The Dollyrots - Whiplash Splash

Kelly Ogden and Luis Cabezas, aka the Dollyrots, have been getting a lot of congratulations lately; the couple have recently welcomed their second child to the family. There's a new "baby" in their Dollyrots family too in the form of new album Whiplash Splash. The vinyl baby doesn't need 2:00 a.m. feedings but nobody will be considering sleep when this set of perky bubblegum punk starts playing; when Kelly issues a joyous "Whoo" followed by "Let's go!" on side one's opener "I Do" there's not much the listener can do except bop along to the infectious tune. The very hooky "Babbling Idiot" follows and while the song title might make it seem like putdowns may be issued within, the song in fact happily recounts how easy it is to turn to putty when trying to interact with someone you have a major crush on. "Just Because I'm Blonde" skewers the dumb blonde stereotype to a fast dance beat, "Squeeze Me" includes a "Land of 1000 Dances" rhythm and side one closes with "This Addiction," another cut about uncertainty in a (one sided?) love relationship. Side two opens with the spy-tinged rocker "Dance Like a Maniac," a cut that fans of the all-girl group the Darts will love while "Jump Start This Heart" is the album's mellowest moment as Ogden tones down the vocals while synth fills give the song a bit of an '80s feel. A departure from the group's usual sound, "Jump Start This Heart" may also be the album's best bet for mass radio airplay. A rollicking cover of Katrina and the Waves' big hit "Walking on Sunshine," also a radio play contender, closes the album. This one has the perfect release date; with warm weather just around the corner Whiplash Splash is ready to party the summer away.

Released March 24th in standard formats as well as the 12" LP on limited edition aqua blue swirled vinyl. Get the standard versions here and the limited edition vinyl here.

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