Happy 5th Anniversary Vinyl Moon Records!

As one of the most exciting record labels on the planet, Vinyl Moon Records has been creating fun for vinyl lovers for five years now. And fans of the very cool releases that the label puts out don't even have to go to a record store to get them, which is a great boon for vinyl heads who don't live near a brick & mortar record store. Vinyl Moon Records offers a mail order subscription service that delivers hot new tunes to your door every month through their VM Club. And these are no ordinary records!

Vinyl Moon VM Club releases do not feature one single act; rather they are carefully curated compilations featuring upcoming acts from all over the world, with each album generally holding 10 or 11 cuts. Then each release is pressed on colored vinyl and packaged in a heavy duty gatefold jacket that features eye-catching artwork created by a trending artist. An insert with information about each recording is included, and to top it all off, each release includes a special goodie of some sort.

Recent releases include Fluid Perspectives, an 11-song offering of hip and breezy pop rockers like the funk-tinged "Going Up the Coast" from Montreal-based Clay and Friends and the Killers-recalling "Mexico" from Husbands, a duo who here also demonstrate a fondness for Beach Boys-like harmony. A bit of twangy guitar highlights the sunny, sung-in-French "LFAP (La Faute a Personne)" by Belgian act Graux while the light beats of "Talisman ft. Peter Baran," an instrumental with fancy acoustic guitar work by French artist Faylasuf conjures the South of France, where Faylasuf is from. The words "somewhere like summer" are heard in the soulful, almost Prince-like groove of Ben Esser's "Stripes ft. emawk and Beau Diako" and if you haven't guessed it already, the theme of Fluid Perspectives is the beach and a beach state of mind. In keeping with the theme, the record is pressed on vinyl the color of white sand and is housed in a jacket that features cool aquatic artwork from Jonathan Cortes Canamar. The extra goodie that comes with this one is a sheet of stickers.

Another recent release is Love Stack and the theme of this one is obvious as the idea of love is expressed in lots of different ways. On Ella M's "Take Yourself Home," the bright melodies and vocals conjure a carefree sunny day where nothing but love would be in mind; a similar vibe emanates from "Just Pretend" by New York's Future Generations which ends with the advisement "Life is easy/If you just pretend." A more traditional love song, or more specifically a love lost song comes in the form of the dreamy electro pop of Ajimal's "How Could You Disappear?" One of only two songs here to use the word 'love' in its title, "Love is Madness" by Geographer represents the fantasy that a potential love affair has to offer, and confirms a commitment with the lyric "If love is madness then I don't want the cure." The other song to name-check the emotion is "Your Love" by the Amsterdam-based duo Secret Rendezvous; a mash-up with hip-hop flavored R&B and a jazzy groove with words of adulation, the song is the perfect cut to close out this love-themed compilation. Love Stack is pressed on two-color vinyl and housed in a gorgeous trifold jacket featuring stare-worthy artwork from the French artist YoAz. The special goodie that's included is a turntable slip mat that also features art by YoAz.

Some of the titles featured in the VM subscription service can also be purchased separately. For information on everything that's available and special 5th anniversary promotions go here.

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