2019 Gadget Edition

Featuring in our column this time: something for music fans, a valuable device for outdoor explorers and an oral health tool that should be in your overnight bag.

PaMu Slide TWS Bluetooth Earphones
Move over Apple Airpods, PaMu Slide earphones are the new kings of the Bluetooth earbud realm! Manufactured by the same company that brought you the PaMu Scroll, PaMu Slide earphones are a cool alternative to Airpods at about half the price. The earphones come in a handy charging case with a slide-open top, hence the name PaMu Slide. Made especially for the enjoyment of music, PaMu Slide earphones will work for 10-hours before needing a recharge, and should you have a little mishap with them involving liquid, you're good to go because they are certified waterproof. All the features you'd expect are at hand, literally; the left bud has a touch button for play and pause, voice activation, phone call answer and decline, and decrease volume adjustment. The right bud's touch button also controls play and pause and the phone options, along with "track forward" and volume increase adjustment. The charge case will recharge the PaMu Slide earphones five times before you need to give it more juice, and an LED lights display monitors the remaining charge. An optional wireless power bank is available for the PaMu Slide. Find information on all PaMu and Padmate products here.


Breadcrumb Bluetooth Location Marker
If your travel includes any kind of outdoor activity like camping or hunting, here's a device for you. The Breadcrumb Bluetooth Location Marker, also known as a Safety Beacon, has tons of uses but you'll especially love it if you're out in the wilderness. It's easy to get turned around in the woods; just attach the beacon to your tent, hunting blind, trail cam or what have you, then use the Breadcrumb app on your cell phone to locate the beacon when you are within 300 feet. The app has a display that shows when you're getting close, and for additional help in finding it you can make it beep or flash bright LED lights. Since the device works with Bluetooth, no cell service is needed. The location marker is waterproof, works on two AA batteries, and is configured so that it's easy to strap to a tree or attach to a backpack, etc. The app also can be shared; a great safety back-up that allows others to see the beacon's location via GPS. And yes, for those of you who get anxious waiting for your checked bag to come down the airport carousel, toss it in your luggage then use the app to see exactly when your bag is on the way! For more information on Breadcrumb trackable tech go here.


Dr. Plotka's Travel Toothbrush
There are things you have to keep up with when you travel, just like when you are at home, like brushing your teeth. And there's no reason to take bacteria along with you when you travel. Bacteria tend to grow on your toothbrush, especially in dark and humid places, possibly like the plastic case you keep your toothbrush in when you're on the road. Dr. Plotka's travel toothbrush is embedded with naturally antimicrobial silver that eliminates 99.9% of bacteria buildup within 6-hours of brushing. Housed in a convenient comfort grip handle that the brush folds into, Dr. Plotka's travel toothbrush also has ultra-thin "Flossing Bristles" at its tip to help brush away food and plaque in normally-missed areas. Check out Dr. Plotka's full line of toothbrushes here.


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