Ye Banished Privateers- The Aquadolls- A Lot More

Santa's on his way and you will probably hear him coming because he's jamming his tunes! Here we tell you about some of St. Nick's favorite singles this year.

Ye Banished Privateers - "Sulphur Ahoy"

Merry Christmas ye scurvy dogs! Here's a really fun cut from Ye Banished Privateers, who reimagine "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" using some of the original lyrics while also getting creative and all pirate-y with their own words. To really enjoy this one seek out the swashbuckling good video.

The Aquadolls - "Xmas Wrapping"

Yes this is a cover of the holiday classic originally by the Waitresses. A little punchier and punkier than the original, this version features Angelo Moore of Fishbone and El Jefe from NOFX and was produced by NOFX main man Fat Mike.

The Krayolas featuring Augie Meyers - "Tex-Mex Rudolph (Navidad Remaster)"

Leave it to the Krayolas to spice up the holidays with a little Tex-Mex goodness. Here they perform their version of "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer," specially flavored with accordion work from the legendary Augie Meyers that turns this chestnut into a dance tune!

Cathy Grier and the Troublemakers - "You're Not Here Blues"

Grier sings about how there's so much to be thankful for at holiday time, but she's just not in the mood. She's got wine, holiday lights twinkling and all that, but she's got the blues big time because her lover is nowhere to be found. Even the mournful blues harp playing seems to be at odds with the bouncy beat; sing along to this one and you won't have to worry about being blue.

Russkaja - "Last Christmas"

What could be more Christmassy than an Austrian ska band giving a nearly 40-year-old Wham! hit the turbo polka treatment? The George Michael-penned tune takes on a whole new personality, in part because Russkaja lead singer Georgij Makazaria sounds like cartoon villain Boris Badenov here. Pure fun!

Dancing on Tables - "Merry Xmas Everybody"

Originally performed by Slade ("Cum On Feel the Noize," "Mama Weer All Crazee Now") this holiday song was a #1 smash for the British rowdies. Slade's version was gently rocking; here the Scotsmen of Dancing on Tables take it down a notch, giving it a sublime Christmas vibe. Check out the video for this one --- is that Santa on lead guitar?

Kat Edmonson - "Jingle Bell Rock"

First performed by Bobby Helms nearly 65-years ago, "Jingle Bell Rock" has been a perennial favorite every holiday season since. That means the song has been covered countless times and performed in a myriad of styles. Edmonson puts her sassy vocals to work on the chestnut, keeping the rocking beat but jazzing up the melody, and her interpretation is as refreshing as that first taste of a candy cane.

The Buckleys - "Boogie Woogie Santa Claus"

This trio of siblings from Australia picked a 70-year-old Patti Page hit to cover and they rock it up pretty good. Christmastime in Australia is also summertime and the Buckleys aren't interested in singing about snow; instead they'll lead you to the dance floor and boogie like mad so you can shake off some of the calories from that big Christmas meal.

Lordi - "Merry Blah Blah Blah"

"When Santa gets your letter/He'll know just what to do/This year he'll retaliate for you!" The melody is cheerful but the lyrics not so much as Lordi have a ball with a cut that mentions finding a severed head under the Christmas tree. The band turns the tables at feast time too; here at dinnertime the turkey is eating you! As always, good fun from this Finnish band.

Patricia Vonne featuring Rosie Flores - "Santa's on a Rampage"

Vonne's flirty vocals are accompanied by trebly, twangy guitar riffs from Rick Del Castillo, a steady rocking beat and background vocals from Rosie Flores who co-wrote the cut with Vonne. And about Santa's rampage? No he's not like the Santa of the aforementioned Lordi cut; he's just ready to have a raging good party!

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