The Tomicks

The Tomicks - (Self-titled) - 12" LP in gatefold jacket

If you've ever been low on funds and forced to get as much as you can on the cuff then you can relate to "I'm Good for It," this album's opening track on which soulful vocalist Tom Cridland portrays a broke musician who is tired of having to ask for credit. And as a matter of fact the whole world has gone to hell because of the financial situation. If the song is at all autobiographical, it is from days gone by; Cridland runs a successful clothing business and used some of the profits from that venture to fund the making of this record. The Tomicks are a trio; Tom also plays drums, Nick Whitehead plays piano and keys and Deborah Marx contributes vocals. Like the song about being skint, Cridland and Whitehead have penned songs here that the average Joe can relate to (the self-explanatory "Break up Anthem") and Cridland's emotive vocals, a little Pete Townshend-ish at times, ring with authenticity throughout. Big ballad "Hair Clip" is a standout and it is autobiographical as Cridland wrote the love song for Marx who reciprocates with the Motown-ish pop of "You're My Man." Whitehead is also integral to the band's sound; his bright piano melodies are ever present and a heavy influence seems to be early Elton John. Not coincidentally the band counts Elton's drummer Nigel Olsson among their burgeoning fan base.

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