September 2018

Here's news on a few things that just might make the next trip you take the best one you've ever experienced!

PaMu Scroll Wireless Earphones
These Bluetooth enabled ear buds may be the coolest on the market. They're lightweight and waterproof (splash and moisture resistant), fit snuggly and comfortably, and have a powerful sound with deep bass. They're called "Scroll" because the buds come housed in a cylindrical container that you open by lifting a flap, like you're unfurling a scroll. The container is also the charger; the ear buds nestle in the cradle of the scroll and you charge them by standing the scroll on end on a charging pad, or via a USB cord that attaches to the end. A full charge lasts through about 3 hours of usage. The ear buds have one-touch controls; the left one can be used to play, pause and track forward while the right one can be used to play, pause and activate Siri. Either can be used to answer or decline a phone call. The PaMu Scroll is available in four styles: Rock'n'Roll, Graphene, Sakura and Glory Edition. Find more information and pricing here

HotBox Infrared Sauna Studio
The benefits of saunas are well known; a good sweat has all kinds of healthful benefits. Now you don't have to head to the spa to indulge in a sauna; HotBox Infrared Sauna Studio is located at 835 S. Hill Street in downtown Los Angeles, about a half an hour Uber ride from LAX. A session in the sauna can help travelers get rid of jet lag; an elevation of body temperature can reset circadian rhythms and promote rejuvenating sleep. Time in the sauna will also help the body remove toxins, pathogens and heavy metals. Infrared saunas are "dry" saunas; in other words there is no need to splash water onto hot rocks in order to get your sweat on. HotBox Infrared Sauna Studio intends to add locations throughout the country later this year. Sessions can be booked in advance online here.

The clogging and popping of ears is a common problem for many who travel by air. EarPlanes are safe, soft and disposable ear plugs that can alleviate the discomfort of clogging ears. They use an exclusive CeramX filter that filters air pressure naturally, helping travelers have a comfortable flight without the pain caused by changing cabin air pressure. EarPlanes are made from soft hypoallergenic silicone and are doctor recommended, and are available in adult size or a version that is just right for kids or folks with smaller ears. EarPlanes are widely available and can be purchased online at Amazon or from brick and mortars like CVS, Walgreens and Walmart. Find more info here

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