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David Lee Roth Meeting With Van Halen Brothers To Discuss Plans

Van Halen lead singer David Lee Roth shared in a new interview that he plans to meet with his bandmates Eddie and Alex Van Halen to discuss future plans for the legendary group.

The outspoken frontman revealed the news in a social media clip shared by Toazted on Saturday. Roth said (via Sleaze Roxx), "There is certainly more music. If you want hear more updates, dial into davidleeroth.com, the David Lee Roth, The Roth Show.

"All roads lead to David Lee Roth after this many summers. Plenty of music coming up. I'm going to be seeing the Van Halen brothers next week or so. We'll be talking about what's coming up then."

He was also asked it there is new Van Halen music with his vocals and he responded, "I make no promises but I make promises but I don't. I have to publicize now that I'm not talking."

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Journey's Steve Perry Excited By Response To 'Traces'

Former Journey frontman Steve Perry is pleased with the fan response to his comeback album, "Traces", which he released last fall and marked his first new music in two decades.

Perry was a guest on The Jim Brickman Show was asked about how fans reacted to the new record. He responded, "It's been great. It's been really great. It's been an interesting experience to release a record in this age that we live in. Meaning, it's such a different landscape... Now we're streaming, now we've got everything... all this stuff. And so it's been such an interesting experience to release music into the new landscape of what it all means.

"We're streaming, we're still selling some on iTunes.... Nobody sells records anymore, everybody's streaming. But I didn't do this to sell records. If people wanna own it and take it with them, then that's beautiful. But if you wanna listen to it, that's also beautiful, 'cause all I wanted to do - and I said this to many of my friends...

"The reason I make music again was, number one, to keep a promise that I wouldn't go back into isolation. And number two, I wanted to just see if I was viable as a songwriter, singer, arranger, mixer, producer. I wanted to see if I could even remotely do some sort of creative involvement with all that.

"And in the beginning, it was challenging, because of the new technologies. But now I've embraced the living crap out of all of it. I have a great studio."

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311 Ask What The?! With New Song

311 have released a lyric video for their brand new song "What The?!" The track comes from the band's forthcoming album "Voyager," which will be hitting stores on July 12th.

Lead singer Nick Hexum had this to say about the new song, "'What The?!' is 311 in full jam band mode. This one is super fun to play live with lots of tasty riffs from the mind of Tim Mahoney.

"He does some ripping soloing in this one. Lyrically, it's a grab-bag of random stream-of-conscience mostly from SA. It's about navigating life's travails to find the sweet stuff. Looking forward to playing this one under the stars!" Watch the video here.

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Metallica Share 'Here Comes Revenge' Live Video

(hennemusic) Metallica are streaming video of a performance their 2016 track, "Here Comes Revenge", from a June 11 concert at Johan Cruijff Arena in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The "Hardwired...To Self-Destruct" song - which saw its live debut in Lubbock, TX back in March - has been featured regularly during the group's current European tour, which continues this week with a pair of shows in the UK.

This fall, Metallica will team up with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra to open the new Chase Center in San Francisco, CA on September 6.

Billed as S&Mē (Symphony and Metallica 2) in honor of the 20th Anniversary of the pairing's 1999 live performance recording "S&M", the event will mark the inaugural show at the city's new arena and future home of the NBA's Golden State Warriors.

"There's more people on stage," says James Hetfield, "and there's actually real musicians on stage. And we're a lot more nervous. But it adds to the power. It adds to the opportunities for dynamics, for creating moods with the music, bringing people in, walls of sound - all kinds of great opportunities added by having a symphony along with you, along for the ride.

"It's a beautiful opportunity, and we're super proud that, after 38 years, there's still cool things like this on the horizon for us, and we're still able to explore and have some fun with some new friends."

Two days after opening night, Metallica will play an exclusive show for fan club members at the venue. Watch the video here.

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Killswitch Engage Frontman Jesse Leach Excited About 'Epic' New Album

Killswitch Engage frontman Jesse Leach took to social media last week to share his excitement over the band's forthcoming album, which is expected to hit stores this fall.

Leach posted the following message to fans via Instagram. He wrote, "Today I listened to the new album in its entirety while climbing a mountain. Yes, it was epic!

"After all the time, blood, sweat, tears and a damn vocal surgery...I have to say I wouldn't change a thing. At first, I was a bit crestfallen that a few songs I truly loved didn't make the cut. Now after time has passed (and I've not listened to it for a while), I listened with fresh ears today. I gotta say I am quite satisfied! The messages, the tones, the track listing order, the artwork, the overall feel of this album, it just feels fresh!

"I feel there is something for everyone on this one. It captures the wide range of styles and topics that are part of our history as a band as well as pushing things just a touch. It is a pretty amazing feeling as a very picky and perpetually unsatisfied (and fairly insecure) artist to feel accomplished.

"Anyway, enough out of me for now, more to come in the next month or so! Until then, many thanks for all the love and support my friends! Here is to another chapter and another album cycle on the way!"

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Brantley Gilbert Releases New Song 'Man That Hung The Moon'

Brantley Gilbert has shared another song from his forthcoming studio album and just in time for Father's Day, the track is entitled "Man That Hung The Moon" and is inspired by his growing family.

He explained that he wrote the song at his home in one sitting. "We had actually just found out that we were pregnant with our second, a baby girl due this September, the day I wrote this song. I sat down to write them a letter, but I'm a songwriter first so I ended up with this song."

"You're gonna think I hung the moon / That I made the sky / That the sun rises / And sets inside my eyes; And it won't be long / 'Til I hear daddy's home / And footsteps runnin' to the man that hung the moon"

"One day you'll realize I've lost my cape, I can't fly / And I'm only human / And you'll need more than me / But you'll know to hit your knees; If I've done my job right, you'll know where to find the Man who really hung the moon." Listen to it here

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Caleb Johnson Comes Full Circle With Rival Sons Frontman

American Idol Season 13 winner Caleb Johnson has digitally released his sophomore album "Born From Southern Ground," which features the song "Solid Gold" that he co-wrote with Rival Sons frontman Jay Buchanan and Blair Daly.

Caleb had this to say about the track, "I hold the highest admiration and respect for both Blair and Jay as musicians and people. I've been fortunate to have written some of the best songs of my career with Blair, and have been a massive fan of Jay's voice and his band Rival Sons since 2010! I am honored that they would let me record 'Solid Gold.'

"The meaning of the song resonates deeply with me, because it is an anthem of pursuing your dreams and never giving up. I feel a lot of people can relate to that message on any given level of life. And singing 'Solid Gold' is a full circle moment for me, because I went from singing a Rival Sons song on 'American Idol' to having a song on my album written by the singer of that band!" Listen to it here.

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Michael Schenker Fest Release 'Rock Steady' Video

Michael Schenker Fest have released a music video for their new single "Rock Steady". The track comes from their forthcoming sophomore album "Revelation", which is set to be released on September 20th.

Schenker had the following to say about the track, "This song almost did not make it on the album. It developed from a 'maybe' into a definite, after we swapped things around like an added solo, psychedelic pieces, the lyrics, the slide plus all the other goodies and sprinkles. It turned out to be a party song telling my story, capturing many aspects of music.

"It was originally a song for guest musicians to be featured on the album, the ones I had in mind were Ronnie Wood and Mick Jagger; it had that kind of feel. Ronnie actually introduced his family to me in my dressing room in Hammersmith back in the '80s and I've heard he's a fan!

So, I had asked my son Taro to knock on Ronnie's door, since they both live in Barcelona, and tell Ronnie to bring Mick with him. The Beatles and The Stones were two of the first bands I got into.

"I had the pleasure to jam with Paul McCartney on an MSG album. Ronnie and Mick would have closed the cycle, but when Ted [McKenna, drums] passed away we had to focus on other things instead. We ended up scrapping the whole guest idea!" Watch the video here.

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Wednesday 13 Reissues Albums On Vinyl and Digitally

Napalm Records have reissued several Wednesday 13 albums, which will make the first some some of the titles will be available in vinyl format.

The LP and digital reissues were released this past Friday, June 14th and include Skeletons, Bloodwork, Calling All Corpses, Spook & Destroy, The Dixie Dead, Undead Unplugged, Monsters Of The Universe: Come Out And Play plus the Casualties & Tragedies album by Wednesday 13's project Gunfire 76.

Wednesday 13 had this to say, "All my favourite stuff, like KISS and Alice Cooper and Twisted Sister, those guys set the bar pretty high. I always wanted to do something in the worlds of those bands.

"That's the blueprint. It had to be as outrageous and crazy as that and I wanted to be on someone's wall one day and have their parents say 'Oh my god, what is that?' The formula's still there from when I started doing it as a kid and started wanting to be in a band. It's just GI Joe and Dracula!"

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Devin Townsend Announces ERAS Part Box Set

Devin Townsend has announced a August 23rd release date for the 4th installment of his career-spanning vinyl box-set series, entitled 'ERAS Part 4.'

The collection will include 'Ziltoid The Omniscient' & 'Zē - Dark Matters', plus the vinyl debut of 'Ziltoid Live At The Royal Albert Hall' & 'The Retinal Circus' - across 9 pieces of 180g vinyl inside a sturdy 2-piece box set with an LP-booklet filled with liner notes and comments by Devin.

Devin had this to say, "Continuing in the ERAS series is volume 4, these box sets have been very special to me in that commemorating the times and experiences of the past work allows me-for once- to stop and reflect on all the effort and time that went into documenting these moments. I'm exceptionally proud of these albums, and to have a complete set of the work at this level of quality is a dream come true for me."

Several limited colored vinyl versions are available for preorder here.

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MC5 And The Stooges Stars Lead Guests On Mitch Ryder's New Album

(Glass Onyon) Mitch Ryder assembled an all-star cast of special guest musicians to join him on his new covers album "Detroit Breakout". We were sent the following details:

The album celebrates both the music of Detroit as well as the classic, timeless songs of Ryder's generation. From a smokin' new version of Ryder's own blockbuster hit single "Devil With A Blue Dress On" to The Capitols' "Cool Jerk" to Otis Redding's "(Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay, Detroit Breakout! has something for every true rock n' roller including special guest performances by fellow Motor City alumni James Williamson of The Stooges and Wayne Kramer of MC5 as well as blues legends Joe Louis Walker and Arthur Adams PLUS the New York Dolls' Sylvain Sylvain, The Runaways' Cherie Currie, daughter of B.B. King, Shirley King and more!

Many of the guests who contributed to the project sang the praises of both Ryder and the project as a whole: "I love Mitch Ryder and I love 'Devil With A Blue Dress On.' Always one of my favorite songs. I had fun playing on the track. The finished version with Mitch sounds really current. Wow...just killer! - James Williamson (The Stooges) here.

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Clutch Announce UK And European Tour

(hennemusic) Clutch have announced dates for a winter tour of the UK and Europe in support of their latest album, "Book Of Bad Decisions." The 3-week, 14-show series will open in Wiesbaden, Germany on December 2 before hitting France and Spain and ending with a four concert run in the UK before Christmas.

"We are super excited to have Kamchatka and Graveyard out with us on this year's European tour," says drummer Jean-Paul Gaster. "We are massive fans of both bands. Joakim of Graveyard is one of my favourite singers out there today. I look forward to watching him and the band put down some serious grooves. Of course, our friends Kamchatka always bring the boogie so get there early and be ready for an evening of good old rock'n'roll. See you soon!"

Clutch shared news of the winter shows prior to hitting the stage at the UK's Download Festival on June 14, the opening gig of a seven-date European trek that will be followed by more US concerts - including the third edition of their own Earth Rocker Festival at Shiley Acres in Inwood, WV on Saturday, July 13. See the dates here.

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He Is Legend Release 'Boogiewoman' Video

He Is Legend have released a new music video for their track "Boogiewoman". The song comes from the group's forthcoming album "White Bat", which will be hitting stores on June 28th.

Frontman Schuylar Croom had this to say, "Myles Erfurth [the clip's director] and I have been trying to team up for a while now. It was a pleasure making this as we are both horror fanatics. We knew we had something special when one of our actors walked off set because the vibe was a little too dark for her.

"I think this the best way to showcase the horror aspect Legend has always brought to the table. We had the pleasure of having our friend Britney Fontaine do the horror gags for us as well, which was super exciting. This will not be the last thing we team up to shoot, that's for sure!" Watch it here.

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Harm's Way Launching North American Summer Tour

Harm's Way have announced that they will be hitting the road later this summer for a short North American tour in support of their latest album "Posthuman".

They will be launching the trek on August 7th with a home town show at Chicago's Beat Kitchen and will wrap things up on August 18th in Washington D.C. at the R&R Hotel.

The band will be supported on the tour by Jesus Piece (all by the Waterford stop), Portrayal Of Guilt, and Fuming Mouth. See the dates here.

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Bloody Hammers Release 'Let Sleeping Corpses' Lie Video

Bloody Hammers have released a brand new music video for their single "Let Sleeping Corpses Lie". The track comes from their forthcoming album "The Summoning".

The duo's fifth studio album is set to hit stores via Napalm Records on June 26th and the video can be streamed here. Anders Manga had this to say about the clip:

"'Let Sleeping Corpses Lie' was the first song I wrote for what has become 'The Summoning' album. I really liked the song so it inspired all the rest of the material. We had fun with the video and clearly reflects our love of classic British horror."

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All The Colours Bring Back 90s Alt Rock With 'Tear It Down'

Melbourne, Australia rockers All The Colours have released a video for their new single "Tear It Down." The track comes from their forthcoming album "Vol. 3".

The new record is the band's homage to the 1990s alt-rock scene. Frontman Joshua Moriarty explains, "Each record we have made has had a different focus, a different set of influences at it's core and Vol. 3 is definitely our tribute to the 90's, an era we will always cherish."

He had this to say about the new single, "The song is about the impending doom of society, how if we don't change things soon and break down some of our current systems we will descend into chaos. "I'm a bit of a pessimist in my darker moments and this song was a way for me to express those feelings. I'm definitely as guilty as the next person of propagating a flawed system but I think writing songs in this vein is a way to make myself culpable and force myself to actually practice what I preach!". Watch the video here.

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Generationals Release 'Breaking Your Silence' Video

Generationals have released a music video for their new single "Breaking Your Silence". The song comes from the group's forthcoming album "Reader As Detective", which will be released on July 19th.

Grant Widmer had this to say about the new clip, "I dreamt of a day when we could make our music and blast it into the vast wilderness, void of people and their pettiness and fighting. So we made a video with this in mind, as a love letter to our true, pure audience: horses and trees. "

Director Spencer Kelly added, "When the Generationals team came to me with the concept of the piece, I knew there was loads of potential to explore the various levels to it. It's a music video within a music video in a way. So my main goal was finding the proper balance of telling two stories within one frame. Placing the ad truck in the countryside was intriguing enough on its own, but it was finding little ways to bring the world around it alive that was the fun part." Watch the video here

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Singled Out: The Frst's Cycles

Nashville rockers The Frst recently released a new single called "Cycles" and to celebrate we asked group mastermind Mikei Gray to tell us about the song. Here is the story:

For years, I have said that fashion, culture, and music, all essentially move in a cycle of somewhere between 20-30 years in terms of what we are culturally being influenced by and what is deemed "fresh" vs "outdated". For example, in music, when the screamo scene grew in the early 2000s it felt reminiscent of the 80s to me (i.e.: hairspray, tight fitting clothes, higher range vocals, guitar technique) and of course this decade we see a lot of inspiration coming from the 90s rock renaissance...which personally I think is long overdue! However, we already can see things moving again towards an early 00s hip hop - rock post-modern feel in sound and style...hence, the lyrical concept for Cycles.

Musically, it wasn't until I wrote the chorus/intro guitar riff that the rest of the song unfolded. The verse was kind of a spaced out version of the main riff to let the drums carry the band, instead of the guitar.

In regards to the track, I was basically picturing a biker punk band in the desert covering "Bullet The Blue Sky" by U2...maybe on psychedelics (or maybe not!)."

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself right here!

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