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Rosie's New View of Karma

Why Fall Out Boy May Be the Nuclear Bomb that KILLS Rock N' Roll

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America's Latest Tabloid Freak Show

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The King of Tards

Damn the Controversy

Nerd Idol

Rock's Newest Rebel

Somebody Please Shoot K-Fed

Rap Hits The Wall The Sequel: We Must Purge The Rap World Of Paul Wall (Once And For All!!!) 

Can Jack FM Save FM Radio?

The Next Vanilla Ice

A Little Balder and A Lot Bolder

Someone Please Spear Britney!

Motley To The Rescue

Turn Off The Radio: Can Satellite Radio Save The World From Drive-Time Disc Jockeys?

Isn't It Time For Ashley Simpson To Go?

Roots of Rock: How Tom Keifer Kept the Blues Alive in 1980s Hard Rock

Hip to Be Square- How Huey Lewis Can Save the World in this Election Year!!!

Are You Gonna Go Lenny's Way?

Why Won't Fred Durst Just Go AWAY???


Jake Brown is owner/operator of Nashville-based Versailles Records, distributed in the States by Big Daddy Music Distribution, whose releases include tributes to the Cult, Satriani/Vai, Van Halen, and Tina Turner, an Alien Sex Fiend Singles collection, and a solo album by T-Rex frontman Marc Bolan, among others. As a biographer, he has published books on Death Row Records' CEO Suge Knight (Amber Books, April, 2002), legendary Heavy Metal band Motley Crue's Nikki Sixx (Black Market Publishing, December, 2002), controversial R&B Star R. Kelly (Colossus Books, May, 2004), late hip hop icon Notorious B.I.G. (Colossus Books, June, 2004), and currently is co-authoring an authorized biography with former Motley Crue frontman John Corabi, and researching and writing the first definitive Rock Producers Anthology, entitled "Behind the Boards", and featuring exclusive chapter-long interviews with rock/metal's most successful and influential producers.  His books have been reviewed in such magazines as Vibe, Ebony, XXL, Black Issues, Metal Edge, Publisher's Weekly, and Billboard, among others.