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    Reviews 07 : 36 Crazyfists -Rest Inside The Flames

    Review 2004 : 36 Crazyfists

    CD Reviews : 36 Crazyfists – Bitterness the Star

    Review 2004 : 36 Crazyfists

    CD Reviews : 36 Crazyfists – Bitterness the Star


    News December 2017 : 36 Crazyfists Release 'Wars To Walk Away From' Video

    News April 2016 : All Hail The Yeti Stream New Song Featuring 36 Crazyfists' Brock Lindow

    News March 2015 : 36 Crazyfists Release 'Swing the Noose' Video

    News December 2014 : 36 Crazyfists Kicking Off World Tour In Europe And The UK

    News November 2014 : 36 Crazyfists Announce New Album and Stream New Song

    News 2010 : Straight Line Stitch Hitting The Road With Hatebreed, 36 Crazyfists and Soulfly

    News 2010 : 36 Crazyfists Announce Their First Headlining Tour

    News 2010 : 36 Crazyfists Previewing New Song Online

    News 2010 : 36 Crazyfists Reviver

    News 2010 : New 36 Crazyfists Album Coming Next Month

    News 09 : 36 Crazyfists Releasing Their First Live DVD

    News Aug 08 : 36 Crazyfists Lay Out Road Plans

    News June 08 : 36 Crazyfists Find Biggest Success Post Roadrunner

    News May 08 : 36 Crazyfists Leak

    News May 08 : Look Who's Whoring Miley Cyrus Now- Velvet Revolver Get Schooled- R2D2 Directs 36 Crazyfists- P. Diddy- Zappa Live CD- Free Longwave- Metalmania 09- Hatebreed

    News March 08 : 36 Crazyfists Mark Record Store Day with EP

    News March 08 : 36 Crazyfists Preview

    News Feb 08 : 36 Crazyfists Now Releasing CD in May

    News Dec 07 : DevilDriver, 36 Crazyfists, Napalm Death, Walls of Jericho and Invitro Tour

    News Dec 07 : 36 Crazyfists Over 36 Dayslate

    News Nov 07 : 36 Crazyfists Begin Recording

    News July 07 : 36 Crazyferrets

    News December 06 : 36 Crazyfists UK

    News December 06 : Kittie Tour

    News November 06 : 36 Crazyfists Breakdown

    News November 06 : Sound of the Underground 07

    News June 06 : 36 Crazyfists Tour

    News Dec 05 : 36 Crazyfists & Friends

    News June 05 : Roadrunner All-Stars

    Day In Rock 11/23/04 : Ozzy Robbed- U2 Take NY- Silly News: Coach Snoop- In Stores- Van Halen DVD Possibility?- GNR Orchestra- Motorhead and Sepultura DVDs- NIN Preview- DMX Avoids Jail- Beasties Sued Again- Oasis Brawl Fine- Hives UK- Maiden Shirt Tops Poll- Megadeth Box- Schenker, Sheehan, Turner, Shaw Supergroup- Nocturnal Rites Reissue- 36 Crazyfists Drop Tour- Nirvana Lunch- Righteous Biopic - Rare Elvis Fails To Sell- Seemless Remaster- Manson on Letterman- Agnostic Front Go Nuclear- Kataklysm DVD- Bio Rocks- Motley Aerosmith Toy Run- Macca Half Time For Super Bowl- Darkness Farm- Christian 'Sinatra' Slater- Razorlight on Subterranean- White Stripes DVD Tracks- Jake La Botz’ All Soul And No Money- Aroarah rock out with Converse

    Day In Rock 6/23 : Beastie Boys Sales Hit- Eels Dropped- Weiland Delays Again- Hot Water Music Injury- Ozzfest Scam- Slayer, Damageplan and more for Ultimate Fighting Championship CD- Tommy Lee 86ed For Bad Music- Velvet Revolver iProtest- HBO Signs OutKast- More RIAA Lawsuits- Clapton Rehab Auction- Senate Vote For Stiffer Indecency Fines- Ministry Punk Voters?- The Crown DVD- Apartment 26 Evicted- Wilco Picture Book- Boss To Rock GOP?- Elvis Mini Series- No Drugs for Oasis- Sharon Osbourne Beat Satan- Clutch Jam Room- VH1 Has The Cure- Kittie, Candiria, 36 Crazyfists & Twelve Tribes Tour Dates- Ultimate Survivor- Fuse Gets Warped

    Day In Rock 5/17 : POD Singer Injured- Beaten Bassist Sues MTV/Venue- De La Rocha MIA- Press Type Thing- Crowbar- 36 Crazyfists KSE- WB Drop 85 Bands- Wanna Play Ozzfest?- Naked Beggars- Korny Hits- Morrissey Attacks Bowie- New York Dolls- Black Eyed Peas & The Darkness- Spector Arrested- Helmet- more

    Day In Rock 4/21 : Clear Channel On Trial- 36 Crazyfists Vs. Cops- Oasis Splitting?- Chicks With Attitude- Fugazi Bootlegs- Corgan- Sheryl Crow- Lost Testament Guitarist- Solo Staind- Godsmack- Outkast Influence- Blur- Pink Sues Pol- Joey Ramone- Converge- Apex Theory- Soilwork- more

    Day In Rock 3/26 : Howie Day Arrested- Minister Courtney?- Axl & Maynard- Howard Korn- SXSW Stabbing- Sparta- MC5 Regroup- Simmons Backs FCC- Townshend Suicidal- Spider Man Punk- Megadeth- 36 Crazyfists- Poison Country Glam ?- No Meat Morrissey- Nirvana Krist Pens Book- Breeders- more

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