The Walk-A-Bout - 20/20

by Kevin Wierzbicki

To go walkabout is a rite of passage for young aborigine males in Australia; it is essentially time spent in the bush alone for the purpose of gaining spiritual enlightenment and learning about one's self. The Walk-A-Bout are from Long Island but count among their members Aussie Darren "Sully" Sullivan on vocals, didgeridoo and harmonica, and 20/20 offers fans a chance to take a journey to discover more about this group that has already placed records on the Alternative Rock Singles chart and the Roots Music Radio Report. Because of the way these songs are arranged, Sully's voice and his liberal use of blues harp throughout, there is a real kinship here with bands like the Dave Matthews Band, and Dave's fans will really dig cuts like "Date Nut Porridge" and "Tale of the Vibe Rider." "Get Me to the Station" moves to a Santana groove, Sully breaks out the didgeridoo for "Dark Roads" and "Hero" rocks with guitar work from Kevin Anderson and Dave Christian. With didgeridoo, tight acoustic and electric guitar riffs and solos "Trash Talkin'" is a highlight; amusingly the cut is an instrumental so there is no actual "talking" going on.

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