Modern Monsters

Modern Monsters

Bay area Modern Monsters open the act's three-song EP with "Furrow." It's a furious piece of music, which ends with the sound of evil laughter. Everything on this project rocks hard. Thus, these contemporary creatures are especially loud.

The group has stated, "Our music comes from our angst about social issues surrounding us in our society." These musicians sure sound angsty, too. Although heavy metal is the most obvious genre to put Modern Monsters in, this act attacks its music with a punk-like intensity.

"Stay Free," which closes the release, is the EP's quietest and most melodic offering. It's title alone is a rallying cry. Freedom means many different things to different people, but after being locked down for so long, we've all come to have a better appreciation of freedoms we've many times taken for granted.

Perhaps the true modern monsters these rockers sing about are all the social problems in our world. Society has created these monsters, and Modern Monsters wants us to attack these plagues on our culture with righteous anger and enthusiasm.


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