Welcome to the Top Five special! I discovered my favorite band when they were mentioned by another artist in an interview. It's natural to be want to check out the influences of your favorite artists and see what inspires them to make the music that you love. That's what this special is all about. We send out requests to tons of bands and labels to have their artists share with us their Top Five Albums of All Time and we have quite a collection of artists from across the musical spectrum that have turned in their picks! In the coming weeks we will be unveiling a new Top Five list three times a week. Lists from big names as well as indie artists will be included, so we hope you enjoy this special and you discover some music in the process. - Keavin (editor antiMusic.com)

Aug 14th Update: So more people can check out these lists, we're moving to posting one a week along with a staff list. So stayed tuned over the next few months for more Top 5 lists, including special Top 5 song lists and Top 5 Artists lists.

Today we hear from 10 Years Drummer Brian Vodinh

Brian Vodinh's Top Five Albums of All Time!

5. Deftones - White Pony: Incredible vibe record. The heavy riffs are in your face while the beauty of Chino's voice is resonating over top of everything. Songs like "Digital Bath" and "Passenger" just absolutely kick my ass with incredible rhythm foundations and with soaring vocals.
Amazing record.
Amazing record.
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4. Tool - Undertow: I am a huge fan of every Tool record, but this one in particular has a certain sonic and musical quality that really sets itself aside from the others. I remember hearing this record for the first time and really being almost confused by it. There was a sense of mystery and intrigue there that I had never felt from another album.
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3. Rage Against the Machine - Rage Against the Machine: What a record. I mean, this was their debut album and they came out kicking people in the teeth. I can't say enough about Tom Morello's genius. Still to this day Rage had a rhythm section comparable in this day and age to what John Paul Jones and John Bonham had back in the day. This is a record that you listen to all the way through and by the end of it your neck has a little tweak in it from bobbing your head and rocking to every song.
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2. Metallica - ...And Justice for All: Not much to say here. Amazing band, amazing record.
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1. Radiohead - OK Computer: This album is a tear jerker from top to bottom. Radiohead is a band that can really swirl up emotions and make you feel every bit of the song. I remember hearing Thom Yorke's voice on the song "Exit Music for a Film" while the end credits to the film Romeo and Juliet rolled and knew immediately that they really had something special.
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About 10 Years: Chance are good that you've at least heard the name 10 Years over the past few months. Very few bands can elicit that kind of buzz before most people have heard the album. So now with the release of the band's highly anticipated debut, The Autumn Effect, this was the perfect opportunity to feature Brian's list. And after you hear the album, you'll see a bit of the influences that he listed above, but above all else, you'll hear a band that is actually worthy of the attention that they have been getting. Be sure to catch 10 Years while they are out on the road with Disturbed and pick up The Autumn Effect to see what all the talk about 10 Years is all about!

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We feature a staff list each week and this week we hear from our beloved Greenmuse

Greenmuse's Top Five Albums of All Time!

5. Rezillos - Can't Stand The Rezillos: Not exactly typical punk and not exactly typical pop rock, but some bastard offspring of both. This release is pure energy from start to finish. Probably most famous for the song "Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight" from the Jackass film.
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4. Major Accident - Massacred Melodies/A Clockwork Legion: Major Accident is clockwork oi at its finest. nuff said. nobody did it like them, nobody ever will do it like them.
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3. Dead Kennedys - Plastic Surgery Disasters: The definitive dk album. One of the few bands who could be political and not: A. suck or B. be so fundamental it turns you off to what they are saying. nearly every track is a classic.
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2. Operation Ivy: Ska/punk done right. this is the reason I got into punk rock. Every time I put this cd on I'm transported to my room the day I first played the tape I was sent with a promise I would love it. Amazingly they were just teenagers when they recorded this; audible proof Jesse Michaels is divine.
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1. The Clash - London Calling: Not as fire breathing as the self titled and not as over- produced as "give em enough rope", London Calling is the pinnacle of the Clash's career. If you only get one of the Clash's releases, make it this one.
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About Greenmuse: One of our longest standing writers, Greenmuse has put his stamp on antiMusic with his colorful humor and punk ethics. It's hard to imagine antiMusic without the green one and his unique perspective on the world, mullets and music. If ever there were an antiMusic Hall of Fame, Greenmuse would be on the first ballot!

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