Washboard Hank - Human Beans

Fans of acts like Mojo Nixon and his washboard-playing sidekick Skid Roper will love the similarly earthy sounds of Washboard Hank. And as with Mojo and Skid, Washboard Hank's music is full of delightfully-skewed humor.

A song about being in love (lust?) with a woman who works at a landfill? Check! A cut called "Cartoon Swing" that includes faux duck quacks as part of the rhythm? You bet!

Then there's the booze-soaked road trip rave-up "Beer Cans Down the Trans Can," the naughty-in-a-cute-way "Friendly Little Cat" and the exceptionally silly parody of "Daddy Got Run Over By a Backhoe."

Not everything here is a laugh a minute; Hank gets serious once in a while like on "You Are So Good to Me" where he professes his adoration of a lover.

Some might see Human Beans as a novelty record and to an extent that's true; regardless of descriptors you'd have to be a really odd duck not to have a good time while listening.

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