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Metallica Declared World's Biggest Touring Act

Metallica recently completed the latest leg of their WorldWired tour and Polls star is marking the occasion by making their case that the trash legends are the "biggest all-time touring band."

The trade publication crunched the numbers and discovered that since 1982, Metallica has sold almost 22.1 million concert tickets and have grossed $1.4 billion, according to the Pollstar Boxoffice stats.

When compared to their rock contemporaries, Guns N' Roses comes in a distant second in dollars with almost $800 million gross, and on tickets sales they easily top AC/DC (14.3 million) and Ozzy Osbourne (10 million).

Lars Ulrich told Pollstar, "I keep thinking and forcing myself to think all our best years are still ahead of us. We may even turn professional and do this full time one day.

"That's the MO. It's always, 'What's your favorite record?' It's the next one, the one we haven't recorded yet. it's always about the possibilities, always about what can be, what's coming.

"That, to me, is what this is all about and I think that attitude is a big part of the why Metallica still connects to so many people around the world.

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AC/DC Singer Previews Robert Plant TV Interview

AXS TV have shared a preview clip of their week's "Brian Johnson: A Life on the Road", which will feature the legendary AC/DC frontman interviewing Led Zeppelin icon Robert Plant.

The episode will air this Sunday (September 22) at 9pE. Plant looked back at the early days of Led Zeppelin the preview clip. He said, "I suppose Cream, The Grateful Dead, the white blues thing was kickin' in. And you had that great west coast thing going on with Jefferson Airplane and stuff. You had a sub-culture develop, and we kind of attached ourselves to that.

"We didn't have any social statements to make. We weren't visionaries, in that sense. But we were, still by our age, at the time, still part of that huge movement of energy."

"I think for all of us, it was just serendipity that you could actually have four people... I mean me and Bonzo had played a lot together. Jimmy and John had been in various bands but they were session guys, and they were pretty well heeled, you know, pretty hot on the scene. But it didn't matter to me and Bonzo, all we wanted to do was get a square meal." Watch the clip here.

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Sum 41 To Celebrate 'Chuck' Anniversary On Tour

Sum 41 have announced that they will be celebrating the 15th anniversary of their "Chuck" album on their upcoming North American headline tour.

The band is launching the tour in support of their latest album "Order In Decline" and decided to add a celebration of "Chuck" to the trek, which will feature The Amity Affliction and The Plot In You.

Frontman Deryck Whibley explained, "We are so excited to be hitting the road throughout North America for the Order In Decline World Tour. We'll be combining two of our heaviest albums, as well as fan favorites from throughout our career into one behemoth sized set each night.

"We couldn't let this monumental anniversary pass us by and we are so ready to bring 2 full albums (and then some) worth of music to fans across the United States". See the dates here.

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Ellefson's Role Changed With Megadeth Reunion

Megadeth cofounder David Ellefson looked back on a failed attempt to return to the band and also what changed when he did reunite with the group in 2010.

Ellefson appeared on the Talk Toomey podcast last month and explained why he decided not to return to the band in the early 2000s after it was on hold due to Dave Mustaine's nerve damage.

He said, "Once Dave put the thing back together with 'The System Has Failed', he told me on the phone, he goes, 'We're gonna put it back together and it's gonna be like it was when I was in charge. He made that very clear. And then right at that moment was when we had our disagreements and we did not come back together. And most of that was about, quite honestly, financially.

"I knew I could continue to fight or, There's two ways to win in a tug of war: you yank the guy over the line, or you let go of the rope and someone falls on their ass - both of you or whatever.

"And in that case, you're able to walk away, 'cause you have to let go. And I realized that in 2005, 2006, whatever that was, I had to just let go. It's, like, 'Let Dave have his thing. Let him do what he wants to do.'"

In 2010, Ellefson finally did return to the band that he helped found, and he explained how things changed, "People all day today have been, 'How have you survived in Megadeth all these years?'. And I think the truth of it is I know my place. I was there in the room when we cast the vision.

None of the other guys along the journey were - none of 'em, except for my friend Greg Handevidt, and, of course, he was only in Megadeth for about two months. But unless you were in that room at that moment when we cast the vision and we sort of dreamt the whole thing up, you're kind of just coming into a part of a story that's already been told.

"[Current guitarist] Kiko is very aware of that - especially from a composing point of view. He really understands Dave as a composer. Kiko himself is a composer. As he said, he goes, 'Me and Dave both play the same instrument, so it's easier for me to communicate with him, because I'm a guitar player too, so we can speak a common language there.'

"When I came back, particularly I was referring to the 'Thirteen' album that we were writing, and I realized it was not gonna be a collaborative process. Which was very different for me, because everything that I did away from Megadeth for those seven, eight years was collaborative."

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New Years Day Go Tarantino For 'Come For Me' Video

New Years Day have premiered a music video for their latest single "Come For Me" and the clip features appearances from Caity (SiriusXM Octane), Spencer (Ice Nine Kills), Trey (Gear Gods & In Virtue) and label mates Lex (3TEETH), Juan of the Dead (Body Count), Nishad & Spencer (The Offering) & Alex (Witherfall).

Ash Costello had this to say, "Music videos are a very big part of what New Years Day stands for. We really put who we are as people and artists into every single detail and I think the video for Come For Me is New Years Day truly becoming something above and beyond visually than we ever have before.

"It's no secret that I am highly driven by movies, specifically horror and cult movies, one of my favorite directors is Quentin Tarantino, and Come For Me is my nod to some of my favorite Quentin Tarantino movies. Including, 'Kill Bill', 'Planet Terror', 'Pulp Fiction' and 'From Dusk Till Dawn'.

"Whether he directed, produced or acted in the movie, everything he's been involved in as highly shaped who I am as a visual artist. Come For Me needed something fun and in your face to match the vibe of the song. My entire goal with the storyline of this video is to make you think of 3 words.... bad mother f***er." here.

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Between The Buried And Me Announce Special Reissue

Between The Buried And Me will be releasing a special 10th anniversary vinyl reissue of their fifth studio album "The Great Misdirect" on November 22nd.

The Craft Recordings reissue will feature the album newly remixed and remastered and will be offered in a shardard black vinyl LP version and the band's official store will be offering a special edition color vinyl version (disc one in translucent orange and disc two in opaque white).

Frontman Tommy Rogers had this to say about the record,, "The Great Misdirect was, in my opinion, one of our greatest achievements up until this point. We really started to hone-in on our more experimental, adventurous sound and showed the world that we are very comfortable in our own musical skin.

"As a group, we came together in a new way and created a genuine album that holds up a decade later. Now, I'm very excited to have it re-mixed by Jamie King and hear how far we have all come. Hopefully, our fans will enjoy the new mix as we have." See the tracklisting here.

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Depeche Mode Film Hitting Theaters For One Night Only

Depeche Mode have announced that their new concert film and feature length documentary, "Spirits In The Forest", will be screened in movie theaters across the globe on November 21st.

For one night only, fans in over 70s countries will be able to watch the award-winning filmmaker and long-time artistic collaborator Anton Corbijn directed film in cinamas.

Dave Gahan had this to say, "I'm exceptionally proud to share this film and the powerful story that it tells. It's amazing to see the very real ways that music has impacted the lives of our fans."

Martin Gore added, "In today's world of turmoil and divisiveness, music really can be a force for good and can bring people together." Find more details, including how to get tickets, here.

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Steve Hackett Releases 'Peace' Video

Steve Hackett previously unreleased video for his track "Peace", which was created by Paul Gosling and will be one of the clips included as a bonus on his upcoming live release.

Hackett will be releasing his 'Genesis Revisited Band & Orchestra: Live' package on October 25th and it will include this new music video along with visuals for "Beasts Of Our Time" and "Under the Eye of the Sun".

The package will be offered in various formats including 2CD + Blu-Ray digipak and 2CD + DVD Multibox internationally, and 2CD + Blu-Ray + DVD in North America. Watch the new video here.

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Van Morrison Streams New Song 'Dark Night Of The Soul'

Van Morrison has released a new track called "Dark Night of The Soul" The song comes from his forthcoming studio album "Three Chords And The Truth."

The new record will be released digitally, on CD and vinyl on October 25th and was produced and written by Van Morrison (except for 'If We Wait for Mountains' which was co-written with Don Black).

He had this to say about the album, "You're just plugging into the feeling of it, more the feeling of it... when they're playing... It's like reading me. So, I think there's more of that connection."

Listen to the new song here and see the tracklisting here.

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The Darkness Release 'Heart Explodes' Video

(hennemusic) The Darkness are streaming a video for "Heart Explodes", the latest single from their forthcoming album, "Easter Is Cancelled," which is due October 4th.

"Uncertain times call for the grandest of gestures," says the band. "We are entirely pleased to announce that we will encircle the world with the wings of inclusivity, by performing our new magnum opus, 'Easter Is Cancelled', in full, at ludicrous volume, on our upcoming tour FOR YOUR EARS AND MINDS! But that's not all! For in addition, we will also be performing all your favourite hits in a subsequent set.

"To celebrate this glorious news, we have released a brand spanking new video for 'Heart Explodes' with footage captured on our recent tour with Ed Sheeran. Come with us people - let's fly to a future worth living in..."

Produced by guitarist Dan Hawkins, "Easter Is Cancelled" marks the UK outfit's sixth studio set and the follow-up to 2017's "Pinewood Smile", which was a Top 10 project in their homeland.

"Easter Is Cancelled" will be released digitally and via standard CD, digipak CD with bonus tracks, gatefold LP, limited-edition color vinyl gatefold LP and cassette.

The Darkness will support the album with a tour of the UK and Ireland that will begin in Cork, Ireland on November 25 and wrap up with a December 20 gig in London before the group takes a break for the seasonal holidays; they'll return to live action for a month-long series of European concerts that will start in Strasbourg, France on January 25. Watch the videohere.

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Charm City Devils Stream New Song 'Skipping Stone'

Charm City Devils are streaming a brand new track called "Skipping Stone", which comes from their forthcoming EP "1904" that is due November 22nd.

Frontman John Allen had this to say, "While writing and collaborating on the songs for 1904. I started reflecting on my life and music career and how the town where I grew up impacted my view of the world.

"The story of Baltimore is a direct parallel to what most people experience in life. In everyone's life there is a change arc. We begin that change with 'uninformed optimism' only to find out that optimism quickly turns to 'informed pessimism,' and as the spiraling continues they ultimately bottom out at 'crisis of meaning.'

"It's in the crisis part of life where a person has to decide if they are going to be stuck or are they going to pick themselves up and begin the upward struggle toward happiness and fulfillment. The first single, 'Skipping Stone,' is a journey into self-awareness and ultimately about being resilient." Listen to it here.

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Nervus Recruit Milk Teeth Star For New Video

Nervus have released a music video guest starring stars Milk Teeth's Becky Blomfield for their track "Fake." The song comes from the new album "Tough Crowd", which is set to hit stores on September 27th.

The new visual features Blomfield and Nervus singer Em Foster encouraging fans to enter a competition to win test pressings and merch by creating their own video for the track using the hashtag #beyourownnervus.

"Once again Nervus are inviting you to Be Your Own Nervus. Do it yourself. A lot of people will try and have you believe that you need lots of money to make your music or be in a band, or that music that has more money spent on it is somehow better. It's not! You can do it too.

"Make your own video to 'Fake', and you could win a whole load of Nervus merch! Just use the hashtag #beyourownnervus and upload your version to YouTube to be in with a chance of winning!" said Em. Watch the video here.

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Kobra And The Lotus Stream New Song 'Thundersmith'

Kobra And The Lotus have released a new lyric video for their track "Thundersmith". The song comes from their new album, Evolution", which hit stores today.

Frontwoman Kobra Paige had this to say about the song, "We've laid the sauce on HARD!!! The guitar licks are groovy as ever and the beat is anthemic. I wrote my vocals about my journey in the music industry as one woman singlehandedly pushing a band.

"This is my way of saying I haven't given up yet. I am what I am. I keep getting up and trying no matter what happens. I'm proud of who I am, I'm going to keep being who I am, and we all should be. If you feel me, hop on my train.

Like Chris Cornell said 'To be yourself is all that you can do'. Let's live empowered, be f***ing brilliant, like we we're supposed to so we can be/do better for ourselves and everyone around us." Watch the video here.

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Singled Out: The Shelters' Tangled Up

Southern California rockers The Shelters released their brand new album "Jupiter Sidecar" today and to celebrate we asked Chase Simpson (vocals, guitar) to tell us about the song "Tangled Up". Here is the story:

Some songs seem to fall out of the sky into your hands, taking you to all to all the places they want to go. It's like they're already written and they just need to flow out through this inexplicable energy source that you've tapped into. And other songs, well they can be like dragging a cat to water. Tangled Up falls somewhere in between...

As a songwriter, I have quite the unfinished pile stacked with melodies, riffs, and words - it's sort of this graveyard where ideas don't go to die, but go to rest. Tangled Up started as something completely different. It was just a chord progression with a lot of humming and a chorus that wasn't quite working, but there was still something about it that I liked... I just wasn't sure exactly what that was.

"You've got me all tangled up over you"

That was the only piece I really had to hold onto, and it wasn't even in the proper chorus. Since I couldn't seem to drive this song out of it's rut, I laid it to rest in the graveyard. Sometimes you gotta take a step back so the rabbit can come out of its hole... as luck would have it, that's just what it needed and Tangled Up would get that second chance that it deserved.

We were deep into the writing process of this record, and all I could think about was songs. I was obsessed. I'd flip through books and magazines hunting for that powerful word. I'd stare at movie titles trying to find a way to make them my own. Everytime someone spoke I was listening for a line, for ?the? line. I was fishing every day, looking anywhere and everywhere for anything that could inspire the next song.

Then one morning, I was taking a shower and doing my best Beegees impersonation, belting into my loofa-mic when that line just popped into my head:

"You've got me all tangled up over you"

... and I had completely forgotten where it came from. It felt like this new incredible idea that had just fallen out of the sky. Before I knew it, I stopped impersonating the Beegees and started singing this fun sorta falsetto thing that just landed in the perfect groove and feel. I had it.

I hopped out of the shower, soap covered and sudz, grabbed my notebook and just started writing. I wasn't going to lose this line, not matter the puddle I left in my wake.

After that, it all just came to me. I grabbed my acoustic as quick as I could and chords just fell on to the melody. It all happened in a matter of moments. From the time I started my soap-covered hum, to the time I was playing the bones of a song with chords and a chorus, I don't think you could've brewed a pot of coffee quicker. Or finished a shower.

When I brought the song to the band with all the written parts, it was still just me on an acoustic, so it was a completely different vibe and it took a lot of discovery and exploration to become the song it is today.

I love seeing where the guys can take something. For us to come together creatively and take the essence of a song and see how far we can push it is pure magic to me... it was just a lot of fun and it's why I love playing these guys.

You know, in that pre-chorus bit where I sing:

"You've got me, oh you've got me..."

Ya, that part, it kinda always felt like my sort of nod to Roy Orbison. When I mentioned that to Josh, he dug that and went and brought some Jové twang into the equation with that baritone lick off the top. Then that was it, we had all the framework, we just need to see what fit and be careful not to disrupt the trance which is really the heartbeat of any song.

We were extremely lucky to have Sean Hurley play bass on this song. His creativity really helped cement the feel into the place where this song sits today.

Like I said, some songs are easy to write, and some songs are hard - the real trick is making them feel easy when you're listening. It was so fun seeing all the places that this song stopped before it eventually found its way home.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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