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Saliva Share New Song 'High On Me'
Saliva have released a brand new single called 'High On Me'. The Saliva will continue to release tracks

Saliva Share New Video And Announce Tour With Otherwise
Saliva have shared a music video for their latest single 'Revelation Man', and announced that they will be teaming up with Otherwise

Saliva Reunion With Josey Scott 'On Hold' 2021 In Review
Saliva drummer Paul Crosby had a top 21 story from January 2021 after he shared the bad news during a interview

Saliva Revisit 'Click Click Boom' For 20th Anniversary
Saliva has shared a reworking of their classic hit song 'Click Click Boom.' The track comes from their forthcoming EP 'Every Twenty Years,'

Saliva Announce Las Vegas Livestream Event
Saliva have announced that they will be marking the upcoming the release of their special 'Every Twenty Years' EP

Saliva Revisit 'Every Six Seconds' For 20th Anniversary
Saliva have announced that they are celebrating the 20th anniversary of their 'Every Six Seconds' album

Saliva Reunion With Josey Scott 'On Hold'
Saliva drummer Paul Crosby shared the bad news during a new interview that the band's reunion with Josey Scott is currently on hold

Saliva Frontman Launches Misery Down With 'Come Back Stronger'
Saliva frontman Bobby Amaru has launched his new project Misery Down with a perfect song for the current Covid-19 pandemic

Josey Scott Not Reuniting With Saliva For Nu-Metal Revival Tour
Fans who are hoping to see Josey Scott's return to Saliva during this summer's Nu-Metal Revival will be out of luck

Saliva Reuniting With Josey Scott For New Album And Tour
Josey Scott has revealed that he is reuniting with Saliva and they are planning to launch a reunion tour

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