Jen Gloeckner - Vine

Having trouble getting that daydream started? Gloeckner solves your problem here with Vine, a collection of trippy and otherwise ethereal cuts guaranteed to help you slip off into the ether. To that end the trance-inducing instrumental "Firefly (War Dance)" is placed near the beginning of side one, right after the title cut that opens the set, and by the time the two are finished you'll be of the perfect mindset to effortlessly float to the hypnotic "Breathe," a cut that features weeping cello riffs in an arrangement reminiscent of a Bryan Ferry/Roxy Music gem. Gloeckner also shines in a poppier mood, as she's in for "The Last Thought" with its sing-along chorus. Side two begins with the dream pop of "Counting Sheep," a cut so relaxing that some listeners might indeed drop off to sleep here; too bad because then they'll miss the Stevie Nicks-recalling "Prayers," the sublime "Row With the Flow" and album closer "Sold" which features Psychedelic Furs guitarist John Ashton. While Gloeckner works with a handful of additional musicians here and their contributions should not be minimized, having written and sung the songs, contributed guitar, keys and programmed bass and drum parts not to mention recording the effort in her bedroom, it's clear where Vine's magic comes from.

12" LP, lyrics on inner sleeve

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