RADIOHEAD | Amnesiac
Review by Dr Fever

RADIOHEAD | Amnesiac
Label: Capitol

Packt Like Sardines In A Crushd Tin Box
Pyramid Song
Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors
You and Whose Army?
I Might Be Wrong
Knives Out
Morning Bell/Amnesiac
Dollars & Cents
Hunting Bears
Like Spinning Plates
Life In A Glasshouse
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Radiohead is one of those bands that's just damn hard to figure out. With "The Bends" the had some radio accessibility to them, with "Ok Computer" they still had some accessibility to them but it just got a little weirder, with "Kid A" they had NO accessibility, BUT, they garnered HUGE critical praise with a trippy, ambient album that just seemed like Tom Yorkes way of flipping the bird to expectations. So, when "Amnesiac" was set to come out, everyone waited with baited breath, hoping and praying that it would be a return to the sound of "The Bends" and/or "Ok Computer". Well, those people are going to have to just keep waiting.
"Amnesiac" is (unlike what most critics have said) a pretentious album. It's another experimental-type release from guys who like to experiment. What's so wrong with that? If a band release 5 albums in a row that sound EXACTLY the same, then it just gets boring. So, Radiohead doesn't do that, and I respect them for it. Admittedly, i'm fairly new to the ways of this band. I was a late bloomer in discovering them, but now they qualify as one of those bands that I just enjoy listening to.

This album was exactly what a lot of people didn't want, "Kid A Pt 2". It's trippy, ambient and out there for sure..but it's in fact a damn good album and I think the guys in the band are really enjoying making albums that sound like this, but not enjoying the backlash they've been getting. I think the message lies lines from the first cut ("Packt Like Sardines..."). Yorke mumbles "I'm a reasonable man, get off my case" over and over..but yet, doesn't seem repetitive. Like I said, this might just be a reference to all the flak the guys have been catching, but what do I know, I don't over think with albums I just enjoy the one's that are good and this one certainly qualifies.

Basically, if you are a hardcore fan of Radiohead then chances are you're reading this and agreeing with me..if you're a person who just loves "Ok Computer" but doesn't 'get' all the trippy crap that "Kid A" brought, then chances are you DO NOT agree with me. But, I guess what i'm saying is, everyone just needs to stop overanalyzing and b*tching and just recognize that this is a damn fine album. Then, after you've done that, go out and pick this thing up. It's worth the money.

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