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    Reviews 07 : Collective Soul - Afterwords

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    Reviews 06 : Collective Soul - Home

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    Top 100 Albums of all time :

    Reviews 05 : Collective Soul Live!

    Reviews 05 : Collective Soul - From The Ground Up

    Reviews Nov 04 : Collective Soul – Youth

    Top 100 Albums of all time :


    News October 2017 : Collective Soul Shine Once Again Live

    News May 2017 : Sammy Hagar Supegroup The Circle and Collective Soul U.S. Tour

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    News June 2013 : Collective Soul Celebrate 20th Anniversary In The Studio

    News June 2013 : GNR, Def Leppard, Deep Purple, Collective Soul Supergroup Plan EP

    News June 2012 : Collective Soul Live TV Special This Weekend

    News March 2012 : Collective Soul Plan Full Dosage Tour

    News Nov 2011 : Collective Soul Planning New Album

    News 2010 : Collective Soul Singer Announces Free Acoustic Show

    News 2010 : Collective Soul, Tonic, Five For Fighting, Gin Blossoms Live in the Ballpark

    News 2010 : Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, B.B. King, Slash Special- Eddie Vedder Unplugged- Paramore fun with B.o.B.- Killer Solo- Bowie Gaga Hoax- Collective Soul- Trivium- more

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    News 09 : Collective Soul and Gavin DeGraw Co-headlining Tour

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    Rock n World News : Lollapalooza '99: Guns n; Roses, Goo Goo Dolls, Offspring, No Doubt and Collective Soul?

    News Jan 99 : Lollapalooza '99: Guns n; Roses, Goo Goo Dolls, Offspring, No Doubt and Collective Soul?

    Day In Rock 3/31/05 : Britney Vs Press- Ozzy House Fire - C-Murder Loses Appeal- Kid Rock Delays Justice- Director Danzig- DuBrow Vs Adler- Mieszko Laid To Rest- QOTSA Top 5- Nightfall Lose One- Chevelle Dates- Red Tape Add One- SYL Tour- Lamb of God Bypass Ban- Radiohead Housecat- More Underground Dates- Incubus Tracks- Calico Sustem Release Date- Rare Deftones- Idol Poser- Queen Return- Anti J.lo ad- Sinéad O'Reggae - Rubin Working With Diamond- Bette Blast Pop Divas- Death By Stereo Sued - Suge Loses $107 Million - Slipknot Drop Support- Collective Soul X 3- Frank Black CD- All American Reject Summer CD- Chemistry Dates- Relient K Support Simple Charlotte Tour- Banned Video Online- Plant Stream- Finespun DIY Radio- Meelee on Tour

    Day In Rock 3/03/05 : God Vs Nelly- Bono For Prez- PayPal Vs Dimebag Fans- Jacko Targeted Mom- Alter Bridge For Jaeger Tour- Trial Reunion- Fiona Leaks- Ray Song Theft- Candlelight Reissues- More Ozzfest Bands- Stratovarius Tour- Priest Sales- Pro-Pain Join Enemy Of God Tour- DEP Dates- God Forbid Dates- A7X Update- Agnostic Front- Lamb of Clutch- Slave To Metal Tour- Snake Tour- Me First & The Gimme Gimmes Dates - Fightstar Dud- Double Collective Soul- Tori Top 5- Revery Sign With Evo- Lance Lisenby Benefit- Mayfield: Remixed - Crossfade Dual Disc- Hot Hot Heat Tracks- Thrice Presale Bonus

    Day In Rock 2/17/05 : Page Vs Plant- Ludacris & Green Day?- Kid Rock Arrest- AC/DC Family Jewels - 3 Doors Down To No 1- Cocteau Twins Reunite - Alanis The American- Suge Vs Rapper- Manson Wedding- De Niro Popstar?- Willie & Jessica Duet- House Passes Fines- Jacko Hospital Release- New Boss in April- Silly News: Teen Synch Hit- Coldplay Delay- Ozzy Cover Band- Moody Remake- This Day in Rock- Madonna Goes Rock?- Lennon Devil Horns- Judas Priest Hits CD- Anthrax Rumors...- Mudvayne Call in Sick- Mastodon Dates- Sevendust / Skindred Tour- Grammy Love Surprise- Black Spoons Craigslist Revolution Tour- Man On Earth Hop on the BritBus- Solomon Burke Makes Do In March- The Randies' Calling L.A. Tour- Kaiser Chiefs Dates- Leno Collective Soul

    Day In Rock 1/11/05 : Wanka Manson- Queen UK Debut- Seal Vs Rap- Help Oliveri's Niece- Sharon Bio Pic- Theft At Dimebag Benefit- Unearth Rescue KSE- KISS Wig- Rock Boat Bust- Father Black- Jacko Trial Child Stars- Isley Vs IRS- Chuck Berry To Headline Elvis Fest- Franz Lead Brits- Universal Top Label of 04- Tool's D'Amour New Band- KMFDM Fubar- DEP Dates- Battle For Ozzfest Winner- Amorphis New Voice- New New Order- Mclusky Split- Collective Soul Return to The Road- Green Day Donate Royalties- 50 Cent Sets Massacre Date- More Acts for Relief Concert- Quiet Riot Rockline- Cursed Release- Nanci Griffith Returns- Ponderosa Stomp- Oslo Debut- Unearth Announce Tour- Over It Preview- Devildrive Eye Spring Release- Music, Fashion and Compassion

    Day In Rock 11/09/04 : Murder Inc Bust- Ashlee Isn't Alone, Ask KISS & Evanescence - Gorgoroth Cause Riot- John Paul Jones Working on New CD- New Rob Zombie Movie- Silly News: Fat Jet- Linkin Shoes- Purple Rain Club Closed- Cat Stevens Peace Prize- Boss Kills Condo Naming- Skynyrd Crossroads- Henry Rollins DVD- Mars Volta Single- U2 Leak- Soft Cell Singer Leaves Hospital- NIN Delay- Em Vs Jacko Pt II- Morrissey Enhanced- Clapton Plans Live Johnson Tribute- Collective Soul Hit The Clubs- Beyond the Embrace Supporting Amorphis- Isaac Back with A18- Daily Download- The Fight UK- Ex-Translator Singer Debut Album- The F-Ups Hit The Road- Dry Kill Logic Headline

    Day In Rock 10/28/04 : Beyond Silly News: Britney Knocked Up- Collective Soul Go It Alone- Staind Sued- When Love Attacks- KISS Vs KISS- Rage Balls Burst- Canada Denies Vehemence- Glenn Hughes Tour Off- Radiohead Orchestra- Hatebreed Tour Expands- Unearth Recording- dredge in April- R. Kelly's New Job- Exhumed See Double DVD- Aerosmith DVD Tracks- Wallflowers Rock Troops- Tom Petty Bio- Shadows Fall MTV Halloween- H.I.M. USA- Rod Tops Chart- Web Smart Bands- Outkast Digital Champs- Backstage With McCartney- Clapton/Robert Johnson DVD- Glastonbury To Honor Peel- SpongeBob Preview- Husker Du Reunite For Karl- A Perfect Circle Preview

    Day In Rock 9/22/04 : Cat Stevens A Terrorist?- Metallica Vs Megadeth- New Van Halen CD Plans?- Murderdoll Snags Amen Axe- Ramones Benefit- U2, Avril, Coldplay, Pearl Jam Do It For The Lady- Good Charlotte, Sum 41 Tour- Ben Harper Goes Blind For New CD- Pop Punk Fever 2 Tracks- Machine Head DVD- Deftones dredge Up Support- Red Chord Cut Drummer- Super Furry Solo- Doherty Won't Rock Monks- Harrison DVD- Townshend TV- Koch Downsizing?- Get Into Avril's Top To Help Stop Child Abuse- They Might Be Going Disney- Lemonheads Return- Shadows Fall, Damageplan Tour- Spicoli Does Dylan- Yes PBS- Beastie Boys UK- Silly News: Chris Martin Going Bald- Kittie To Tour Yet Again- Bad Religion Extend Fall Tour- Tears for Fears Reunion Tour- Elvis Costello on Letterman- Collective Soul's Youthful Return- Sledgehammer Release 'Your Arsonist' EP- With Or Without You Offer Up Six Reasons to Drop Out

    Day In Rock 9/10/04 : P.diddy Daddy Suit- Suicide Bomber Concert Pulled- Franz Groupie Ban- UK Hall Debut with Fab Four Induction- A Perfect Bizkit- Mars Volta Still Recording- A Perfect Circle eMOTIVe Covers Heavy- Jacko In The Box- Wilco Tour Details- Halen Reschedule- Lennon Unplugged CD- Megadeth Earshot- Chimaira DVD Delay- FBI Probe RI Club Fire- Deftones The Next Rush?- Queen Rock Walk- Velvet Revolver Cafe?- Gwen Solo- AC/DC Lane Back On?- Hootie Give 80K To Schools- $2 Killers- Blink Skate Benefit- Strummer Exhibition- Plant Lead Tribute- Lemmy Hurt, Motorhead Cancel Tour- Collective Soul Return- Top 20 Rock Deaths - Lowfive To Rock The Avalon Ballroom- Helmet/Instruction tour dates- South African Music Scene- Seymour Glass Kill Hannah

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