Collective Soul Drummer's New Day Gig

(PR) Collective Soul/Paul Rodgers drummer Ryan Hoyle announces the opening of Cave Studio in Los Angeles, which specializes in custom drum tracks by Ryan himself. "My concept is to use world class outboard gear to record and export raw drum tracks of the very highest quality providing the very best organic ingredients for the artist/producer to use whatever spices they deem necessary to suit the needs of their particular vision" says Hoyle.

"My goal is to be able to continue to record as much as I can with the added convenience of being able to work at home due to my touring schedule and the obvious high maintenance factor of having to travel and route gear all over the place. It's also a great thing to think about the reality that with current technology I can record a drum track for a producer in Tokyo, London, or even Sydney and deliver it to them during a night's sleep. It is my mission to let the world know that even though I play in this band or with that artist, I am still accessible to record on their project too."

The studio can also accommodate those who want to engineer/produce their own tracks, offering both Pro Tools 7.4 and Logic 8. In addition to the vast selection of drums, cymbals, and other assorted percussion Ryan has collected over the years, the studio is equipped with API 3124+, Vintech 473 (Neve Clone), and Apogee Mini-Me pre amps, Apogee Rosetta 800 Converters and a well rounded selection of classic, vintage, and modern microphones.

Ryan extends his non-drumming services as well, including engineering the session himself and offering an FTP server that will allow collaborations and the transfer of files via the internet.

For more information about Cave Studios, please visit http://www.ryanhoyle.com/thelab.html

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