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This Months Top 5
It's that time of year again, a time to reflect back over the past twelve months and say "what the hell happened?".With that in mind, I thought we would take a small departure from our normal "Top 5 List" and look at the news stories that attracted the most attention here at antiMUSIC in 2001.

To pull off this list, I went back and looked at the stories that attracted the most readers, so here they are the Top 5 News Stories of 2001. (article links will open in a new browser window)

5. One of the biggest ongoing stories this year as in years past is the rumored return of David Lee Roth to Van Halen, it seemed every time we turned around there was a new confirmation of the reunion from a "reliable source". Of course, as of yet the reunion has failed to materialize and Van Halen have remained tight lipped over what the future holds... stay tuned in 2002, there are sure to be more rumors of this topic leading up to the eventual official reunion announcement in 2005. Here are the story links... (Jan - April - July - Nov) (over 25,000 views collectively)

4. Wes Borland created quite a stir when he announced his departure from Limp Bizkit. Within days the name-calling began with Wes calling his former bandmates "sell-outs", which at first led to praise from readers but once they figured out Borland quit only when it appeared that the Limp Bizkit popularity ship was sinking their support diminished. (Borland quits -
Borland, Durst speak out on split. - Borland quit because of "sellout") (over 31,000 views)

3. A.J. McLean of the Backstreet Boys goes to rehab. This story caused a heated fan speak debate with the "You're just jealous" BSB defenders losing decisively to rock fans… ah fun stuff - Then in September BSB sparked another debate when Kevin Richardson issued a statement apologizing for making an anti-American comment in the wake of the Sept 11th terrorist attacks. (39,000 views)

2. Joey Ramone's death. When Joey Ramone lost his battle with cancer in April fans from around the world logged on to pay tribute the punk legend. (42,000 views)

and the number one News story of 2001 was

Metallica members bash each other in Playboy. Anytime that Metallica makes news it sparks a roaring debate with readers and this story ended up being the most read news article of 2001 on antiMUSIC (viewed a little over 50,000 time since it was published in March!). Tempers always flare when Metallica does anything and this article was no exception with supporters and detractors declaring war on each other in the fan speak section.