bands break up. By the time this album was half way done, all three members could never be seen in the studio together at one time. And at one point Sting and Stuart Copeland almost came to blows.

This album had huge commercial success not only here in the States but in the UK and other places abroad as well. This album was rated as the #17 best album of all time by Rolling Stone Magazine It also entered the Billboard 200 at #1 in the US and the UK, knocking off Michael Jackson's "Thriller" off which had been perched at #1 for about 9 weeks at the time.

It also featured 4 Top Ten hits, "Every Breath You Take", W"rapped Around Your Finger", "Synchronicity II" and "King Of Pain". And let's not forget they won a Grammy for Song Of The Year with "Every Breath You Take".

So without further delay, Released on June 1st, 1983 on A&M and produced by Hugh Padgham, The Police "Synchronicity" album - Remember to keep one foot in the gutter and one fist in the gold.

Side one
No. Title Length
1. "Synchronicity I" 3:23
2. "Walking in Your Footsteps" 3:36
3. "O My God" 4:02
4. "Mother" (Andy Summers)3:05
5. "Miss Gradenko" (Stewart Copeland)2:00
6. "Synchronicity II" 5:00

Side two
No. Title Length
7. "Every Breath You Take" 4:13
8. "King of Pain"4:59
9. "Wrapped Around Your Finger" 5:13
10. "Tea in the Sahara" 4:11

Sting - bass guitar, keyboards, lead and backing vocals, oboe, drum machine on "Synchronicity I", saxophone on "O My God"
Andy Summers - electric guitar, backing vocals, keyboards, lead vocals on "Mother"
Stewart Copeland - drums, xylophone, miscellaneous percussion

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