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    Reviews 2011 : Astral Doors - Testament of Rock

    Reviews 2010 : American Carnage Tour: Slayer- Megadeth-Testament

    Reviews 2010 : Quick Flicks: Paul McCartney Really is Dead: The Last Testament of George Harrison- Gold: Before Woodstock. Beyond Reality- Ian Dury Rare and Unseen

    Reviews 08 : Metal Masters Tour: Testament, Motorhead, Heaven & Hell and Judas Priest


    News November 2016 : Testament Release 'The Pale King' Video

    News October 2016 : Testament Frontman Calls Former Member's Rants Delusional

    News October 2016 : Testament Dumbfounded By Former Member's Rants

    News October 2016 : Testament Release 360 Degree 'Stronghold' Video

    News September 2016 : Testament Discuss 'Brotherhood Of The Snake' Themes In New Trailer

    News September 2016 : Testament Streaming 'Brotherhood Of The Snake' Title Song

    News August 2016 : Testament Frontman Was Anxious About 'Brotherhood Of The Snake'

    News August 2016 : Testament Reveal 'Brotherhood Of The Snake' Art

    News August 2016 : Testament Wrote New Album 'Brotherhood Of The Snake' Under Pressure

    News June 2016 : Testament's New Album 'Brotherhood Of The Snake' Coming In Oct

    News June 2016 : Amon Amarth, Testament and Grand Magus Tour Announced

    News May 2016 : Testament Hope To Wrap Up New Album Next Month

    News March 2016 : Testament Add Thrash'N'Bowl Event To Upcoming Tour Dates

    News February 2016 : Testament Announce European tour

    News February 2016 : Testament Frontman Reveals New Album Details

    News January 2016 : Testament New Album Plans Were Delayed By Slayer Tour

    News December 2015 : Carcass, Devoid, Testament Offshoot Monstrance Release Karma Video

    News December 2015 : Slayer Confirm Tour With Testament and Carcass

    News September 2015 : Metal Stars Help Cover Dio Classic With Metal Allegiance Supergroup

    News September 2015 : Singled Out: Metaspherical's Cloth Of Ought To

    News July 2015 : Mike Portnoy Says New Metal Allegiance Song Is 'Slayer Meets Sabbath'

    News July 2015 : Metal Allegiance Stream New Song Featuring Chuck Billy & Phil Demmel

    News July 2015 : Testament Making Progress On New Album

    News June 2015 : Alex Skolnick Excited By His Role In Metal Allegiance Supergroup

    News June 2015 : Testament Frontman Shares Crazy Tour Story Of Bar Brawl

    News April 2015 : Mike Portnoy Addresses Mystery Metal Project Rumors

    News April 2015 : Testament's More Than Halfway Done With The Songs For Next Album

    News April 2015 : Testament Hope To Finish New Album By End Of The Year

    News March 2015 : Exodus's Souza Predicts Partial Dublin Death Patrol Reunion On Tour

    News February 2015 : Greg Christian Says He Was 'Under Duress' In Testament

    News February 2015 : Testament and Exodus Announce Dark Roots of Thrash II Tour

    News February 2015 : Mike Portnoy His First 'Full-Blown' Metal Album

    News February 2015 : Testament Making Progress On New Album

    News February 2015 : Former Testament Star Looking For Anselmo Like Singer

    News January 2015 : In Flames, L7, Testament Lead Latest Additions To Download

    News December 2014 : Anthrax, Megadeth, Testament Stars Talk Black Sabbath's Heaven And Hell

    News December 2014 : Testament Offer Fans Chance To Invest In Song

    News November 2014 : Former Testament Bassist Greg Christian Having Money Troubles

    News September 2014 : Testament's Skolnick Reveals His Unusual Inspirations

    News September 2014 : Testament Returning To The Gathering's Sound For New Album

    News September 2014 : Testament, Deicide, Crowbar, Trouble and Dimmu Borgir Supergroup

    News September 2014 : Testament Working On Next Album

    News August 2014 : Zakk Wylde Leading Metal All Stars Supergroup One Night Event

    News July 2014 : Greg Christian Slams Former Band Testament

    News June 2014 : Manifesto of Kanye West Quotes Gathered For 'New Testament'

    News May 2014 : Former Testament Member Calls Out The Band

    News March 2014 : Testament Apologize After Altercation With Local Band in Indonesia

    News January 2014 : Testament Lose One Member, Reunite With Another

    News January 2014 : Robb Flynn Recruits Metallica, Testament, Exodus Stars For Benefit Show

    News November 2013 : Testament Member Drops Off Tour

    News September 2013 : Testament Release Rise Up Video From Forthcoming Live Release

    News August 2013 : Testament Reveal Dark Roots of Thrash Details

    News July 2013 : Lamb Of God, Killswitch Engage, Testament Tour

    News May 2013 : Testament and The Melvins To Headline Free Music Festival

    News February 2013 : Shadows Fall Cancel Testament and Ill Nino Tours

    News January 2013 : Original Exodus and Testament Singer Releasing New Album

    News November 2012 : Testament, Overkill, Flotsam and Jetsam, and 4Arm Tour

    News August 2012 : Testament Lineup's Future Not Certain

    News June 2012 : Testament Stream New Song and Release Album Option Details

    News May 2012 : Testament, Anthrax, Death Angel Tour

    News May 2012 : Testament Set New Album Release

    News January 2012 : Anthrax and Testament Tour

    News Dec 2011 : Death Angel React To Anthrax and Testament Tour

    News Dec 2011 : Anthrax and Testament Team Up For New Tour Leg

    News Dec 2011 : Paul Bostaph Leaves Testament

    News Nov 2011 : James Murphy of Testament and Death Needs Help in Brain Tumor Fight

    News Oct 2011 : Chimaira To Share Stage With Testament and Anthrax

    News Oct 2011 : Testament Taking Gene Hoglan on Anthrax Tour

    News Sep 2011 : Anthrax and Testament Expand Fall Tour

    News Sep 2011 : Testament and Megadeth Retreat

    News Sep 2011 : Paul Bostaph Feared Losing His Ability To Play

    News Sep 2011 : Anthrax and Testament Team Up For Fall Tour

    News July 2011 : Serious Injury For Testament

    News June 2011 : Testament's Paul Bostaph Injured- Alice Cooper iPad Nightmare- NOFX, Anti-Flag, Bouncing Souls Shows- Pepper Keenan Gets Down With Corrosion Of Conformity- more

    News June 2011 : Paul McCartney Tour- Skid Row Porno- Ozzy Turns Into A Troll- Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza Cancel Tour- The Starting Line Return.. Sort of- Testament Reissues- more

    News May 2011 : New Testament Album Coming Along

    News April 2011 : Testament To The Strangely Perfect Convergence Of Heavy Metal And Jazz

    News January 2011 : Avenged Sevenfold's New Drummer- Good New for Van Halen Fans- Slash and Stone Temple Pilots To Share Big Night Out- Metallica Testament- KISS School- more

    News December 2010 : Out of Print Testament CD Set For Reissue

    News 2010 : Vicious Rumors Recruit Brad Gillis, Testament's Eric Peterson and Mark McGee For New Album

    News 2010 : Dave Grohl and Members of Slayer, Shinedown, Dio, Testament For Dimebash

    News 2010 : Testament Begin Work On New Album

    News 2010 : Mars Attacks Testament and Cancer Bats

    News 2010 : Testament's Chuck Billy In The Smithsonian

    News 2010 : Testament Join Slayer and Megadeth for Some American Carnage

    News 2010 : Nuclear Rockband

    News 2010 : Testament Confirmed For 70000Tons Of Metal

    News 2010 : Testament and Lamb Of God To Co-Headline Pulp Summer Slam 10

    News 2010 : Slayer, Megadeth, Testament Announce New Dates For The American Carnage Tour

    News 2010 : Megadeth Rust in Peace 20th Anniversary Tour With Testament and Exodus

    News 2010 : Slayer, Megadeth Tour Canceled For Medical Reasons

    News 2010 : Testament To Play Full Album on Slayer/Megadeth Tour

    News 09 : Testament Guitarist Set For In-Store

    News 09 : Testament Discuss Upcoming Slayer and Megadeth Tour

    News 09 : Testament Reissue Coming Just In time for Slayer, Megadeth Tour

    News 09 : Slayer, Megadeth and Testament Team Up For Carnage Tour

    News 09 : Slayer, Megadeth, Testament and High On Fire Tour?

    News 09 : Testament Get Sirius

    News 09 : Rodrigo y Gabriela and Testament Star Offer Free Dimebag Tribute Song

    News 09 : Exodus, Testament and Strapping Young Lads Members Form Tenet Supergroup

    News 09 : Testament Head South Then East

    News 09 : Testament Get Sirius

    News 09 : Testament World Tour Continues With New Legs

    News 09 : Dean Releases Old Skull V from Testament's Eric Peterson

    News 09 : Cradle Of Filth Singer Storms Off Stage- Weezer Snuggie- White Wedding- James Brown Settlement- Fox vs KISS Army- Queens of the Sweethead- Rancid Leak and more

    News 09 : Testament Expand World Tour Plans

    News 09 : Unearth Team Up With Testament for North American Tour

    News 09 : Testament Announce Damnation Vacation With Unearth and Lazarus A.D.

    News 09 : Testament Live Album

    News 09 : Kelly Clarkson Still Sucks- Judas Priest, Megadeth and Testament Tour- McCartney Gets Sirius- New Stone Sour Album Planned- Fiddy Off The Hook and more

    News 09 : Vinyl Testament

    News Nov 08 : Talk of Uriah Testament

    News Oct 08 : Testament Hire Mega Temp

    News Oct 08 : Priest Feast with Judas Priest, Megadeth and Testament

    News Sep 08 : Testament Go Green For Vinyl Release

    News Sep 08 : Testament Announce Roctober Tour With Soilent Green

    News July 08 : Testament Anxious To Hit The Road

    News June 08 : Coldplay Deny Song Theft, American Idol Sued, Release Date Game, F**ked Up Deal, They Say Scars on Broadway, Driving While Britney Ok, Testament Honored and more

    News May 08 : Testament Take Over MTV

    News May 08 : Neil Young Spiderman, Leona Makes History, Testament In-store, Deicide Leak, Cult Of Luna Preview, Triumph Add Member, Opeth Boxset

    News april 08 : Judas Priest Head Up The Metal Masters Tour With Heaven and Hell, Motorhead and Testament

    News april 08 : Testament Leak

    News april 08 : Ozzy Resurrects Monsters Of Rock Brand for Festival

    News april 08 : Testament Won't Shred

    News april 08 : Judas Priest, Heaven And Hell, Motorhead And Testament Leaked Dates

    News March 08 : Testament Preview

    News Jan 08 : Chuck Billy Joins The Longest Walk

    News Jan 08 : Testament Hitting the Road

    News Dec 07 : Testament Setting the Formation of Damnation

    News Nov 07 : Dublin Death Patrol New Year's Eve

    News Nov 07 : Testament Reissues

    News Oct 07 : Paul Bostaph Recording New Testament Album

    News Aug 07 : Hard Attack Testament

    News July 07 : Nader Sadek Has Extreme Friends

    News July 07 : Testament Go Nuclear

    News June 07 : Testament Land a New Deal

    News May 07 : Metallica Lose Testament

    News May 07 : Testament Postpone Russian Dates

    News April 07 : Russian Testament

    News March 07 : Testament World Wide Tour Dates

    News February 07 : California Metal Fest

    News January 07 : Testament Return

    News January 07 : A New Testament Comp

    News December 06 : Best of Testament

    News November 06 : Dublin Death Patrol

    News September 06 : Testament Down Under

    News September 06 : Testament 07?

    News July 06 : Testament's Medical Exodus

    News March 06 : Jekyll & Hyde: The Concert

    News Oct 05 : DVD Testament

    News Oct 05 : Testament Pull Tour

    News Aug 05 : Testament DVD

    News June 05 : More Testament Dates

    News June 05 : Testament Assault

    News June 05 : Thrash Against Cancer

    News May 05 : Testament Benefit

    News April 05 : Testament Dates

    Day In Rock 3/18/05 : Lohan Injury- Rapper Denies Murder- Moby Vs Beyonce- Metal Suicide- Durst For Idiots- Lil' Kim Guilty- Eels and God- Jacko Fun House- MCR Under Pressure- Viacom Split?- ArrowFM Gets Jacked- Slipknot Illness- Maiden Charter- Lemmy on His Grammy- Exodus DVD- Big Buzz For Big Machine- Testament Reunion- Layne Staley Tribute- Gratitude Dates- Chevelle Dates- Love Sings Love- Alkaline Trio Release- Box Set Fire Label- Common Rider Preview- New Falconer in May- God Dethroned One Off- A I Lay Touring- The Red Chord is back in action- New Journey- Blind Faith DVD- Mortiis Single- Deaf Symphony Release- Aimee Mann Concept

    Day In Rock 2/18/05 : Britney Vs US- G-Unit Gang Shootings- Mieszko Talarczyk RIP- Satanism 101- Misfits Reunion- Plant Date- BOD CD- Iommi/Hughes Tour- My Ruin Lose 2- Franz Win NME- George Michael Retiring- Usher Movie- Spector Trial Set- Ray Support Victory- Joplin Film Off- Platinum Mouse- Ex-KISS Tour- Testament Reunion- Gov Kills Anthrax Show- Deftones Title- Tori Theatre Tour- Cake Virgin Tour- Ataris Recording, Add Members- Animosity Deal- Morrissey Live CD and DVD - Eagles Box Coming in March - Mudvayne Tour - Unheard Finishes Mixing Their Debut L.P.- Linkin Park Guests on Z-Trip Debut- Bloc Party in March- PINE*am Debut

    Day In Rock 1/20/05 : Madonna Vs Rabbi- DMB Crap Dump- Stop Ashlee Petition- Sharon for Parliament- KISS Kung Fu- NIN Sellouts- Maiden Benefit- Hanoi Rocks Lose Bassist- SAT Rap- Outkast's Web- Tenacious D Rocks L.A. Benefit- Jacko Allowed To Respond to Transcripts- Silly News: Trump Musical- SxSW Lineup- Fates Warning Hire Spock's Beard Drummer- Accept Expand Reunion Tour Plans- Vagrant Eels- P2P Spy Bill- Testament DVD- Tribute to Failure- Mudvayne Delay- Libertine Big Brother- Shinedown Headlining Tour- Bonnaroo Fest- Green Day Still No 1- Stereophonics Secret UK Gigs- Untitled Rock Show- Sundayrunners Debut- Candlelight Records Tour- 'Extreme Guitar Shred' DVD- Drive-Thru Comp- Fun Link-

    Day In Rock 12/15/04 : 80s Star HIV-Positive- Love Delays Trial- James Brown Eyed Peas- Rose Snubs Guns- Dimebag Farewell From Fans- Anselmo Barred From Funeral- Eddie Van Halen / Zakk Wylde Tribute Dimebag- Meshuggah Eye April Release- Sevendust Lose One- Michael Vs Elton- Buy Britney's F- Doherty 86ed- Solo Moody- Testament DVD- AC/DC Double DVD- MegaDVD- Glassjaw on Hold, Not Over- Red Chord Recording- Indie Sales on the Rise or Decline?- Three Days Grace Prep Soph CD- Labyrinth Release- Ozzy Royal Cancellation- Manic Street Preachers Nix Dates- 3 Doors Down 05- Ike Reilly Dates- QR UK- Alston's Kobie Wins ASCAP Award- Hustler Rockers- American Hi-Fi / Goldfinger Delays- My Chemical Romance TV Debut- Best of 2004 Countdown

    Day In Rock 10/29/04 : Stern Vs Colin Powell- Snoop Remixes Doors Classic- Silly News: Ozzy Maid Ripoff- Friday Feud: Slayer Slams Megadeth- Deicide Temp Guitarist- Exodus Injury, Testament To The Rescue- Ill Nino Tour Off- Peel Record Collection Bid- Rammstein's Voyage- Samples Hits- Rod's Raw Deal- Mudvayne Find A Title- King Diamond/Nile/Black Dahlia Murder Tour- Darkest Hour DVD- NIN With Teeth- Bear Vs Shark Pull Euro Tour- Buffett Benefit- Jay-Z/Linkin Park Mash-Up- Franz DIY- Sparta & Further Seems Forever Tour- SYL Eye Early 05 Release- Opeth Happenings- Def Leppard Hits US- Britney Not Pregnant- A Static Lullaby Add Dates- Manic Vs White Stripes- Marc Almond on the Mend- Metal Church on Tour- The Phenomenauts Go Rio- Relient K Xmas- Green Day on Daily Download- A Perfect Preview Continues- Halloween antiMUSIC Style- 2 Cents: Don't Rock The Vote, Baby!

    Day In Rock 10/13/04 : Prince Vs Racism?- Eminem Censored- Supreme Court Denies RIAA- Axl Denies Hiring- Suicidal Tendencies Next Project- Cryptopsy DVD- Motley Reunion- AC/DC Do Windows- Petty Denies Ripoff- Incubus Live- Adema Scum- New iPod?- Sharon's Press Death- ATDI Reissue- Jimmy Eat World Tour- Local H/Finger 11 Tour- Dark Tranquillity CD- Nightwish EP/DVD- Testament Prep New CD- Slint Reunion One-Off- Beatles Box- Dazed and Sued- Greenday UK- Barenaked Xmas- Zep in Theatres- Mark Sandman Boxset- JEW on Daily Download - Ray Soundtrack- Tragically Hip Download Series- Locomotive Releases- Bill Hicks DVD

    Day In Rock 6/16 : Johnny Ramone Cancer Battle- Durst Denies Avril Dis- Testament Axe Breaks Leg- Nightwish Top Charts- Prince Sues Fan- Rivers Cuomo Does John Denver- Ray Charles Public Service- Amy Lee Talks Up New Songs- Alanis Gets Engaged- Stevie Ray Vaughn Double DVD- Chimaira DVD- Carnal Forge Not Dead Yet- The Revolution Smile Goodbye to Guitarist- (hed) games- Family Picnic Tour- Euro iTunes- Bono Teams With Bon Jovi For Special Olympics- Rocket from the Crypt Reissue- The Music Preview- Bjork Sets Release Date- Embrace Coldplay Song- Duran Duran Fall Release- Silly News: As If Jessica Wasn't Enough- Glen Campbell Jailed- Jacko Payoffs- 38 Special Drivetrain

    Day In Rock 4/21 : Clear Channel On Trial- 36 Crazyfists Vs. Cops- Oasis Splitting?- Chicks With Attitude- Fugazi Bootlegs- Corgan- Sheryl Crow- Lost Testament Guitarist- Solo Staind- Godsmack- Outkast Influence- Blur- Pink Sues Pol- Joey Ramone- Converge- Apex Theory- Soilwork- more

    Day In Rock 2/16 : Puddle of Mudd Dis Durst- Cannibalism on Stage?- Idol Blast Music Biz- Priest Drummer Gets 8 Years- Velvet Revolver Delay- plus In Flames- Ozzfest Light- Metallica- Hatebreed- Slayer Testament- Ataries- RI Fire Reflections- Warrant- Gene Simmons- Thursday W.K.- -Machine Head - more

    Day In Rock 2/5 : No Breast For Pro Bowl- Rotten TV Controversy- Avril May- Oasis Busted for Noel Walking- Poncho-Gate- Evanescence- Aerosmith- - River City Biker Riot- New Testament- Slipknot Dates- Grohl Bangs Head- Doobie Brother Passes- Solocherry- Coheed & Columbia?- Beastie Return- Jack White's Elephantitis more

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