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    Reviews Dec 04 : MuzikMan: Ray Charles, Bowie, Jethro Tull, Ryan Drolet, John Amen, Ayreon

    Reviews Dec 04 : MuzikMan: Ray Charles, Bowie, Jethro Tull, Ryan Drolet, John Amen, Ayreon


    News February 2017 : Kesha And Dr. Luke Move To Amend Counterclaims

    News April 2016 : Metal Supergroup Invidia Streaming New Song 'Making My Amends'

    News March 2016 : Pearl Jam's Ament Still 'Humbled And Shocked' By Success

    News February 2016 : Pearl Jam's Jeff Ament Announces New RNDM Album and Tour

    News August 2015 : Pearl Jam's Jeff Ament Helps Poor Kids By Building Skate Parks

    News May 2015 : Brantley Gilbert Gets Second Amendment Tattoo

    News November 2014 : NOFX Frontman Makes Amends To Kicked Fan

    News September 2014 : The Scorpions Manager Peter Amend Dies

    News June 2014 : Former Slayer Drummer Dave Lombardo Joins Amen

    News March 2014 : Amen Dunes Releases Lilac In Hand Video

    News March 2014 : Amen Reuniting For Music Festival Appearance

    News January 2013 : Amen Singer Arrested After Smashing Into Several Parked Cars (Top 12 of July 2012)

    News July 2012 : Amen Singer Arrested After Smashing Into Several Parked Cars

    News 09 : The Amenta Announces Farewell Australian Shows Before Monsters Of Death North America Tour

    News 09 : The Amenta Mosh Cam'd

    News June 08 : Talking Chaos

    News May 07 : Talking Chaos

    News March 07 : Razorlight Amends

    News July 06 : Talking Chaos

    News May 06 : Damned Anniversary Amen

    News Feb 06 : Amen Free EP

    News June 05 : Saliva Amends

    News May 05 : Live Amen CD

    News May 05 : When Anna Nicole Attacks

    News April 05 : Amen Illness

    News June 2003 : SOAD Guitarist Gets Own Label, Signs Amen.

    News March 2002 : Fans Battle Virgin Over Unreleased Amen Album.

    Day In Rock 12/29/04 : Ja Rule Shooting- Raveonettes Guests- Smashing Courtney- Concert Beheading Protest- Anselmo on Dimebag- Concert Shooting Benefit- Satriani Calls in Sick- Ramones Estate Battle- Darkest Hour DVD- March Volta- Motley Leno- Interpol Tour Crazy- Damageplan Singer Speaks- A18 Splits- Usher Tops 04- Spamalot The Musical- Hank Garland RIP- Xmas Porn - Putting the X in Xmas- Silly News: Better To Give- Alice Cooper Film- Sarah McLachlan Tour- Switchfoot Plan New CD- Brain Surgeons Euro Trip- Beautiful Creatures Soph- Amen to Scum- Linkin Park Charity- Best of 2004 Countdown

    Day In Rock 10/25/04 : Greg Shaw RIP- Ludacris Vs O'Reilly- Outkast Football Aftershow- Ashlee Lip Sync Bust on SNL- Kravitz Toilet Suit- MSN Radio Theft?- Lost U2 Lyrics Returned- Solo Bizkit- Ice Cube Cartoon- Weiland Vs Writer- New Doors DVD- Def Lep Skip US- Slayer Cancel Dates- Grammy Cola- Stefani Stepmom- DMB Crap Dump Amends- Spacey As Darin- Stones Lead Digital Awards - Plant To Rock SxSW- Keenan Says Censorship Inspired New CD- HammerFall Almost Done With New CD- Metal Hall of Fame?- Classic Who Live CD- REO Recording- Elton Vs Madonna Pt II- Eminem Tracks?- Xtina Does Homer- Queen Lose Case- Razorlight Supporting JEW- Before the Dawn 4:16 am- Joseph Arthur Tour- Godsmack Rock Sox- Breaking Benjamin EP

    Day In Rock 10/18/04 : Linkin Park/Jay-Z CD/DVD- Fantomas Eye April Release- Axis of Justice Delay- Amen to Scum- Exodus Expand Megadeth Tour Plans- Spears Ignored Lawsuit Deadline- Ozzy Box- Lennon Murder Motive- Metal Auction- Jacko Loses Lawyer- Love Legal Fees Settlement- Tommy Lee Band Nerd- Pennywise DVD- Saliva/Nonpoint Tour Nixed- A Perfect Circle Tracks- Slipknot TV Special- Chino Delay- Steel Prophet Lineup Changes- No Show Pete- The Band in a Box- Luna Breakup- Band Aid Reissue- Better Than Ezra Tour- Ryan Adams Tour- U2 Rocks Parking Lot- iTunes Over 150 Mil Served- Travis CD/DVD- Incubus Live DVD/CD- Story of the Year on Fuse- The Fest 3 To Hit Florida- ISC Extended- Doobie Brothers Live CD/DVD- Unkle Hits US- Skindred Added to Korn Tour

    Day In Rock 9/24/04 : Islamists Vs Iraqi Band- Manson Farwell?- Priest CD Delay- OutKast Legal Battle Update- New Fugees CD?- REM To Play South Africa- Snow Patrol For 05 Release- Lostprophets Extend Tour- Reggae Ban UK- Lil Kim Guard Sentenced- Elton Vs Pigs- Jacko Assistant Raided- Cat Stevens Claims 'No Ties To Terrorists'- A Perfect Lennon?- Endo Update... Sort of- Darkest Hour Tour- JEW Dates- Metallica Add West Coast Dates- Amen Lose Another- Vader Drop Tour- Enuff Z'nuff ? Perris- Traver & Appice Tour- Franz Deadbeat?- Oasis Set Date- Saliva on the Road- Tsunami Bomb DVD and new CD- Warped 10 - Liars Academy Equipment Stolen- Bullets And Octane Touring with Eagles of Death Metal- Wanna Be A Slunt?- Jackyl Live CD/DVD- Slapped: Hollywood Rehash

    Day In Rock 9/22/04 : Cat Stevens A Terrorist?- Metallica Vs Megadeth- New Van Halen CD Plans?- Murderdoll Snags Amen Axe- Ramones Benefit- U2, Avril, Coldplay, Pearl Jam Do It For The Lady- Good Charlotte, Sum 41 Tour- Ben Harper Goes Blind For New CD- Pop Punk Fever 2 Tracks- Machine Head DVD- Deftones dredge Up Support- Red Chord Cut Drummer- Super Furry Solo- Doherty Won't Rock Monks- Harrison DVD- Townshend TV- Koch Downsizing?- Get Into Avril's Top To Help Stop Child Abuse- They Might Be Going Disney- Lemonheads Return- Shadows Fall, Damageplan Tour- Spicoli Does Dylan- Yes PBS- Beastie Boys UK- Silly News: Chris Martin Going Bald- Kittie To Tour Yet Again- Bad Religion Extend Fall Tour- Tears for Fears Reunion Tour- Elvis Costello on Letterman- Collective Soul's Youthful Return- Sledgehammer Release 'Your Arsonist' EP- With Or Without You Offer Up Six Reasons to Drop Out

    Day In Rock 9/16/04 : Johnny Ramone RIP- Beck Delay- Stapp Sued- Phish DVD- Sum Avril Wedding Rumor- Top Rock Deaths- DK Punk Hendrix- Amen Lose Guitarist- Pearl Jam Fake Busted- Bacharach Rap With Dr Dre- Thom Yorke, REM Jam- XM Online- Madonna's Pilgrimage to Israel- Busted Vs Cowell- Elton Goes Postal- Slipknot Video- Fear Factory CD/DVD- Dylan on Campus- Metallica Expand Tour- Telsa & Scorpions Tour- Suffocation Dates- Something Corporate Spinoff- Breaking Benjamin Find New Drummer- Brazzaville- Howie Day Receives 4 BMA Noms

    Day In Rock 8/24/04 : Phil Anselmo Vs. al Qaeda - Nirvana Book Tour- Spears Reality TV- Helmet Injury- Von Auf der Donnas Tours- Godsmack the Movie- Air Lennons?- Phish Amends- Avril on Nirvana- Codeseven Release- Linkin Records- Starsailor Live Album- New York Dolls New CD- Double Foos- Finns Plan Tour Down Under- Page Opens Brit Walk of Fame- Elvis Has Left The Building: RIP Al Dvorin- Bowie DVD- Prodigy Bootleg- Saul Williams Is Back- AHC To Open For God- Ben Kweller Lands Incubus Tour- More Motorhead!- Slapped: Rock The Vote

    Day In Rock 8/13/04 : Jay-Z Buys B-Ball Team- Velvet Revolver Rocktober Tour- Kittie Drummer Hospitalized- Clinton Sentenced- NIN 5.1 Remaster- Built To Spill Club Tour- KISS Idol Judge, Cartoon Plans- Priest World Tour 05- Stone Sour Hatebreed Collab?- QOTSA & Friends- Bjork's Biggest Opening Yet- Godsmack DVD- Chevelle Tracks - Frank Black Double CD- Kravitz Kills Tour- Amen & My Chemical Romance Drummerless?- Mastodon Slayer- Tucker Leaves Morbid Angel- Gorerotted Lose Singer- Oasis DVD Screenings- Beatles (Grammy) For Sale- Ash Comment on Fan's Death- New Strokes- Ike Reilly Returns!- Dry Kill Logic Returns- Dio CD Coming At Month's End.- AOD Soph- Victory Goes To The Movies- New (hed)- 2 Cents: The No-New-Material Girl

    Day In Rock 7/23 : RI Club Fire Civil Suit- Slipknot Imposter- Robbing For Ozzfest Tickets- Judge Denies Love- Emo X-mas- Early Strummer Songs Found- Isis New CD Coming This Fall- Pirate CDs Sell Big- An Album Only Gene Simmons Could Love- Zevon Tribute- (hed) Eye Rocktober Release- ZZ-QOTSA-Top- Star Spangled Dropkick Murphys - Vandals Get Warped- Pitchshifter DVD- Haunted CD- Duran Duran Box- Clash Restoration- Rush Remasters- Ryan Adams Rocks On- Supergrass Charity Show- Least Metal Moments- Susperia Euro Tour- Garden Music- 2 Cents: The First Amendment Blues

    Day In Rock 4/01 : Bizkit Snub Africa- Darkness Sue AC/DC- P2P Legal- Vines Bomb in Chicago- 3DD Member Acquitted- Ozzy- Priest- Black Crowes- Sonic Youth- John Kerry Loves Rap, Hates Metal- TSOL Free- Amen- Velvet Underground- A Postponed Circle- Manson- Boy Hits Car Dropped- Corgan- more

    Day In Rock 3/19 : Randy Rhoads Honored- FCC Vs. Bono- JJ Jackson RIP- Great White Fuming Over CD Title- Fuzzy Math- MTV Strike- Amen- Drummer Borgir- Censors of Wayne- Idol Scam- Elvis Robbed- Jack White Dylan- Wylde iTunes- New Cake- Cave In- Three Days Fame- Finch- Dennis "Motley" Miller- more

    Day In Rock 2/9 : Ozzy & Sharon Show?- Clinton, Metallica & Evanescence Win Grammys- Queen Anthem Kings- Pixies Sell Out- Green Day Win Fight- JagerKnot Confirmed- Grohl & Lemmy Top UK Chart- Weiland Court Date- Darwin Waits No More- Motley Reunion Gitters- Sabbath- Coachella Lineup- Ra- Amen

    Day In Rock 1/30 : Durst Vs. Critic- Metallica Riot Averted- Coldplay 3rd- Sharon Show Dropped- Kelly Breaks Down- Bad Religion Revisited- Stereo Death Ballad- New Point- Black Eyed Darkness- Bach Go Wilco- DV-Iggy- Fantômas- Grip Inc- Amen Offest- Garfunkel Pot Fight- Foo Jazz Grammys- more

    Day In Rock 1/20 : Priest Drummer Denies Rape- Newsted Goes Punk- Bono MLK- Coke Isn't It- Win Beck's Pet- Warped Vandals- Obituary- Evanescence- Amen -Cold- Maiden- Quiet Dio- Dream More Theatres- In Stores- Corgan, Jackson Browne- Pennywise- Kravitz- Damn Yankees- More

    Day In Rock 9/17 : Limp Bizkit Leak New CD- Bono Meets W.- “Rolling Stone Should Be Stopped!”, says Anthrax- Feds Ponder RIAA Subpoenas- Bowie- Jane’s Addiction- All American Rejects- Killing Joke / Amen Tour- New Releases- 25 Mosh Injuries- Alice Cooper- Metal Fest- Jimmy Eat DVD

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