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    Reviews 09 : Sepultura - A-lex

    CD Reviews : Sepultura – Nation

    CD Reviews : Sepultura – Nation


    News December 2016 : Sepultura Release 'Phantom Self' Video

    News December 2016 : Sepultura Streaming New Song 'Phantom Self'

    News November 2016 : Sepultura Release New Song 'I Am The Enemy'

    News November 2016 : Cavalera Reacts To Sepultura Roots Korn Ripoff Claim

    News October 2016 : Sepultura 'I Am The Enemy' Live Video Goes Online

    News October 2016 : Sepultura Reveals 'Machine Messiah' Album Details

    News October 2016 : Cavalera Brothers Add New Leg To Return To Roots Tour

    News October 2016 : Sepultura Release Online Tour Documentary

    News October 2016 : Cavalera Admits Korn Influenced Sepultura's Roots

    News October 2016 : Korn Believe Sepultura's Roots Was A Blatant Rip-Off

    News September 2016 : Max Cavalera Regrets Not Keeping Sepultura

    News September 2016 : Max and Igor Cavalera Kick Off Return To Roots Tour

    News August 2016 : Max and Igor Cavalera Announce Return To Roots Tour

    News June 2016 : Sepultura Reveal Unusual Element On New Album

    News May 2016 : Kreator, Sepultura, Soilwork and Aborted Euro Tour

    News March 2016 : Sepultura Preview 'Under My Skin' Mini-Series Documentary

    News March 2016 : Sepultura Documentary Trailer Released

    News February 2016 : Max and Igor Cavalera To Play Full 'Roots' Album On Upcoming Tour

    News September 2015 : Metal Stars Help Cover Dio Classic With Metal Allegiance Supergroup

    News September 2015 : Sepultura's Andreas Kisser Talks Beatles Honor

    News August 2015 : Sepultura Beginning Work On Next Album

    News August 2015 : Sepultura At Greatest Momentum Of Their Career Says Kisser

    News August 2015 : Max Cavalera Slams Current Version Of Former Band Sepultura

    News June 2015 : Sepultura Announce UK Tour

    News May 2015 : Cavalera Says Sepultura Deteriorating The Brand With Current Lineup

    News May 2015 : Sepultura 30th Anniversary Documentary Goes Online

    News April 2015 : Dave Grohl Sings Sepultura's Praises

    News January 2015 : Supergroup Killer Be Killed Recruit Converge Star

    News January 2015 : Killer Be Killed Super Group Star To Miss Festival

    News December 2014 : Max Cavalera Rules Out Sepultura Reunion

    News December 2014 : Max Cavalera's Supergroup Killer Be Killed To Make Live Debut

    News November 2014 : Sepultura Frontman Explains The Band's Evolution

    News November 2014 : Igor Cavalera Hoping For A Classic Sepultura Reunion

    News November 2014 : Max Cavalera Proud To Perform Sepultura Classics

    News October 2014 : Sepultura Releasing Biography Before Christmas

    News September 2014 : Sepultura Release Live Roots Bloody Roots Video

    News July 2014 : Sepultura Live Album and DVD Set For Release

    News July 2014 : Sepultura Frontman Dismisses Max Cavalera Claims

    News June 2014 : Sepultura's Home Roots Demo Goes Online

    News December 2013 : How Sepultura's Kisser Lost Out On Metallica Gig

    News October 2013 : Sepultura Cancel North American Tour

    News October 2013 : Sepultura's Andreas Kisser Fires Back at Max Cavalera

    News September 2013 : Sepultura Streaming New Song 'The Age Of The Atheist'

    News September 2013 : Pantera, Anthrax, Soulfly, Accept Supergroup

    News May 2012 : Municipal Waste, Sepultura, Soilwork and More For Extreme Metal Cruise

    News April 2012 : Sepultura, Death Angel, Krisiun and Havok Tour

    News February 2012 : Duff McKagan and Alice in Chains Radio Show- NOFX, Rancid, Pennywise Bowling- Anarbor Lose Member- Sepultura Strife- Eve6 Reunite- Allstar McCartney Tribute- more

    News Nov 2011 : Sepultura Announce Lineup Change

    News Sep 2011 : Sepultura's Kisser Rules Out Reunion

    News July 2011 : Facebook Ban Nirvana- Sepultura Sidelined- Rush DVD Delayed?- Kidz Bop Top 3 Doors Down- Into Eternity Into The Studio- Appice Dio Tribute Jam- more

    News July 2011 : Sepultura, Exodus, Destruction Tour- Prince Music Festival- Linkin Park Secret- The Stereo Reuniting- Radiohead TV- Paramore Working On New CD- Son of Maiden- more

    News July 2011 : Machine Head and Sepultura Tour

    News June 2011 : Sepultura's Kisser Says Reunions Are Stupid

    News May 2011 : Support Band Rips Sepultura

    News May 2011 : Sepultura Singer Says Fans Already Got The Reunion They Wanted

    News May 2011 : Steven Tyler Blew 20 Million On Drugs- Black Sabbath's Iommi Memoirs- Sepultura Set Release- Less Than Jake DVD Box- 69 Cent Songs- Devildriver Replacement- Slipknot- more

    News April 2011 : Duff McKagan Slams Celebrity Rehab- Foo Fighters Farmrockers- AC/DC Premiere- Bon Jovi Homeless Shelter- Radiohead Giveaway- Sepultura Orchestra- more

    News April 2011 : Max Wants Truce With Sepultura

    News April 2011 : Sepultura Guitarist Denies Reunion Talks

    News December 2010 : Sepultura Vs Max Cavalera

    News December 2010 : Nevermore Announce Tours With Symphony X, Soilwork and Sepultura

    News 2010 : What's Preventing Original Sepultura Reunion

    News 2010 : Country Staind- Plant Denies Led Zep Reunion- Deftones Chimix- Springsteen Mashed With Goldfinger- Gaslight Anthem- Opeth- Dream Theater Supergroup- Sepultura- more

    News 2010 : Angra Release New Video Announce Show With Sepultura

    News 2010 : Sepultura Sideband Musica Diablo Inks Deal

    News 2010 : Max Cavalera Discusses Sepultura Reunion and Jackass Fred Durst

    News 2010 : Jamaica Teams Up With Sepultura's Igor Cavalera

    News 2010 : Sepultura Go Nuclear

    News 2010 : Lion's Share To Join Saxon, Deep Purple, Sepultura and More at the Rockweekend Festival

    News 09 : Chris Brown Sued For Assault- Own Elvis' Pill Bottle!- Clapton and Winwood TV Special- Eminem No 1- Relapse Escape Plan- Glee Cheese Tops Idol Cheese and more

    News 09 : Franz Ferdinand Injury- Lilith Fair Returning- Ambassador Avril- Nine Inch Nails- Macy's Guns N' Cult Jam- Faith No More Comp- Austin City Limits and more

    News 09 : Max Cavalera Is Crazy?

    News Aug 07 : Cavalera Brothers Set Live Return

    News July 07 : Sepultura Get Inflikted

    News June 07 : Sepultura Reunion: Max and Igor Recording

    News February 07 : Sepultura To Invade Europe

    News Rocktober 06 : Sepultura Tour

    News August 06 : Sepultura Semi Reunion

    News June 06 : Igor Leaves Sepultura

    News June 06 : Sepultura Fake

    News March 06 : Sepultura Maxed Out

    News Jan 06 : Igor Quits Sepultura

    News Jan 06 : Sepultura March

    News Dec 05 : Sepultura Tracks

    News Oct 05 : Sepultura Orchestra

    News Sept 05 : Sepultura Live CD/DVD

    News Aug 05 : Sepultura Recording

    News June 05 : Roadrunner All-Stars

    News June 05 : Sepultura Rap

    News Aug 2003 : Sepultura To Cover U2

    News March 2003 : Voivod Team With Sepultura For Spring Tour.

    antiMUSIC News June 2000 : Slayer and Sepultura join Tattoo the Earth.

    Day In Rock 2/02/05 : Master P Gun Bust- Vandals Vs Austria- MTV Sleazy?- GNR Feud- Deadbeat Love- Stolen Guitar eBayed- Jacko Jury Shaping Up- Metal Batman?- Sepultura Reunion Unlikely- AC/DC Singer Drops Benefit- Megacritic- Mortiis Tour- Lamb of God / Machine Head Tour- More Mastodon- 30 Seconds To Mars Change- Randies Debut- Shout Out Louds Hit U.S.- Sinai Beach Victory- Gogol Bordello in March- Breaking Benjamin Dates- MPMF 2005- Head Automatica Won't Take Action- Lotsa Skynyrd- The Exies Dates- QOTSA Presale- Slapp of the Day: Emo

    Day In Rock 11/29/04 : U2 Beat Eminem- Thrills Concretes- Green Day New Year's Ball With MTV- Ozzy Vs His Sister- Stage Dive Neck Break at CoF Show- Motorhead Reunion- Misfit Shoes- Midnight Oil Singer Hospitalized - Kazaa Trial Begins- Infinity Payola Controversy- Nugent Surprises Troops for Thanksgiving- 'X Factor' Suspects in Ozzy Heist- Pink Floyd Royalties Claim by Wall Kids- James Brown Eyes Retirement- Coldplay, Doves In March- KSE DVD- Chimaira Prep Next CD- Streets, Franz Best of 04- Entombed/Crowbar/Pro-Pain Dates- Mars Volta Date- dredg in April- Sepultura DVD- Amy Lee Denied- Sweden Rock- BOC Cookbook- Priest World Tour- Ettison Clio CD / Contest

    Day In Rock 11/23/04 : Ozzy Robbed- U2 Take NY- Silly News: Coach Snoop- In Stores- Van Halen DVD Possibility?- GNR Orchestra- Motorhead and Sepultura DVDs- NIN Preview- DMX Avoids Jail- Beasties Sued Again- Oasis Brawl Fine- Hives UK- Maiden Shirt Tops Poll- Megadeth Box- Schenker, Sheehan, Turner, Shaw Supergroup- Nocturnal Rites Reissue- 36 Crazyfists Drop Tour- Nirvana Lunch- Righteous Biopic - Rare Elvis Fails To Sell- Seemless Remaster- Manson on Letterman- Agnostic Front Go Nuclear- Kataklysm DVD- Bio Rocks- Motley Aerosmith Toy Run- Macca Half Time For Super Bowl- Darkness Farm- Christian 'Sinatra' Slater- Razorlight on Subterranean- White Stripes DVD Tracks- Jake La Botz’ All Soul And No Money- Aroarah rock out with Converse

    Day In Rock 9/7/04 : Snoop Sued For Copyright Infringement- Sony Fake Reviews Suit Settled- Izzy Reunites With GNR Bandmates For Italian Show- Slipknot Invade Korea- Chimaira DVD- Eagles of Death Metal Extend Tour- AMC Recruit Pulse Ultra Axe- ill nino DVD Tracks- 1st Ozzfest Idol Band- Burglary Kills Tour For UK Band- REM Secret Charity Gig- Megadeth Add Axe- Sepultura Plan Next CD, Tour UK With Motorhead- (hed)delay- Orgy Rebooked- Libertines Top UK Chart- Jay Kay's Speeding Not OK- Zutons To Win The Prize?- Cash Auction- 311 DVD, Tour and New CD- Avril's View- Green Day Tour- MTV Flood Relief- Review: Dog The Bounty Hunter- Road Dope - Scott Celani - Slapped: Janet Jackson - The Deformed Nipple Seen 'Round The World

    Day In Rock 7/26 : Coheed Vs. Canada- Durst Endorses Antichrist?- Nirvana Bassist Pens Book- Ramones Film- Brujeria Arrest- U2, Maiden, Leppard In Rock Hall?- Metallica Tribute- Helmet & Clutch Go Locobazooka- Mushroomhead Dropped- Vengeance Reunion- Anthrax Rerecording- Sepultura Delay- All That Remains & Shadows Fall This Fall- Beyond The Embrace Leg Break- Stone Roses Resurrected By Brown- AC/DC Lane Challanged- Real iPod Compatibility- Illinois Jacquet RIP- Times Square West- Inside Rainbow DVD- Van Halen Auction- Rod Buys An Island- Opeth Leave Label- Cold Atlantic Deal- Dry Kill Logic Release- U2 Plan Early CD Release If Leaked- Love Surrenders- Green Day, Beasties For Voodoo- Pogues Reunion- Allman Brothers Team With Lynyrd Skynyrd

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