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    CD Reviews : Weezer-Weezer (aka The Green Album)

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    CD Reviews : Weezer-Weezer (aka The Green Album)

    Top 100 Albums of all time :


    News October 2017 : Green Day Announce Humble New Greatest Hits Album

    News March 2017 : All Time Low Do Cover Version Of Lorde's 'Green Light'

    News March 2017 : Lorde Releases New Single 'Green Light' and Confirms Album

    News October 2015 : CeeLo Green Hopes To Make A New Gnarls Barkley Album

    News October 2015 : Radiohead's Jonny Greenwood Releasing New Album and Documentary

    News September 2015 : CeeLo Green Announces New Album And Jimmy Fallon Performance

    News December 2014 : Firefly Burning Working With Tim Friese-Greene On New Album

    News September 2014 : Sting and Al Green Among This Year's Kennedy Center Honorees

    News February 2014 : Jeff Green Teases New Album

    News November 2013 : Billie Joe Armstrong Explains Country Duets Album with Norah Jones

    News June 2013 : Lee Greenwood To Record Live Album On Summer Tour

    News March 2013 : R.E.M. Releasing 25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition of Green Album

    News December 2012 : Green Day's New Album Streaming In Full Online

    News November 2012 : Green Day Streaming New Album Online

    News October 2012 : Cee Lo Green Denies Sexual Battery Allegation

    News October 2012 : Green Day Move Up Album Release and Cancel Tour

    News October 2012 : Green Day Release Dos Album Preview Video

    News September 2012 : Alanis Morissette Covers Green Day

    News September 2012 : Christina Aguilera, Rod Stewart and Muppets On New Cee Lo Green Album

    News September 2012 : Green Day Streaming New Album Uno In Full Online

    News September 2012 : Cee Lo Releasing Christmas Album

    News July 2012 : Green Day Preview Part III of Album Trilogy

    News June 2012 : Green Day Preview Second Installment of Album Trilogy

    News June 2012 : Green Day Tease New Album

    News June 2012 : Green Day Preview New Album

    News April 2012 : Milo Greene Album and Tour Coming

    News April 2012 : Green Releasing Album Trilogy

    News February 2012 : Green Day Explain New Album Approach

    News February 2012 : Green Day Go Behind The Scenes Of Their New Album

    News February 2012 : Green Day Start Recording New Album

    News February 2012 : Green River Ordinance Return With New Album and Tour

    News Dec 2011 : Lee Greenwood Performing at Alamo Bowl For Fallen Heroes

    News April 2011 : Tea Leaf Green Set New Album Release

    News April 2011 : Vince Gill Guests On New Album From The Greencards

    News March 2011 : Green Day Streaming New Album

    News January 2011 : Green Day Release Album Details

    News December 2010 : Green Day Awesome As *** Album

    News 2010 : Bryan Greenberg Announces New Album and Tour

    News 2010 : Cee Lo Green Says F**k You To Original Album Release Date, Will Release It A Month Early

    News 2010 : Green Day Plan Live Album

    News 2010 : Cee Lo Green Following Up F**k You Single With Lady Killer Album

    News 2010 : Al Green and Michael McDonald Kick Off Tour

    News 2010 : Jackie Greene Announces New Album, Tour and Major League Baseball Appearance

    News 2010 : Moe Green Eyes Summer Album Release

    News 2010 : Green River Ordinance Plan Summer Tours With Kris Allen and the Goo Goo Dolls

    News 2010 : Green Day Broadway Musical Cast Album Announced

    News 2010 : Alexisonfire's Dallas Green Announces New City and Colour EP

    News 2010 : Free Deftones- Stone Temple Pilots CD Done, STP Festival Planned- Green Day, Phish, Bee Gees Rock Hall- Trivium- Abbey Road- Hagar Alliance- Pickleback and more

    News 2010 : The Greening New Album and Tour Next Week

    News 09 : Adam Green Sets New Album Release and Dates With The Cribs

    News 09 : Dallas Green of Alexisonfire Bringing City and Colour To The US

    News 09 : Green Carnation Live Album Remastered

    News 09 : Stone Temple Pilots Plan New CD- My Chemical Baby With A Stupid Name- RIP SPV?- Less Than Jake Children's Book- U2 Surprise- Guitarist Killed and more

    News 09 : Green Day Announce That They Released Their New Album (In Case You Didn't Get The Memo)

    News 09 : Pearl Jam Member Injured During Robbery- Depeche Mode Singer Still Too Sick To Play- Alfamega Tried to Evade Arrest- Arctic Monkeys Wrap New Album and more

    News 09 : Green Day CD Leaked- Coldplay Denied Stealing Classic Song- Late Night Prince- Priest Protests Band at Punk Benefit and more

    News 09 : Magnificent U2 Premiere- Phony Braxton- Specials Call In Sick- Modest Mouse Member Joins The Shins- RIAA Lawsuits Continue- Roxette Reunite and more

    News 09 : Blink-182 Won't Be Reborn After All- Bonaduce Gets KISSed- Wanna Play with Korn?- Ol' Dirty Tribute- Dinosaur Jr. Giving New Song Away and more

    News 09 : Franz Ferdinand Injury- Lilith Fair Returning- Ambassador Avril- Nine Inch Nails- Macy's Guns N' Cult Jam- Faith No More Comp- Austin City Limits and more

    News 09 : Acoustic Weezer Green Album Tribute

    News 09 : Leaks Cause These Green Eyes Album Changes

    News Dec 08 : Green Day Going For It On New Album

    News June 08 : Alexisonfire's Dallas Green Releasing Acoustic Previews of City And Colour CD

    News May 08 : Green Day Kick off Alter Ego Tour

    News June 07 : Al Green UK

    News January 07 : Al Green UK

    News January 07 : Definitive Al Green Hits

    News August 06 : Weird Al Goes Green Day

    News Oct 05 : Alter Green Day

    News Aug 05 : Al Green Biopic

    Rock n World News Feb 2000 : Green Day's tour and album plans

    Day In Rock 4/01/05 : GNR Leak- Parents Vs MTV- Linkin Solo- Whitney Rahab Order- Derrick Plourde RIP- Strokes Almost Done- Green Day Tell Stories- Avril To Hit The Road- Stones Tour?- Ted Wins- Sharon's Driver Sued- No Anthrax For Megadeth- Kittie Flee- Audioslave Beat Green Day - Corgan Solo- Pet Shop Boys Picks- dredge Dates- Eagles of Death Metal Lineup- Blood Brothers Dates- KISS Burger- Ambassador Love?- Kelly Ozzfest?- Bizkit Wedding?- Head Fed- 50 Cent Enters Politics - MC Hater Release- Stern/Sharpton FCC - Ray Stalker- ELP DVD- NFG Peta iPod- Take Action Tour Record Year!- Legacy Sign with Valhalla Records- Marillion DVD- Scary Dates

    Day In Rock 2/22/05 : Ozzy Vs Fan- J.Ho?- Sir Paul's Veggie Cruisade- Madonna Transvestite Role- Suge's Tupac Movie- 100K Raised With AIC Reunion- Rush Tribute- Metal Macbeth- Franz Soph- Agnostic Front Dates- Soilent Green Finish CD- Pete Allowed To Play- Hater Soph- John Raitt RIP- This Day in Rock- $2 SOAD- Misfits Reunion Shows- Station Fire Allegations- Dream Theater DVD- Navarro Wrong About Blink?- Homme / Oliveri Reunion?- Zao Hire New Bassist- Kinks Nominated- Mando & the Chili Peppers Reunite

    Day In Rock 2/17/05 : Page Vs Plant- Ludacris & Green Day?- Kid Rock Arrest- AC/DC Family Jewels - 3 Doors Down To No 1- Cocteau Twins Reunite - Alanis The American- Suge Vs Rapper- Manson Wedding- De Niro Popstar?- Willie & Jessica Duet- House Passes Fines- Jacko Hospital Release- New Boss in April- Silly News: Teen Synch Hit- Coldplay Delay- Ozzy Cover Band- Moody Remake- This Day in Rock- Madonna Goes Rock?- Lennon Devil Horns- Judas Priest Hits CD- Anthrax Rumors...- Mudvayne Call in Sick- Mastodon Dates- Sevendust / Skindred Tour- Grammy Love Surprise- Black Spoons Craigslist Revolution Tour- Man On Earth Hop on the BritBus- Solomon Burke Makes Do In March- The Randies' Calling L.A. Tour- Kaiser Chiefs Dates- Leno Collective Soul

    Day In Rock 2/14/05 : Rappers Vs LAPD- Grammys Love Ray Snub Kanye- Green Day Censored- Ozzy Musical- Nirvana Documentary- Rod, Loretta, Britney Win 1st Grammys- Alice Cooper/Cheap Trick Tour- Candiria Sign With Earache- Janis Reality TV?- Ramones Musical- Queen Players- Green Day for T- Don't Blame Manson- I Dream of Paris- Cheech & Chong Return- Tommy Lee Frat Boy- Motorhead & Velvet Revolver Win- Priest Support?- Ozzy Box Changes- Converge Reissues- Rubin Now A Brother?- NIN Tracks/Teaser- Mudvayne Tracks- Sabbath Touring Sabbath- Raven's Heart Auction- Susie Suh in NYC- Razorlight Cover Cure- Pepper Tour- Angie Aparo Dates- Slapp of the Day: The Shammys

    Day In Rock 2/03/05 : Singer Gouges Out Eye - Megaman Murder- Lamb of God Banned- Green Day Tour- Vinnie May Play Dimebag Benefit- Reggae Star Jailed for Profanity- Is Rock Dead?- Weezer Update- Slash N Beatles For Grammys- Motley Hit?- Kountry Kracker- Jay-Z Sues R.Kelly- New Order Shorted - 50 Cent & Bart- God Forbid Album News- Year of Bob- More Motorhead- Avril Dual- Leppard Covers- Hall of Fame- Doherty Documentary - Foos, Maiden & Pixies for Leeds- ISC Finalist- Dirty Americans Are Coming- Armor For Sleep In Stores- Lost City Angels CD/Tour- Reel Big News- Throcult Mayhem - Dry Kill Logic /(hed)pe Dates- Are You A SLUNT?- Raven's Heart Iron Maiden Auction- Slapp of the Day: Metallica

    Day In Rock 1/20/05 : Madonna Vs Rabbi- DMB Crap Dump- Stop Ashlee Petition- Sharon for Parliament- KISS Kung Fu- NIN Sellouts- Maiden Benefit- Hanoi Rocks Lose Bassist- SAT Rap- Outkast's Web- Tenacious D Rocks L.A. Benefit- Jacko Allowed To Respond to Transcripts- Silly News: Trump Musical- SxSW Lineup- Fates Warning Hire Spock's Beard Drummer- Accept Expand Reunion Tour Plans- Vagrant Eels- P2P Spy Bill- Testament DVD- Tribute to Failure- Mudvayne Delay- Libertine Big Brother- Shinedown Headlining Tour- Bonnaroo Fest- Green Day Still No 1- Stereophonics Secret UK Gigs- Untitled Rock Show- Sundayrunners Debut- Candlelight Records Tour- 'Extreme Guitar Shred' DVD- Drive-Thru Comp- Fun Link-

    Day In Rock 11/18/04 : Ja Rule's Manager Arrested- Jack White Snubs Lohan- Feds Investigate Dylan Song- Ashlee Not 'Dishonest'- Priest Vs The Damned- Cannibal Corpse Hospitalized- Exhumed Drummer- Bad Metal- Iommi/Hughes Pt 2?- Flaming Lips Docu- Infinity Drop Indies- Trapt DualDisc- (hed)pe + Drowning Pool Tour- All-Star Maiden Tribute- Rare Stereolab- Vandals Settle With Variety- Top Songs of All Time- Depeche Mode Plan New CD- Manson Tour Expands- Jacko Sued- Exodus Anniversary Plans- Dark Tranquillity Tracks- TEODM Tour- Butch Walker Vs. American Hi-Fi: Round 2- Life Aquatic Soundtrack- AHC Do Hellfest, UK- Punk on a Rock- ODB Show on Hold- Our Lady of Cheese- Busted Gets Busted By Greenmuse

    Day In Rock 10/29/04 : Stern Vs Colin Powell- Snoop Remixes Doors Classic- Silly News: Ozzy Maid Ripoff- Friday Feud: Slayer Slams Megadeth- Deicide Temp Guitarist- Exodus Injury, Testament To The Rescue- Ill Nino Tour Off- Peel Record Collection Bid- Rammstein's Voyage- Samples Hits- Rod's Raw Deal- Mudvayne Find A Title- King Diamond/Nile/Black Dahlia Murder Tour- Darkest Hour DVD- NIN With Teeth- Bear Vs Shark Pull Euro Tour- Buffett Benefit- Jay-Z/Linkin Park Mash-Up- Franz DIY- Sparta & Further Seems Forever Tour- SYL Eye Early 05 Release- Opeth Happenings- Def Leppard Hits US- Britney Not Pregnant- A Static Lullaby Add Dates- Manic Vs White Stripes- Marc Almond on the Mend- Metal Church on Tour- The Phenomenauts Go Rio- Relient K Xmas- Green Day on Daily Download- A Perfect Preview Continues- Halloween antiMUSIC Style- 2 Cents: Don't Rock The Vote, Baby!

    Day In Rock 10/21/04 : Love Pleads Guilty - Misfit Joins Marines- Nirvana Reunion- New Manson Band?- Aerosmith Hot Sauce- Ozzy Box Tracks- KISS 'Ozzy is Sad'- Something Corporate DVD Tour- Green Day Not Worried Over Lost Tapes- Trail of Dead Tour- CD Shipments Up- Strait Top 10- Slipknot Tribute- MCR Support TBS- Slayer DVD Delay- Outkast Movie Problems- Memory Card Albums- KROQ Costume Ball Books Manson- NOFX Singles Club- Tsunami Bomb Lose Mike- Aldo Nova Dion Hitmaker- Grateful DVD- Floyd Snubbed McCartney- Coldplay, Darkness, Travis Band Aid- Blur Reunion?- Lit Tour/DVD- POTUSA Daly Show- Ray Charles Goes Platinum- Kool & The Gang (of friends)- AHC Dates- Strung Out CD Release- Metal Blade Release Schedule- Gorerotted Not Replacing Gore- Black Dahlia Murder UK

    Day In Rock 9/29/04 : Brian Johnson to Rock antiMUSIC- Silly News: Ozzy Vs Sharon- Alanis Bombed Out- Dimebag Clothing- 'Headbanger's Ball' Tour Special- Velvet Revolver Under Split Management- Barenaked TV- U2 Tracks- Oasis Wants Ringo- Kid Rock Stands Up Fans- Misfits Tour- Underoath Drop Tour- Fear Before Tomorrow Tour- Arch Enemy EP- Vaux Prep Major Label Debut- Sevendust Tour- Motorhead Picture Discs- Lamb of God Karaoke - 12 Stones Join Megadeth- Duran Armani - Rare No Doubt- Kids Rock Down Under- BMRC Prep 3rd CD- Son Volt Reunion- Chaka Son Set Free- Etheridge Sitcom Mom- Shortlist CD- Nickelodeon Records- Sony BMG Chiefs- AKA Online EP- Chronic Roach Tour- Green Day Expand Tour- Weezer Update- Siouxsie Tantrum in Frisco- Better Than Ezra Release Live CD/DVD- CoF Release Roadrunner Debut- Totimoshi Join Helmet Tour- Jem Remixed- Launched

    Day In Rock 9/28/04 : Avril Sponge Bob- Phil Spector Indicted- In Flames Nix CBGB Gig- Cliff Burton Remembered- Ringo Vs Royals- AC/DC Lane Debuts Roctober 1st- Medical Crisis- Slayer Silenced in Germany- Saves The Day Recording Plans- Manson Tour Plans- Full Blown Chaos Delay- Tommy Lee Book Tour- Camp Freddy Get A Little Help From Their Friends- Costello Anti-FBI Warning- Fender Allstars- Senate Ponders P2P Bill- Waits One Night Stand- Good Charlotte Toys- Dead Milkmen Reunite for Charity- Cure Debut Expanded Reissue- Gibb Tribute- U2 Tour Dublin Kick Off- Chaka Khan Kin Murder Rap- Flaming Lips Plot New CD- Green Day @ Aol- Anthrax Two Evils- Blood Brothers Hit the Road- Launched- Mellencamp Hits- Eddie From Ohio's 9th

    Day In Rock 9/23/04 : Jacko Denies Kiddie Porn Charge- Lennon Killer Up For Parole- Nipplegate Fines- Stapps Hopes For Reunion- Ozzy Gagged For Charity- Zetro Explains Exodus- DVD Rage- Megadeth Tour - Spector Indictment Expected- New Found Journey?- Green Day Movie?- Robert Downey Pop Star?- Kreator Set Release- Cannibal Corpse Tour Still On- Elliott Smith DVD- Street Dogs Land DRT Deal- Labels Making A Killing From Downloads?- Coheed And Cambria Expand Tour- Himsa DVD- Stones To Rock Wembley- Elton Almost Ready To Retire- DMB Live Series- Sparta Plot Tour- Ray Charles Tribute To Air on CBS.- Extreme Makeover Hairband Edition- Impossible Recording Machine Release 'Echo The Moon'- Joseph Arthur Plans New Release- Still Remains Land Deal With Roadrunner- Har Mar Dates

    Day In Rock 8/17/04 : Love Drug Trial Set- Kinks Star Paralyzed- Offspring Hits- Cantrell & Ozzy?- Motley Reunion- Cobain Auction- Ozzy Dog Show Theme- Inland Invasion All Star Line-Up- Avril Back To School- Navarro Pens Tell-All- Green Day Record Breaking Hit- Billy Talent Punk Canada- Solo P.O.D.- Coheed and Underoath- Strapping New DVD- Durst Preaches Forgiveness- The Thrills Joined by Peter Buck on New CD- Muse Will Play Fests- Macca US Tour 05- Depeche Mode Remix CD- Gov't Mule Extends Tour- Skynyrd Add Solo Dates- Phinal Phish Phlooded- Final Cash Recording- Silly News: Jesus Protests Manson- 3 Inches of Blood RR Debut- Further Seems Forever Preview- New Twist on Classic Songs- Madison Paige Get Sludged- Warped Wednesday

    Day In Rock 7/30 : Stabbing At Rocker's Home- Sharon Would Have Shot Ozzy- Nightfall Follow Up Jesus Album- Nick Oliveri Attacks Soundman- Jude Law Joy Division Role?- Love Seeks Plea Deal- 3 More Metal Murders Arrests- Darkness Cancel Beer Show- AC/DC Lane Deferred- Rare Cramps- Watashi Wa Split- Slipknot Kimmeled Tonight- Terror Singer To Return- Metallica Go North- Singer Wins Tabloid Suit- Everclear Hits- Green Day & New Found Glory Plan Fall Tour- Maritime Wasting No Time- Camper Van Return- Lamb of God Tracks- Candiria & Shadows Fall This Fall- Rivers Cuomo Reborn?- Bowling For Soup - Deconstruct EP- Maria Mena #1 Debut- Uli Jon Roth Defies Genre Labels With New CD- Number One Fan "Come On"- 2Cents: Too Young To Rock

    Day In Rock 7/26 : Coheed Vs. Canada- Durst Endorses Antichrist?- Nirvana Bassist Pens Book- Ramones Film- Brujeria Arrest- U2, Maiden, Leppard In Rock Hall?- Metallica Tribute- Helmet & Clutch Go Locobazooka- Mushroomhead Dropped- Vengeance Reunion- Anthrax Rerecording- Sepultura Delay- All That Remains & Shadows Fall This Fall- Beyond The Embrace Leg Break- Stone Roses Resurrected By Brown- AC/DC Lane Challanged- Real iPod Compatibility- Illinois Jacquet RIP- Times Square West- Inside Rainbow DVD- Van Halen Auction- Rod Buys An Island- Opeth Leave Label- Cold Atlantic Deal- Dry Kill Logic Release- U2 Plan Early CD Release If Leaked- Love Surrenders- Green Day, Beasties For Voodoo- Pogues Reunion- Allman Brothers Team With Lynyrd Skynyrd

    Day In Rock 6/30 : Nickleback Song Rip-off?- Slipknot Attacked By French Fans- Iron Brandy- Vader Car Crash- Libertine Enters Plea- Love 5 Hours Late To Court- Green Day Concept Album- Social D-VD- Back In Black 20 Million Served- Papa Roach Set Date- Snapcase Split- Moore Music Video Director?- Pink Korn- Modest Mouse Headlining Tour- Silly Cheesy News- The Donnas With Butch- Avril US Invasion- Bow Wow Wow Reunion No Doubt- Squad Five-0 Major Release- Soul SirkUS

    Day In Rock 2/2 : Super Breast- Linkin Park Sucks?- Def Jam Scam- Adema Dropped- Classic Alternative- Classic Alternative- MegaReunion?- Alien Ant Tour- McLachlan Summer- Browne Out- Hole Lotta Love- Man at Work- Green Day Fight The Law- Blink USO- Matchbox Twenty 1- Jack White Leeds Readings - Top Albums of All Time?

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