Pirates Press Records Edition

We spin two new vinyl releases from Pirates Press Records, an EP from 45 Adapters and a full-length LP from Antagonizers ATL.

45 Adapters - Now or Never
Pirates Press Records are known not just for releasing incredible music but also for releasing it in unique forms, and this release from 45 Adapters is so visually striking that we have to tell you about that aspect of it before we get to the music. Pressed on clear vinyl with the music on just one side, the B-side features UV digitally-printed graphics showing a man tangling with a scythe-wielding Mr. Death; while you could say it portrays a "dance with death" more likely it'll be interpreted as The Reaper about to get his ass kicked. You can feel the B-side artwork raised above the vinyl surface, which is a good reminder to never put the needle down on this side, hard to do because there are no grooves on the side. At any rate, the graphics are extremely cool. So of course is the music, which consists of half a dozen songs. The EP kicks off with the power anthem "Now or Never" which rocks with the ferocity you'd expect from a song with that title and includes a catchy chant-along chorus, perfect for singing to while shaking a raised fist. "Friendship" is a fast mover and a showcase for guitarists Carlos and Pete, with lyrics about the importance of standing by your friends through almost anything; "Ready Blood" carries a somewhat similar sentiment with its advisement that rights and ideas will be fought for. "Let's Play" finds Pickabar singing about how music is not worth much if it doesn't make people think; certainly 45 Adapters, with their knack for social commentary set to rocking rhythms, don't have any problem with that. The opening words of "Shabby" are a good example, "Debbie Harry glamour with a heart made out of stone/You got no room for clothing because your closet's always full of bones." It's a slam but really it's a pointed bit of advice said cleverly. The EP rumbles to a close with "Broken Man" which opines that adults are a product of what they experience as kids. So parents teach your children well; start with gifting them this record. And oh yeah, of course this EP spins at 45 RPM. Order it here

Antagonizers ATL - Kings
Kings is the sophomore effort from this Atlanta punk band and, for extra power, they've added a sixth member to the lineup. The guys specialize in street punk with blue collar sensibilities; the scathing guitars and rapid fire rhythms are perfectly crafted to get the men and women of the working world moving and dancing when the workday is done (or hey, a great quick refreshment at lunchtime too.) You get the idea from songs with titles like "Worries," "Problems," "Black Clouds" and "Trouble" that indeed the band is in touch with the ills that affect society, especially the young. But don't for a minute think this record is a downer; "No Rest for the Wicked" rocks so ferociously and in such an upbeat manner (and with a killer mid-song bass solo you'll want to play air guitar to) that at first you won't notice how positive the lyrics are. Same with title cut "Kings," a swaggering anthem to being big on the streets that boils down to a love for punk music. And there's good advice for downtrodden or lost souls to be found in "Believe," simple and straightforward, "Ya gotta believe now/Always fight for somethin'." "Hold on Hold Strong" with guest player Monty Neysmith of Symarip takes a quick mid song diversion into a reggae groove; guest Chris Doherty of Gang Green appears on "Problems." The album closes out with another great anthem in the fierce guitar attack of "Us Against the World." Available on gold or red vinyl and including a lyric sheet insert, this full-length LP spins at 33 RPM. Order it here

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