Singled Out: Madame Mayhem's All Around The World

We had some much with Madame Mayhem with her last Singled Out that we asked her back for a special Halloween visit to tell us about the song "All Around The World" from her brand new album. Here is the story:

All the songs on my new album "Ready For Me" are super personal. I write about my frustrations, trying to get through the rough times, my anxieties and insecurities, some messed up stuff that has happened to me along the way, relationship devastation, you name it. I noticed only afterwards that audiences are really getting 'the dirt' on me through this album. I was super honest, vulnerable, and didn't hold back during the writing process of these songs.

The first single/video "All Around The World" is the perfect intro to the album. "All Around The World" is really about feeling like it's you against the world, and racing against time. It's about the pressures to succeed in such a short amount of time, people thinking they know best, and are lost in their own worlds, only concerned about themselves. In this rat race we all live in today, it's getting harder and harder to break through, even if you work your ass off. The sound is upbeat. It's kind of a more straight-forward pop punkish vibe. Though we usually are huge fans of incorporating harmonies in our arrangements, my producer Corey Lowery and I thought that since this song is really about feeling like it's just you against the world, we tried to make it sound like just one melody line, one voice, against all this hard hitting music. The verses are also supposed to make you feel that anxiety and panic that I have on a daily basis, as I'm sure many of us do. But it's a super fun song to rock out to when you are just listening to it without over analyzing it.

The music video was a really fun one to shoot. I got to work with Industrialism films once again. I think viewers and listeners are really going to enjoy it!

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself as you watch the official video here and learn more about the album right here!


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