Volcanic UFO Mysteries

If you think an erupting volcano is scary, ponder for a moment the notion that these kettles of hellfire are also a sort of extraterrestrial catnip, irresistible for whatever reason, to visitors from space. The theory posited here in this documentary film by experts like Latin American journalist Jaime Maussan and Capitol Hill "truth embargo" lobbyist Stephen Bassett is that alien craft are drawn to active volcanoes because they seek to utilize the immense amount of magnetic energy that they give off during and leading up to eruptions. About the first half of the film, which clocks in at around an hour, is devoted to Maussan and Bassett explaining their theories and noting how reports of UFO sightings near active volcanoes increase drastically as volcanic activity increases. The second half of the film proves it with footage of UFOs buzzing around volcano cones and at times actually entering the volcano, something no earthly craft could do. These videos, shot primarily at Mexico's famed Popocatepetl volcano and volcanoes in Costa Rica, are shot from a distance and what viewers see is the light given off by the crafts. Experts have determined that these videos are legitimate and those who have tried to debunk them have come up empty; in some cases the same incident has been caught on film by more than one videographer, operating independently and miles from each other. In other cases there has been so much verified activity at certain volcanoes, with sightings by thousands of locals, that some have offered up the idea that alien craft may actually have a base inside the fissure. Viewers of the film will probably come up with their own theories as to what's going on; for sure there's lots of food for thought here. Director Darcy Weir ("Crop Circle Realities," "Sasquatch Among Wildmen") does an excellent job in showing the connection between UFOs and active volcanoes and no doubt many naysayers will be believers by film's end. Some of the commentary from Latin America is in Spanish with English subtitles. Currently a digital only release, "Volcanic UFO Mysteries" is available on all major digital platforms.


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