We decided to do something a little different this year for our 'Best of' roundup. Instead of a master list compiled of submissions from our contributors and writers, we wanted to give our writers a chance to pick their own Top 5 list of the best of the year in music. Over the next three weeks we will be unveiling our writers' picks for the best of 2004.

Every day we will be posting a new Top 5 list from one of our writers, selected at random. At the conclusion we will reveal the master list. We also want to let you take part and will be accepting nominations for a readers' choice list.

Hobo's Top 5 of 2004.

1. Mastodon - Leviathan: The indefinably brilliant Mastodon raise the bar another foot higher with their sophomore effort. The drummer should be given control
of a small western civilization for his awe-inspiring work.(samples / buy cd)

2. Dillinger Escape Plan - Miss Machine: DEP shatter faces as well as all generic boundaries with their neo-jazz infused mix of hardcore punk, thrash, death metal and grind! Meshuggah best watch their backs. (samples / buy cd | review)

3. Aborted - Gormageddon: The Saw And The Carnage Done; Aborted have demonstrated what we can expect from the further evolution and development of
one of metals newer genres (grindcore). With unrivalled brutality and intensity Aborted have far surpassed their previous effort all in the space of a year! (samples / buy cd)

4. Converge - You Fail Me: Metallic-hardcore punk champions Converge return with the crushing You Fail Me their best album since the days of Jane Doe.
(samples / buy cd)

5. Pig Destoryer - Terrifyer: The group that is making massive waves on the metal scene. A three piece you'll have to hear to believe. (samples / buy cd)

Special mention
Napalm Death - Leaders Not Followers, Part 2
Meshuggah I
Blood For Blood Serenity

Check back tomorrow when another member of the antiMusic staff checks in with their top 5 list.

Wait! Be sure to submit your nominations for the Readers' Choice list.

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