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    Ozzfest 2002 : Special Coverage including Tour Diary from Neurotica, interviews, pictures, reviews, news and more

    Reviews 05 : Taste of Chaos DVD/CD

    Reviews Nov 04 : The Used - In Love And Death

    Reviews Nov 04 : The Used, Atreyu, The Bled, and The Bronx Live!

    Ozzfest 2002 : Special Coverage including Tour Diary from Neurotica, interviews, pictures, reviews, news and more


    News December 2017 : Justin Bieber Used By Police To Threaten Drunk Drivers 2017 In Review

    News November 2017 : Taylor Swift Used In TV Traffic Report

    News October 2017 : The Used Share New Song 'Rise Up Lights' with Lyric Video

    News October 2017 : Taylor Swift Lyrics Used To Stop Distracted Drivers

    News September 2017 : Pop Classic Used In The Trailer for Wes Anderson's 'Isle of Dogs'?

    News August 2017 : Queens of the Stone Age Unplug For 'The Way You Used to Do'

    News August 2017 : Queens Of The Stone Age Release 'The Way You Used To Do' Video

    News June 2017 : Queens Of The Stone Age Release New Song 'The Way You Used To Do'

    News February 2017 : Justin Bieber Used By Police To Threaten Drunk Drivers

    News December 2016 : Nickelback Won't Be Used As Drunk Driving Punishment After All

    News December 2016 : Johnny Depp Used Music To Escape Abusive Upbringing

    News December 2016 : Nickelback To Be Used To Punish Law Breakers

    News November 2016 : Moth Wings Releases 'I Used To Hate Myself' Video

    News November 2016 : Drake and Future Release New Single 'Used to This'

    News October 2016 : Justin Bieber's Used Milk Glass Auctioned

    News September 2016 : Queen Classic Used In Virtual Reality Experiment

    News September 2016 : Lil Wayne's 'No Mercy' Used As Theme Song for New Sports TV Show

    News August 2016 : Motley Crue Song Used In NFL Commercial

    News July 2016 : Nightwish Song To Be Used At Rio Summer Olympics

    News June 2016 : Unreleased Prince Music Used In Versace Fashion Show

    News April 2016 : Paul Mccartney Classic Used In Mr. Robot Trailer

    News April 2016 : AC/DC Classic Used To Fight Cancer

    News January 2016 : Billy Currington Streams New Single 'It Don't Hurt Like it Used To'

    News December 2015 : Mansion Studio Used By Bowie, Pink Floyd To Reopen

    News November 2015 : The Used Confirm Split With Quinn Allmann

    News November 2015 : The Used Announce 15th Anniversary Tour

    News November 2015 : Steely Dan Music Used To Celebrate Empire State Building Milestone

    News October 2015 : Lamb Of God Song Used In TV Horror Game Show Preview

    News October 2015 : Gwen Stefani Releases 'Used to Love You' Video

    News October 2015 : Gwen Stefani Returns With New Single 'Used To Love You'

    News October 2015 : Taylor Swift Hit Being Used By Hospital To Fight The Flu

    News September 2015 : Aerosmith Classic Used In New 'Uncharted' PS4 Game Commercial

    News September 2015 : Sara Bareilles Reveals New Song 'She Used to Be Mine'

    News September 2015 : Zac Harmon Used Mainstream Gigs To Launch Blues Career

    News September 2015 : Led Zeppelin Classic Used In Destiny: The Taken King Trailer

    News August 2015 : Ceiling Collapse During Concert At Venue Used In Prince's Purple Rain

    News May 2015 : Jay Z Collaborator Marina Abramovic Feels Used By Rapper

    News April 2015 : Scotty McCreery's 'See You Tonight' Used In Airplane Wedding Proposal

    News April 2015 : Russell Crowe Claims Michael Jackson Used to Prank Call Him

    News March 2015 : Metal Band Says Kanye West Used Their Logo

    News March 2015 : Luke Bryan Used To Help Two-Year-Old With Leukemia

    News March 2015 : Don Dokken's Voice 'Isn't What It Used To be' Says Lynch

    News February 2015 : The Used's Quinnn Allman Taking A Year Off

    News January 2015 : Anthrax Used New Album Song For Game Of Thrones

    News January 2015 : John Bassett Used Arcade Messiah's Debut To Get His Anger Out

    News January 2015 : Steve Miller Band Classic Used In Taco Bell Commercial

    News December 2014 : The Used Announce UK Headline Tour

    News July 2014 : Scorpions Classic Used In New TV Commercial

    News June 2014 : Guns N' Roses Classic Used In 'Shocking' PSA

    News June 2014 : Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera Used as Code Names for Cocaine

    News March 2014 : John Lennon, Kurt Cobain, Elvis, Tupac Used In Beer Commercial

    News March 2014 : The Used Streaming New Album Imaginary Enemy Online

    News March 2014 : Video For Johnny Cash's 'She Used to Love Me a Lot' Released

    News February 2014 : Lorde Used For Fan Made 'Game of Thrones' Trailer

    News February 2014 : The Used Release 'Cry' Video

    News January 2014 : Metallica Classic Used To Preview Dragster 800

    News January 2014 : Black Sabbath Classic Used In New Movie's TV Commercial

    News December 2013 : Toto Member Upset Their Song 'Africa' Used In Mandela Broadcast

    News December 2013 : Aerosmith Selling Off Used Road Equipment

    News October 2013 : Britney Spears' Music Used To Scare Away Somali Pirates

    News October 2013 : Gum Used By Gene Simmons of KISS Sells For Almost $250K

    News September 2013 : Rush Classic To Be Used on Monday Night Football Promo

    News August 2013 : Mike Doughty Launching (Used To Be In) Soul Coughing Tour

    News June 2013 : Bill Wyman Says Rolling Stones Used To Fake Each Other's Autographs

    News January 2013 : Beyonce's Used Wedding Dress For Sale

    News January 2013 : Pitchfork Video Used to Jail Rapper

    News November 2012 : Led Zeppelin Classics To Be Used On NBC's Revolution

    News October 2012 : Aerosmith Used Pump Era Riff On New Song Out Go The Lights

    News October 2012 : Lutfi's Lawyer Says Britney Spears Used Amphetamines

    News October 2012 : KISS Song Used In TV Commercial and App

    News August 2012 : Why The Kinks Used Jimmy Page and A Common Myth Debunked

    News August 2012 : The Killers Used Five Different Producers On New Album

    News August 2012 : Sea World Never Used Motley Crue Songs

    News July 2012 : AC/DC Used As Weapon Against Iran

    News July 2012 : Twin Atlantic Hitting The Road With The Used

    News July 2012 : Judas Priest Classic Used in Honda Commercial

    News July 2012 : Slayer Frontman No Longer Enjoys Touring Like He Used To

    News June 2012 : Fake Soldier Photo Used On America's Got Talent

    News May 2012 : Jillian Michaels Doubts Beyonce Used Master Cleanse

    News April 2012 : American Idol Mansion Used By Playboy

    News March 2012 : Dead Sara Announce Dates With The Used

    News March 2012 : Whitney Houston Death Room Will No Longer Be Used?

    News March 2012 : Kim Kardashian No Longer Used by Mexican Plastic Surgeon

    News Dec 2011 : Amp Used on Beatles Revolver and Sgt Pepper's Up For Auction

    News Oct 2011 : Nirvana Used For X-Factor Backlash

    News Sep 2011 : New Rihanna This Fall- Interscope Offices Used For Drug Trafficking?- Big Week for Lady Antebellum- Katy Perry's Sixth Coming- Boyz II Justin Bieber- more

    News Sep 2011 : The Used Go Dental

    News Sep 2011 : Megadeth Song Used in Terror Threat

    News July 2011 : Former Black Sabbath Singer Used Vacuum To Learn Music

    News June 2011 : Simple Plan Used Marriage Counseling

    News May 2011 : Tactical Team Used For Vinnie Vincent Arrest

    News April 2011 : Glee Actor Fired- American Idol Vote Changes Over Pia?- Michael Jackson Autopsy Photos To Be Used- Disowns My Humps- Foundation Closed- more

    News January 2011 : 3-D technology Intended of Michael Jackson Used by Kid Infinity

    News January 2011 : Nine Inch Nails, A Day To Remember, Hawthorne Heights, The Used Added to Guitar Hero

    News December 2010 : Dawes Song Used in Chevrolet Silverado Ad

    News 2010 : Megadeth, Weezer, P.O.D., The Used, Sum 41 for Guitar Hero

    News 2010 : Anthrax Reunion?- Slipknot For Governor- Ataris Singer in Bad Wreck- Ramones Murderer Sentenced- Bret Michaels Walking- Limp Snoop- Used Cancel Tour and more

    News 2010 : Taylor Swift Being Used To Sell Digital Cameras

    News 2010 : The Used Spring Two and 2 Dollar EPs

    News 09 : The Used Announce Winter Tour

    News 09 : Want To Meet Anvil, Between The Buried And Me, Dethklok And Mastodon, Atreyu And Escape The Fate, Taking Back Sunday, Tesla, The Used and more

    News 09 : The Used Music Video Collection

    News 09 : Used Preview For Twits

    News 09 : Drive A Added To The Used Tour

    News 09 : The Used Hitting The Road

    News 09 : The Bloody Used

    News 09 : The Used Pimping Limited Edition

    News 09 : The Used Set New Release

    News 09 : Satriani vs Coldplay: YouTube Comments Could Be Used in Court

    News 09 : Current Stars Cover Old Stars for Warner Anniversary

    News Sep 08 : Oasis Tour Over?, TRL RIP, Aerosmith Used Cars, CSI: Nelly, Best Buy Nabs Napster, Digital Disturbed, The Killers Set Release and more

    News Jan 08 : Muscat Says Faster Pussycat Has Used All 9 Lives

    News Jan 08 : Unsigned Bands Get Used by Samsung

    News Nov 07 : Driving While Britney Could Be Used Against You In Court

    News Nov 07 : Ozzy Used To Nab Deadbeat Dads

    News Sep 07 : What To Watch

    News Aug 07 : Army of Me Get Used

    News Aug 07 : The Used Back on the Road

    News June 07 : Surgery DeWarps The Used

    News May 07 : What To Buy

    News May 07 : Used Preview

    News May 07 : The Used Paralyze YouTube

    News April 07 : The Used and the Worm

    News March 07 : Even More Warped Bands

    News February 07 : The Worm Gets Used

    News January 07 : Vh1 Armed With The Used To Be Famous

    News January 07 : Mafia Law Used Against DJs

    News December 06 : Taste of Chaos Dates

    News December 06 : Used DVD

    News November 06 : Rancid Get Used

    News September 06 : Drummer Was Used

    News September 06 : Drummer All Used Up

    News May 06 : The Distance Used

    News Dec 05 : Taste the Best of Chaos

    News Nov 05 : System of a Used?

    News Nov 05 : Used Vs MCR

    News Nov 05 : Happy Used Christmas

    News Oct 05 : Used Xmas

    News Sept 05 : Used DVD Set

    News Aug 05 : Used Queen

    News Aug 05 : Taste of Chaos CD/DVD

    News Aug 05 : Glassjaw Used Up

    News Aug 05 : H2O Replace Glassjaw

    News July 05 : Taste Of Chaos UK

    News June 05 : Used Glassjaw

    News June 05 : Metal Awards

    News June 05 : More Shirts for a Cure

    News May 05 : Used / Glassjaw Tour

    News May 05 : Intl Chaos

    News May 05 : Chaos Down Under

    News April 05 : Used/MCR Charity Cover

    News Sep 04 : The Used Announce Tour

    News May 2004 : Boy Used Chat Room To Plot His Own Murder

    News March 04 : Korn, Linkin Park, Snoop Dogg and The Used Tour Dates

    News Sept 2003 : Artist Used eBay To Finance New CD

    News March 2003 : RI Club Owners Knowingly Used Highly Flammable Foam.

    antiMUSIC News March 2000 : Backstreet Boys Music used as Torture.

    Day In Rock 4/06/05 : Jello Vs Idol- Britney TV- Jesus Tool- Jacko Shower- Suicidal Illness?- Dimebag Sculpture- C Murder No More- Napalm Death Toy- Used/MCR Charity Cover- Green Day Stadium Gigs- Ripper Solo- Anthrax DVD- Nugent Appeal- Terror Reissue- Dropkick Murphys Release- Megafest- Nirvana Joins Congress- Napster TV- Radio Crime- Vh1 Boss- KISS Cover to Cover- Modern Drummer Fest- Chevelle Announce Tour- Mudvayne Ozzfest- Wakefield in May- Dog Faced Gods Debut

    Day In Rock 3/25/05 : Rap Leads To Arrest- Song Theft Outkast?- Red Hot Brawl- Jacko Guard Busted- Smashing Downloads- Idol Judge Fined- PETA Used- Who Delay- Metaller Vs Boy Band- Priest/Queensryche Tour- UFO Tour- Damageplan To Appear- Spongebob KISS?- Atheist Reissues?- Jizzy Leaves Adler- Megafest- Jadakiss Probation- Sharpton FCC Rap- Jacko Smoking Gun?- dredg in June- DJ Slayer- Strhess Lineup- Anthrax Reunion Official- Collins Out of Danger- Breaking Dates- Dark New Days- Sister Hazel Digital- Minneapolis Mayhem- Tom Petty/Black Crowes Tour!- Bob Is Cool

    Day In Rock 3/15/05 : Ozzy Talk Show- Head Vs Korn- Please Shoot 50 Cent- Ozzfest Dates- Audioslave Tour- Ace Movie on DVD- UFO USA- Doherty 86ed- Franz Parliament- Mars Volta Single- Bloodjinn Tour- Sum Ludacris- Matchbox Solo Tour- U2 Inducted- Cream DVD- DMB in May- Maiden Live DVD / Leeds - Anthrax Countdown- Foo Fighters Honor- Solo Mojo- Stones Surprise- Slipknot Delay- Chimaira in July- Teenage Fanclub Delay- The Bled recording- Accuser Denied Jackson Abuse - American Idol Finalist Drops Out - Bono Rags- Dream Theater Release- Roger Daltry 'Rocks' - Best Of Rory Gallagher- Biomechanical US Debut- Broken Teeth DVD- Ocean Colour Scene Release- Oasis in Hollywood- Ben Jackson Group Release- More bloodsimple dates- MCR/Used $2

    Day In Rock 2/23/05 : On-Stage Brawl For Pete - Jessica Simpson Hospitalized- Satanic Killers Sentenced- Motorhead Classic DVD- Britney Sued- 50 Cent Leak- Korn Lose Head- HoobaRevolver- Warning: Backstreet Boys Return- White Stripes Recording- Oasis Done Recording- Taste of Chaos DVD- Sublime Tribute- Blink 'Hiatis'- Machine Head Tour- Manowar Orchestra- Singer Sentenced- Metallica Outtakes?- Mustaine Magamad- Night Fever Sale- This Day in Rock- Teenage Kicks- Roky Erickson Retrospect- The Used for $2- MCR w/Green Day- Citizen Cope Headline Run- A Thorn For Every Heart Dates- Macca New Deal- Aqualung US Release- Fall Out Boy Dates

    Day In Rock 1/24/05 : j.lo Vs Usher- GNR in April?- Motley Ban- SOAD For Download- Ginger Joins Brides- Costello Opera- Beck Leak- 60K Attend Tsunami Concert- Kylie Sues Producer- Teen Beats King- Anselmo Speaks- Smashing Reunion- Used Skate Co- Fearless 80s Punk- NIN Update- Thursday Move Forward- P2P Jail?- Ripper Solo- Accept Lineup- Doors Book- Lamb of God Reissue- War of the Stone Roses- U2 To Play Grammys- Injury Delays Duran Duran Tour Plans- Interpol Expand Tour- Super Bowl Half Time Lineup- Raven's Heart Benefit- Skynyrd Super Bowl - U2 Tap Kings of Leon for US Tour- Fates Warning Temps- Vadar's new release in 2005! - Dimebag Darrell: The Guitar World Tribute- Billy Idol Returns- QOTSA Preview- Beyond Warped DVD

    Day In Rock 8/30/04 : VMA Winners (rock and pop)- Avril Stalker Charged- 50 Cent Booed Off Stage- Band Pelted With Bottles At Reading Fest- Ja Rule Crib Fraud- Weiland Vs. GNR Fans- Darkest Hour Denied Entry Into Canada- Monster Magnet Nix Tour?- Libertines Ban Pete- Living End Best Of, DVD- Engine Down Robbed- Air & Stereolab Going To Cali- Darkness Win Kerrang! Award- Screaming Trees Hits- Love A Martyr?- Society 1 Recording- Ministry Pissing Razors- Kinks 40th- Kevin Shirley Vs. Record Labels - Laura Branigan Rip- Tsunami Bomb Soph Effort- The Used Tracks- Phenomenauts Set 2nd Release- Indie Online Promotion Workshop- Fuel Lose Drummer- Maiden Future Plans- GNR CD Delay Explained

    Day In Rock 8/4 : Love Vs. Manson- Cantrell Heart Jam- 50 Cent Down With Simpsons- Boomtown Hits- Kravitz Maps Out Tour- Stapp Solo debut- Twisted Sister Electrified with AC/DC Frontman- Chimaira Explain Musical Drummers- Thrice Vocal Solo- Nick Cave Double CD- Queers, Gamits Tour Kickoff- Van Halen Glitch Explained- Fates Warning Return With New CD- Cinderella Goes Solo- Anthrax Skateboards- Serj, Homme, Perry Shortlist- Atreyu, Bleeding Through Team for Rocktober Tour- Traffic Reunion Halted By Illness- Billy Idol Return- Waters' Wall Protest- Rise Against Preview- KGB Band- Ex-Creed Tour- Rollins To Rock The Troops- Jimmy Eat World MP3-EP- The Beta Band Disband- Warped Wednesday- Blackfield Debut- Charlie Watts Jazzes Up Solo Effort- The Used Set Date, Single

    Day In Rock 7/15 : New York Doll Dies- Feeder eCD- Reznor Speaks- Faith No Bjork- Resident Evil Pushed Back- Megadeth Tracklist- Headbanger's Ball Vol 2- Van Halen Hits Release Dates- Lacuna Coil Top 100K In Sales- Duran Duran Box Set- Used Sophomore CD- Legal Guardian Appointed For Courtney Love- Silly News: Beware of Gas- Cannibal Corpse Accused of Racism By Canadian Authorities- Maroon 5 Take Time on 2nd CD- Maroon 5 Take Time on 2nd CD- Sigur Rós Plot Next Release- Dylan Wine- APC Release Date Shuffle- Anti-Flag DVD- Korn Go Indie- Ozzy & Priest Get Special GW Coverage- RAINN Benefit CD- Future Leaders of the World- The X-Headz Are Coming- Story of the Year, Lostprophets, My Chemical Romance, and Letter Kills Fall Tour

    Day In Rock 5/25 : Linkin Park Punk'd- Blink-182 Gangbangin'?- Jessica Simpson As Daisy Duke- Chimaira- Destruction Arrest- Disturbed Damageplan Dates- Corgan Sports Announcer- Courtney Road Rampage- RIAA- Santana- Alice Cooper- AC/DC Movie- The Used- Beastie Boys- Deep Avril?- Bandstand Redux- New Order- more

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