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    Reviews 07 : The Bravery - The Sun and the Moon


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    Day In Rock 4/07/05 : Osbourne Cancer Scare- Green Day Ad Ban- Stern Vs Viacom- NAACP Back C Murder- Weiland Clean Slate- Jesus Tool heh heh- Bono/Pitt Vs AIDS- 50 Beats Beck- More Priest Dates- Clutch in June- Catch dredg- Post Spineshank- Korn Recording- Bravery Vs Killers Pt 2- Plourde Site- Vegas Rainbow- Plant Tour- Jazz Duet Found- Hunter's Big Send Off- Kataklysm Enlist Fans- Velvet Leno- More Carling Acts- Gold Records- MTV Broadband- QOTSA Less One- Unseen Guest Take Europe- Dig DVD- Bullet Train to Vegas- Circa Survive Bonus- Redwalls Are Coming- Stranglers DVD- Mars Volta Party- 3 Doors Platinum

    Day In Rock 3/30/05 : 50 Cent Satan- Rap Radio Probe- Killers Sued- Lollapalooza Returns- Ray Museum- Alter Ball- U2 Tour Kickoff- Surreal Cast- Court Hears P2P Case- No Cash for Shyne- Boss Tease- Gorefest Deal- Eel With Strings- Gwar Live CD- Slash Anthem- Korn Crunk- New Foreigner Voice- Priest Dates- Def Leppard Rockline- Earshot Still On- Vast News- Bile Hate Radio- V Fest Sellout- Killers Vs Bravery- Project86 Wanted- MSI Delay- Meat Loaf Tour - Bonnaroo DVD- Donavan Anthology- Rolling Bob- Down The Drain Chat- Joe Stump Release- Government Issue DVD- Scenes Release- Louder Harder Faster festival- Hot Hot Leak

    Day In Rock 3/28/05 : Split Enz Drummer Dies- Chiefs Vs Franz- Velvet Ozzfest - Motley Motorhead - Underground Dates- Enuff Z'nuff Reunite on Stage- Judas Queensryche - Beer Jovi- Ozzfest Battle Expands- 50 Cent Ties Beatles- Eazy Reissue- Bold Reunite- Web Radio- Jacko Conspiracy- Next Static-X- Darkest Hour Date- Simple Charlotte Dates- Westerberg Hits- Station Fire Update- Ratt Vs Ratt- Roskilde Fest- Bodom Murder Case- Supreme Court P2P- Drowning Pool Dates- Bravery Silenced- Eagles of Death Metal Dates- Lamb of God DVD- Staind in May- MXPX Release- Solo Bizkit- Studio in Shambles- Callenish Circle Recording- YOB Recording- Studio Vermin- Kasabian State Side- No Trigger Go Nitro- Story Of The Year DVD- Citizen Cope Expand Tour...- Spiralarms STP Connection- Dry Kill Logic Tour- Chino Solo Details- Stretch The Skies

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