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    Reviews Jan 05 : Breaking Benjamin - So Cold


    News December 2016 : Breaking Benjamin Guitarist's Newborn Son Dies

    News August 2016 : Disturbed Frontman Jams Pantera Classic With Breaking Benjamin

    News July 2016 : Breaking Benjamin Release 'Ashes Of Eden' Video

    News June 2016 : Korn and Breaking Benjamin Announce Fall Tour

    News June 2016 : Breaking Benjamin Took Long Way To UK Due To Flying Fear

    News February 2016 : Disturbed and Breaking Benjamin Announce Tour Dates

    News February 2016 : See Slipknot, Manson, Disturbed, Korn, Breaking Benjamin Tours For $50

    News February 2016 : Disturbed and Breaking Benjamin Plan Summer Tour

    News December 2015 : Breaking Benjamin Announce U.S. Headline Tour

    News September 2015 : Breaking Benjamin Release 'Angels Fall' Video

    News July 2015 : Breaking Benjamin Frontman Says Pain Only Relief From Mystery Illness

    News July 2015 : Breaking Benjamin Score Their First No. 1 Album

    News June 2015 : Breaking Benjamin Frontman Has Mystery Illness

    News March 2015 : Breaking Benjamin Reveal First Single From New Album

    News August 2014 : Breaking Benjamin Confirm New Lineup

    News August 2014 : Breaking Benjamin Return With New Lineup

    News May 2013 : Singled Out: Stardog Champion (Breaking Benjamin and Lifer)

    News Sep 2011 : Zakk Wylde Recruits Breaking Benjamin Member

    News Aug 2011 : See What Broke Benjamin

    News Aug 2011 : Breaking Benjamin Breakup Details

    News Aug 2011 : Breaking Benjamin Break Up?- Deftones Far Project Release Free EP- Alice Cooper Maze- Biohazard Set Date- Ozzy Osbourne Loses Teeth- Slash- more

    News July 2011 : Breaking Benjamin Hits and Rarities Coming Next Month

    News 2010 : Breaking Benjamin Mobile Guitar Heroes

    News 2010 : Breaking Benjamin Guitar Hero Song Pack

    News 2010 : Breaking Benjamin Sidelined By Health Issues But Are Not Breaking Up

    News 2010 : Rare Zeppelin Recording Found- Clash Stars Join Gorillaz?- Free Breaking Benjamin and Stone Temple Pilots Tickets- Another Rock Hall No Show- Cornell Jazz and more

    News 2010 : Guitar Hero: Breaking Benjamin Plus Xbox Game with Fame Event

    News 2010 : Black Sabbath, Breaking Benjamin, Third Eye Blind and Thirty Seconds To Mars Guitar Hero Track Packs In Feb

    News 2010 : Breaking Benjamin, Chevelle, Red, Thousand Foot Krutch Tour

    News 2010 : Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin and Flyleaf Tour Extended

    News 2010 : Nickelback, Breaking Benjamin, Shinedown and Sick Puppies Announce More Dates

    News 09 : Aussie Rock Legend Dies- Andrew WK Confirms Andrew WK Isn't Real- Free Breaking Benjamin Song- U2 Top Tour of 2009- Dropkick Murphys Hockey and more

    News 09 : Three Days Grace and Breaking Benjamin Team Up For Tour

    News 09 : Nickelback, Breaking Benjamin, Shinedown Team Up For Tour

    News 09 : Sick Puppies Hit The Road With Breaking Benjamin and Nickelback

    News 09 : Rev Theory Breaking Benjamin On The Road

    News 09 : Adelitas Way Hitting The Road With Breaking Benjamin

    News 09 : Breaking Benjamin Working on New Album

    News Feb 08 : Hurt Join Breaking Benjamin Tour

    News July 07 : Three Days Grace and Breaking Benjamin Plot Fall Tour

    News July 07 : Broken Benjamin

    News July 07 : Broken Benjamin

    News July 07 : Breaking Benjamin Breaking Up?

    News June 07 : Breaking Puppies

    News April 07 : Breaking Benjamin Contest

    News April 07 : Go to the Movies with Breaking Benjamin

    News April 07 : Price Break on Breaking Benjamin CD/DVD

    News April 07 : Three Days Grace To Tour with Breaking Benjamin and Puddle of Crudd

    News March 07 : Breaking Benjamin DVD Preview

    News March 07 : Breaking Benjamin Release Breath

    News January 07 : Benjamin's Burden

    News January 07 : Breaking Benjamin 07 Dates

    News December 06 : Breaking Benjamin Reschedule

    News November 06 : Breaking Godsmack's Tour

    News September 06 : Breaking Godsmack

    News August 06 : Breaking Records

    News August 06 : Breaking Benjamin Preview

    News June 06 : Breaking Benjamin Tour

    News May 06 : Breaking Benjamin Phobia

    News Sept 05 : Breaking Ben Sued

    News July 05 : Breaking Platinum

    News May 05 : 3 Doors Down Extend Tour

    News May 05 : 3DD/Staind/Breaking Benjamin Dates

    News April 05 : Breaking Benjamin Do Queen

    Day In Rock 3/14/05 : Jadakiss Vs 50 Cent- C-Murder Denied Retrial- Guns N Rap- Slipknot Costumes- NIN Voodoo- Ozzy Bonus- Coldplay X&Y- Queen Dates- Universal Profits- WMG IPO- Danny Joe Brown RIP- Anthrax Add Date- SFU Box- Switchfoot Care- Geezer Bumped- Soilent Green in June- McFly Tops In UK- Black Dahlia Murder July- Mudvayne Dates- Throwdown tracks- Euro Slayer- B.I.G. Murder Probe- Battle for Ozzfest Dates- Euro QOTSA- Broko Jacko?- Joe Jackson and Todd Rundgren- Robert Cray CD- Scary Kids Scaring Kids- Gorillaz in May- Underoath Tour- Jamiroquai Date- James LaBrie Solo- Breaking Benjamin Add Dates- Michael Franti Recording

    Day In Rock 2/25/05 : Jay-Z School- Whitney Hospitalized- Staind Sued- Double Pixies - Philly Rockless- Jacko Trial Starts Monday- Sterns Settles With Clear Channel- Priest in Japan- King's X Riot- Scorp DVD- Thrice DVD- Slipknot Wedding- H.I.M. DVD- Rock Hall Inductors- Sevendust Tour- Daft Punk Set Release- MP3 Site Probe- Jack White's Side Project- Edwyn Collins Brain Injury- Roach Dates- SOAD Delay- Motown Digital- Beyond Silly News: Durst Loves Paris- Breaking Benjamin Go 3 Doors Down- Morrissey DVD- Horse Dreams- OK Go Dates- Lisa Marie Presley Dirty Laundry

    Day In Rock 2/02/05 : Master P Gun Bust- Vandals Vs Austria- MTV Sleazy?- GNR Feud- Deadbeat Love- Stolen Guitar eBayed- Jacko Jury Shaping Up- Metal Batman?- Sepultura Reunion Unlikely- AC/DC Singer Drops Benefit- Megacritic- Mortiis Tour- Lamb of God / Machine Head Tour- More Mastodon- 30 Seconds To Mars Change- Randies Debut- Shout Out Louds Hit U.S.- Sinai Beach Victory- Gogol Bordello in March- Breaking Benjamin Dates- MPMF 2005- Head Automatica Won't Take Action- Lotsa Skynyrd- The Exies Dates- QOTSA Presale- Slapp of the Day: Emo

    Day In Rock 1/25/05 : P.Diddy Buys Broadway- Alanis UK- Oasis Hit The O.C.- Metallica Killer Execution- My Dying Bride Injury- Blizzard Delays Ozzy- Iommi/Hughes Progress- Rap Station Slurs Tsunami Victims- Grammy Hall of Fame- Queen US?- Black Eyed God- Dupri Head Virgin- We Are The World Repeat- Hot Hot Tour- Buzzcocks Eye Summer Release- Darkness in the Desert - John Mayer Rap- More AHC/Otep Dates- Project 86 Dates- Blink, TBS, More Drag The Lake- Pybus Exits Cradle of Filth- Fantomas Tour- Breaking Benjamin Break With Drummer- Taproot CD Info- Frostbite 05 Tour- Coachella Announced- Bowling to Extra Dates- U2 Dates- Journey Honored- Classic Metal From Icarus Witch

    Day In Rock 10/25/04 : Greg Shaw RIP- Ludacris Vs O'Reilly- Outkast Football Aftershow- Ashlee Lip Sync Bust on SNL- Kravitz Toilet Suit- MSN Radio Theft?- Lost U2 Lyrics Returned- Solo Bizkit- Ice Cube Cartoon- Weiland Vs Writer- New Doors DVD- Def Lep Skip US- Slayer Cancel Dates- Grammy Cola- Stefani Stepmom- DMB Crap Dump Amends- Spacey As Darin- Stones Lead Digital Awards - Plant To Rock SxSW- Keenan Says Censorship Inspired New CD- HammerFall Almost Done With New CD- Metal Hall of Fame?- Classic Who Live CD- REO Recording- Elton Vs Madonna Pt II- Eminem Tracks?- Xtina Does Homer- Queen Lose Case- Razorlight Supporting JEW- Before the Dawn 4:16 am- Joseph Arthur Tour- Godsmack Rock Sox- Breaking Benjamin EP

    Day In Rock 10/12/04 : Jacko Vs Eminem- Queen Bashes Madonna- Top 50 Bands of All Time- U2 Tour 05- AFI Hits Tracks- Vandals Do Pennywise For MTV Show- Shadows Fall Halloween Bangers- King's X Live CD- Exodus Finds Voice- Metallica Shoes- Carcass Vox Guests on Napalm Death CD- KISS Flop- Scary Halloween Costume- Hagar Bash- Jeff Buckley Bio- Radiohead DVD- CMJ Hits New York- Virgin Targets iPod- Madonna Backstage Pass Leader- Bee Gees Hits- QOTSA Eye 05 Release- Kravitz Records- Bruce Palmer RIP- Lennon For Kids- Kings of Sunset Strip- Interns Wanted- From Satellite In Stores- Breaking Benjamin Unplugged- Dead To Fall Tour- Taking Back Sunday Kick off Tour- Straylight Run's Busy Week

    Day In Rock 9/16/04 : Johnny Ramone RIP- Beck Delay- Stapp Sued- Phish DVD- Sum Avril Wedding Rumor- Top Rock Deaths- DK Punk Hendrix- Amen Lose Guitarist- Pearl Jam Fake Busted- Bacharach Rap With Dr Dre- Thom Yorke, REM Jam- XM Online- Madonna's Pilgrimage to Israel- Busted Vs Cowell- Elton Goes Postal- Slipknot Video- Fear Factory CD/DVD- Dylan on Campus- Metallica Expand Tour- Telsa & Scorpions Tour- Suffocation Dates- Something Corporate Spinoff- Breaking Benjamin Find New Drummer- Brazzaville- Howie Day Receives 4 BMA Noms

    Day In Rock 9/15/04 : Velvet Revolver Banned- Van Halen Go Platinum- Novoselic & Rollins To Talk Politics- Scorpions: MP3s Killing Music- U2 Batman Theme- Verve Rare Preview- Breaking Benjamin Fire Drummer- No Death Angel for Deftones?- Chevelle Stream New CD- Helmet Push Back Release Date- Gene on Third Watch- Mushroomhead Replacement- Auf H.I.M. Magnet Dates- BRMC Drummer In Question- (hed) restart- Static Lullaby Prep New CD, Plan Tour- At The Drive-In Reissues- Chino's Side Band- Nightwish Bonus- Eighteen Visions Tour- Limp Bizkit Plot New CD- Cash Auction Big Success- Yahoo To Buy Musicmatch - Foxx Nails Ray Charles, Give That Man An Oscar- Top 10 Rock Roadie Reads- Avril Maps Out Tour- Switchfoot Tour and DVD- Superjoint DVD- Crossfade Rock Charts, Conan- MTV2 “Video Mods”- Green Day Leak

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