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L.A. Sheriff's Department Apologize To Wyclef Jean
The Los Angeles Sheriff's Department has issued a public apology to Fugees star Wyclef Jean for detaining him on Tuesday

Wyclef Jean Mistaken For An Armed Robber By Police
Wyclef Jean was reportedly pulled from his car and handcuffed early Tuesday morning

Wyclef Jean Releases New Song 'The Ring'
Wyclef Jean has released a new single titled 'The Ring.'

Wyclef Jean Releases His 'I Swear' Video
Just in time for winter, Wyclef Jean has released his 'I Swear' video with Young Thug

Wyclef Jean Compares Young Thug To Tupac
When Young Thug was working on his mixtape Jeffrey, there was one artist he knew he had to work with: Wyclef Jean.

Wyclef Jean Announces New 'J'ouvert' EP
Wyclef Jean will release the five-song-song EP 'J'ouvert' on September 30.

Wyclef Jean All For Fugees Reunion If Lauren Hill Is
Fugees fans have been hoping for a proper reunion since the group split up in the '90s

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