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When you look at a list of the members of the San Francisco-based metal band Mudface and see the names Rob Kolowitz and Grant Kolowitz, it's only natural to assume the two are brothers. But in a rarely-occurring situation for any band let alone a metal band, the pair are actually father and son (Rob is the dad.) And both are guitarists, dealing out in tandem the scorching riffs that power this outfit that also features singer Chris Dinsmore, singer and keys man Brett Crane, bassist Jim Pegram and drummer Tim Davis.

Any upcoming metal band that hails from the Bay Area is going to get scrutinized pretty heavily. After all, the region has produced stalwarts like Death Angel, Testament and Exodus, and while they were actually formed in Los Angeles, the mighty Metallica calls San Francisco home too. Fans have proudly welcomed Mudface into the fold, and in fact the band has already shared stages with a couple of the above-mentioned bands.

Currently counting the days until The Bane of Existence, a sophomore full-length effort due to drop on March 18, Mudface has released the album's pummeling first single "Hellfoot." Lyrically the track is about making seriously-bad choices, and if you watch the rocking but artful video the band has made for the song, you'll see that sometimes a bad choice may be the last choice that's ever made. Let's just say, "Don't drink the Kool-Aid!"

Mudface worked with two high-profile producers for their new music; Bob Marlette and Sahaj Ticotin. Ticotin is the front man for Ra, while Marlette has worked in the studio with acts like Rob Zombie, Coal Chamber and Seether. Both have made sure to apply their skills so as to bring out the best of Mudface without dumbing-down their sound. That wouldn't work for a band that is on a bit of a mission to prove that metal isn't dead.

Mudface hopes to be announcing summer festival and tour dates soon.

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View the "Hellfoot" video here

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