TBT: Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory

by antiGuy

For this edition of TBT we go way back almost two decades to revisit antiGuy's look at the debut album from an a then up-and-coming band called Linkin Park. That album, "Hybrid Theory", would go on to sell 30 million copies (over 11 in the U.S. along).

I first heard about Linkin Park a couple months ago when the buzz was going on around music circles about their debut CD. Typically, a red warning light goes off in my head when I hear so much rambling going on before anyone had heard a single note. Vision of Christina Aguilara flashed through my mind. Remember her face plastered everywhere weeks before her "music" was heard. So it was with great skepticism that I approached this CD. The bar was high; my thinking going in was this CD had better blow my mind!

The verdict?

This is the rare case where the hype lives up to the reality. Hybrid Theory's 12 tracks fulfill the prophecy. Linkin Park has exploded into the forefront of the music world for good reason; the music is there!

Taking one part Deftones, one part Godsmack and another part Nine Inch Nails, Linkin Park creates a modern day hard rock, rapcore/hip-hop, and industrial hybrid much in the vain of Finger Eleven. They take the best parts of each of these genres and create an explosive mix of music that leaves the listener craving more.

Hybrid Theory is a textbook example of great production. Don Gilmore's magic hand blended the guitars, rhythm section and vocals perfectly, showcasing each without sacrificing the overall solidarity of the band.

Dueling vocalist Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda are this band's secret weapon. Powerful yet melodic, they show the Fred Durst' of the world how it really should be done. Brad Delson proves that powerchords can be used to good effect. And DJ Joseph Hahn doesn't over do it, providing a hip-hop undercurrent that shouldn't annoy traditional hard rock fan.

The bottom line here: Linkin Park takes the current hard rock movement to the next level. They should open doors to new fans, who had previously turned their back on the modern hard rock and it's offspring: rapcore, nu metal and post grunge industrial. You can ignore the hype all you want, but you can't ignore this band! Don't just take my word for it; listen to Linkin Park for yourself.

TBT: Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory

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